Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Catching Up Creatively...

This post will be a catching up with some of my recent happenings.  This fabric tray is made from a practice quilt block I made.  Suzanne McNeill has a video (click on her name) and book to make 10 minute blocks and I just had to try them.  I really liked the block but it just sat around my studio for months.  I had no more fabric to match and there it sat.  Not one to dispose of something creative I kept looking at it.  After my recent try at fabric boxes and trays I decided my block would be perfect for a tray.  This first one I used muslin for the outer fabric.

Here is another 10 minute block I had made.  Why make one you have no reason to make when you can simply make two?!  I really like this tray with the fun outer fabric.  The placement of the block center inside the tray allows it to be seen...well until it gets filled with stuff.  What do you do with practice or sample pieces that are perfectly good?

My friend Lindsay, Creator of Cuteness designs stamps for Rubbermoon.  I received my order in speedy haste and look at the very cute little pin they included.  I will definitely buy from this company again.

This is the stamp I bought.  I am not showing a very good photo of it here.  I will be using it in some of my NLWM mail during April.

My dear blogging friend Judy who resides in Australia is such a kind and generous soul.  She and I have shared creative bliss many times over the years now.  I recently received a surprise package from her.  If you do not follow her blog just click on her name to visit.  She makes incredible and lovely art pieces.  Her heart is made of gold and she supports numerous charities with her sewing projects.  I love you Judy.

This lovely tag is in the Fall colors as we are experiencing Spring (I am sorry so many of you are still freezing and snowed in) here in California, Judy is having Autumn in Australia.

Judy excels in fabric, fibers, lace and stitching.  This is a postcard with her hand painted kitty face and beautiful fiber adornments.  Judy knows how much I adore kitties.  This is absolutely purr-fect.

The back of the post card is embossed.  Simply lovely.  Thank you Judy.  There just might be something heading your way soon.  I adore our sharing of creative bliss.
As I am typing this we are finally having some rain.  A nice steady rain all day with more on the way.  Spring and Sunshine have been lovely however water is the staff of life and we are still having our "exceptional" drought.  We need a lot of rain thank you.  I do hope our sunshine has moved to you who have had way too much snow and freezing temperatures.  I was taught to share and I am more than happy to do so.
With March coming to a close quite quickly what are you planning for April?  Do you make and decorate for Easter?  Last year it was so early and this year we have some time to enjoy it before it is over.  April brings lots of birthdays of family and friends.  Mr. C will be having his birthday this month.  No big far.
Let's be Creative and Joyful...


  1. your fabric tray has worked beautifully, I too have the booklet, also have her 5 minute block one, must have a go with them.

  2. What a clever way to use your sample quilt blocks! The fabric trays look lovely.
    Had not heard of Rubber Moon, so had to go take a peek - cute stamps! And your Happy Mail from Judy is "purr-fect"!
    I received some Happy Mail myself yesterday - from YOU!!! Thank you so much, dear friend - beautifully Pink, Black, and Blingy!!!
    Wishing you enough rain and creative days, Jane

  3. Your fabric trays are lovely! Love the fabric choices! Your art, your received mail art - all so wonderful! xo

  4. 10 minute, it looks like a tedious cathedral window block that takes me hours! The block is perfect for your tray. Judy creates such cute things, how nice of her to send you a snail mail hug. Wishing you more days of soft, steady, soaking rain!!!

  5. beautiful trays an what lovely gifts, there are so many gifted bloggers, amazing work, so kind,

  6. The trays are great and perfect use for the blocks. Glad to hear you got some rain. Always fun to receive special gifts by mail. Have a wonderful day. Tammy

  7. You have been busy! I saw the demo for that block and it is intriguing. What a perfect use for your blocks! And the kitty card is so beautifully fiber and stitch-intensive. Very inviting projects all!

  8. Sherry I am curious to see how you use your stamp from Rubber Moon. I follow her too, after all she has "moon" in her name too, lol!!! Your gifts are so sweet and your trays are great too.

  9. What a lovely use for the quilting blocks, I will share this with a quilting friend. ~Diane

  10. Dear Sherry,
    Your tray`s are beautiful, and a great idea, for your 10 minutes blocks( It would take me at least 30 minutes ,lol )
    And you recieved a very lovely tag from your friend, the postcard is wonderful, and so detailed in sewing-so lovely gifts .
    Good news taht you had some water from above, to your garden and well, lets hope it continues -now and then- with rain all summer for it to be filled .
    Hugs to you from Dorthe

  11. Wow, your fabric trays are amazing!! They look so fabulous!! And what wonderful gifts from your friend!! I'm glad you finally got some rain!! We could use warmer temps, but thankfully there is no more snow!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  12. Your fabric trays look so pretty! I wonder, are they filled yet?
    So glad the rain is falling in your corner. We're told that it will begin to get warmer tomorrow (yay!) so I shall look forward to that.
    Some lovely goodies from Judy-- she's such a generous, creative soul, isn't she?

  13. What a clever way to use up spare blocks which I am sure we all have many laying around. Must try and think of ways to usethem.

    It is so nice to have a friend like your Judy in Australia. She is very talented. Her postcard is delicious.


  14. Love the embossed post card! Very classy!!! Did you get your machine back? I might have missed that post if you did!! Guess you won't sing "rain, rain, go away"! It was raining with sleet back in Michigan...we just had sun but lots of wind past two days here in Florida. I'm happy!

  15. What a great idea to make the fabric boxes, I have one that works for holding my dinner rolls during the holidays.
    You have been a busy gal making so many wonderful things.
    hugs Lynn

  16. Hi Sherry, I simply love your fabric trays and the fabrics you use. Love the postcard from Australia. All your goodies are wonderful and your new stamps look like such fun too.

    Glad you are getting some rain. We are predicted later this week too for rain. Really need it for our new blooms.
    Wishing you creative fun!!

  17. You really have been busy and having fun. Love how you have used your left over blocks. The stamps are beauiful and I love the tag.

  18. I love that you are always doing something new and share all of your blogging friends. Wow, Judy is quite and artist!!!


  19. The fabric trays look so beautiful!! Wonderful use of quilt blocks :)


  20. Your trays are super. love the colours on both and what a sweet little kitty postcard from your friend. hugs Mrs A.


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