Monday, March 17, 2014

Sew Happy in Sewville...

Yes!  I am Sew Happy in Sewville!  I was able to pick up Pfaff Sew La Te Da Saturday afternoon.  I am like a kid in a candy store...and I love candy!  Of course now I have my sewing machine back and got it plugged in and find zero time to sit and sew.  Go figure as that is why we are flexible in life.
This photo shows the five pillowcases I mailed today to the Pillowcase Project.   I don't normally duplicate them however I had the perfect fabric for two identical cases and it worked nicely.  I wish you could feel how very soft this vintage fabric is.  I sew want those little children in the hospital to rest their heads comfortably and be able to get well quickly and completely.

As I shared on this previous post this is one of the vintage ATCs I created and sent to Kimberly for swapping.  I always enjoy Kimberly's ATC swaps and signed up to participate in the most recent.  Pink, Black and Bling is what I am currently working on.  No sneak peaks yet as I am just beginning them and I tend to create as I go along.  I begin with an idea but then I let it flow as I go.  How do you create yours?

I received these Vintage ATCs and each one is wonderful.  Thank you to M. Buisset (top left), Karla (top center), Kimberly (top right) and Dawn (bottom).  I adore each one.

This is a close up of the tiny little charm tag Kimberly made using Shrink Art.  "She is an Artist" is just such a sweet and appropriate charm for each of the ATC swap participants.  Kimberly always goes the extra mile and does something wonderful for each person.  Thank you dear!
I am very grateful for each and everyone of my followers.  Thank you for thinking enough of my postings to comment and to visit over and over again.  I am humbled by such wonderful compliments on my hair photos I shared.
The days are running their own speedy marathon and I am having a slow time of keeping up.  Our weather has been Spring glorious and continuing our California "exceptional" drought.  For all of you still snow covered and ice frozen I hope you have Spring and warmer weather very soon.  The calendar says Spring will be this week.  I hope Mother Nature agrees for so many of you still experiencing Winter. Mr. C and I have been working on the property to rake and gather fallen limbs and debris and leaves and pine needles to keep a clear fire break.  I can't imagine our small efforts would be any help in a forest fire however we always do what we can to feel safer.  And just like cleaning house everything just feels better afterwards. A few pain relievers and an Epsom Salts tub soak helps us feel better too.
Now lets make beautiful and creative and fun things.  Creative Bliss is my Joy.  What is your Joy?


  1. Hi Sherry! You are such a busy creator! I am in the midst of my annual formal observation and report cards, so...I don't seem to be very creative lately. My brain is tired, but in two weeks I am hoping to feel lighter! Keep sewing!! Hugs, k

  2. oh what an inspirational post, oh pure bliss, I'm living in a card board box jungle, my bliss is a cup of tea and closed eyes, imagining my self moved,

  3. My joy is tatting, but I think you knew that! ;-)

    I'm so glad you have your sewing machine back. I'm not sure what I'd do without mine. I just finished a pink crocheted edging today, which I plan to use on a pillowcase. You've inspired me!

  4. Wonderful that you've done the pillowcases. A guild member who visited her little granddaughter in the hospital said she saw many kids with their much-loved pillowcases and noted how much they mean. Your ATCs are wonderful, too and so are the ones you received. As far as how I make them (or greeting cards) it seems I start with one idea, and I'm making the next one in my head before I'm done with the first! Great fun.

  5. Hi sherry, I love all the comments you always leave me. I wish I could follow you, but when I click on follow me, it says come back later.... oh well.... love al the things you create!! hugs....

  6. good to read you have been reunited with your Pfaff Sherry. Lovely ATC`s such a variety. Very nice pillow cases

  7. Oh! I see you're at the Sewing Joy machine again! Yay! Sew La Ti Do's back!!!! Yippee and Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and Re, a drop of golden sun!

    Hugs to you, Sherry!

  8. So glad to hear your girl is back!I'm sure the pillow cases are going to help a lot of children feel better!

  9. Oh; I'm "sew" happy you have been reunited with your BFF. I can see the love here! Beautiful! xo

  10. Lovely creations Sherry. So pleased to see you have your sewing machine back!

  11. Glad you are enjoying your spring and your sewing projects. Joy comes from within and expresses itself in all the creative things I do here and round about my home. :)

  12. So happy to hear that all is well in Sewville again, Sherry! Beautiful pillowcases and ATCs too!
    Busy making my Pink, Black & Bling ATCs here.
    xo Jane

  13. Dear Sherry,
    You are alwayes so full of energy, and with so many wonderful results. I can see the ATC swap also resulted in lovely returns to you Sherry.
    So good you have a lovely spring, most dayes are fine here,too, but I am not in the garden working ,still have to take care !
    I hope you will feel good and that the lovely weather continues ,for you.
    Hugs, Dorthe-

  14. I love the pretty pillowcases and the ATC's are lovely too. ~Diane

  15. How happy you must be now that your sewing buddy has returned home! I can just about hear that motor purring away as creation after creation unfolds. Enjoy!

  16. Hello dear Sherry, that is so inspiring to sew those beautiful pillowcases for these children! And also Kimberly's "extra mile" is very inspiring. Beautiful ATC's all of them. And yes, I'm just like you and create as I go. If I do have a plan, it always heads another direction as soon as I start creating, lol. Wishing you a sweet week. Hugs

  17. Sherry the ATC cards are fabulous and your pillow cases!! Wish you folks would get some rain going....Oh, did you feel the earthquake there yesterday?


  18. How lovely to have your machine back.Mine urgently needs to go, but guess what...still here!
    Love what you have been making.

  19. I love creative bliss too-I am venturing out into something new-making a journal from an old book and handmade papers-I bought the papers on etsy.
    Love your projects-epsom salt baths are really nice

  20. My joy, dear Sherry, is receiving sweet comments on my crafts as you left me one! Creating, crafting, getting my hands dirty... Everthing which lifts my heart and makes others smile is my joy!
    Thank you very much for your visit on my blog, dear!
    Greets, Manu

  21. Glad you got your sewing machine back. So nice to be able to use your talents to help others. The pillowcases are wonderful. I know that I always feel the bed is just a little cozier with fresh sheets and pillowcases. The ATCs are lovely -- I used to make all kinds of papercrafts but haven't done anything in a very long time. I saved so many cereal boxes to turn into tags. Not enough time in the day for everything. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week. Tammy

  22. Hi Sherry--wasn't Kimberly's Vintage Paper swap a fun one?? And I was LUCKY enough to get one of yours!! I just love all the little bits you attached and the sewing wonderful! The snaps and hooks strung on the little safety pin won my heart, as did the little pouch you sewed up from pattern instructions. Just delightful! Thanks for sharing your bliss...


  23. Sherry, so happy to see you are back in the drivers (sewing) seat. So glad you en-JOY-ed the swap.
    en-JOY a happy Spring,

  24. Hi Sherry, So thrilled for you to have your trusty friend back home. I see many happy hours for you both. As always your creations are gorgeous.
    Happy Creating.


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