Monday, June 15, 2015

Granddaughter's Wedding...

I am so proud of my beautiful Granddaughters.  Amber is in the orange lace dress and Amy is in her veil and preparation robe.  Two sisters sharing love and support on Amy's wedding day.  Mr. C and I were able to attend and I got to spend extra time with my daughter and granddaughters before the wedding ceremony. 

Here is Amy with her father walking her down the aisle.  It was a backyard wedding held at the groom's parents home and done very well with lots of fun and laughter.  No over the top outrageous spending of wasted money...but done with lots of family and friends love and generosity and a good amount of money just to be certain everyone had a wonderful time. 

Here is Amy in an epic moment of being introduced as Mr. and Mrs.!  My daughter Jenifer is in the blue dress clapping.  Amber is next to her sister with the teal dress, unfortunately her back is to the camera as she was always making certain everything was in order...after all she was the Maid of Honor and she wasn't going to let anything spoil her little sister's big day.  Congratulations to Amy and James and may you forever share your lives with love.  I am feeling very blessed. 
Mr. C and I are now ready to tackle our home projects once again.  We have a nice mix of Summer fun and work. 
Not only is California in its historic worst drought ever it is extremely hot!  Our temps have been in the triple digit 100+F which is not normal. Many of our landscaping plants are begging for water and the sun has burned several of them to blackened crisps.  Mr. C is outside working on the drip system to be certain nothing perishes...especially our well as it tries to provide precious water.  It seems so strange to have so many people across this world who are flooding and then us who are drying up.  I pray the water gods balance everyone out very soon. 
I am continuing to find JOY in every day of June.  My Creative Bliss may need to switch from actual crafty bits to reno work but I know I shall enjoy all of the end result.  Blessings to all...


  1. Congratulations to the beautiful bride! To me, this is how a wedding should be.. Family and friends, love and laughter.
    It looks as if everyone is having a grand time.

  2. Congratulations! What a lovely bride, what an exceptionally handsome groom, and I'm so happy for your family! Welcome, grandson, to the family!

    Hugs all around, Sherry, dear!

  3. How wonderful you and Mr. C got to see your grand daughter get grand daughter's name is Amber....She is only 15 so I'm hoping her 'wedding' will be years and years in the future! looks like you all had a wonderful day!!!!

  4. Congratulations to your granddaughter!! What a beautiful bride she is!! And your other granddaughter is a beautiful maid of honor!! It looks like such a grand wedding ceremony of family and friends!! What a blessed celebration!! Praying for rain for you!! Have a wonderful evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. how lovely to have the wedding out of doors and such lovely weather too.

  6. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding, with a beautiful bride & her beautiful family & handsome groom! How wonderful that you two were able to be there for this lovely occasion - to share all the love and joy! We need rain here too but not as much as you do. Adding my rain prayers and maybe even a rain dance for you! xoxo Jane

  7. Thanks for sharing such a happy day. I will pray for rain for you. So many are having such hard times with weather right now and I pray for all. We are so far ok. Looking forward to your reno work posts. Hugs, LJ

  8. Dear Sherry ,it must be wonderful to have such two big beautiful grandaughters, as we are equal old, (young) you must have had your daughter earlier than I had mine-(29 years old) as you know my grandkids are only 14, and 8 years old, and my daughter was only 22 when pregnant first time.
    It must have been so beautiful a wedding day, and you must have felt very proud, dear.
    I`m feeling sad for you and the whole state of California, for the terrible miss of water, dear you.
    Hugs and June greetings, from Dorthe

  9. What a beautiful day it must have been and of course the bride was gorgeous!!! You must have been over the moon that day!
    I am so sorry though to hear about your drought. I don't listen to the news anymore so I was not aware that it had gotten that bad there again this year! We have had major thunderstorms for day now and hardly any sun for weeks so my flowers all pretty much drowned before I could fully enjoy them but the peonies and irises seem to love the damp wet weather. I wish and prayer rain for you all and a bit of sun for us! Take care and have a lovely day!
    Tina xo

  10. Lovely bride and I am sure it was a wonderful wedding. Happy wedding day bliss Sherry!!!

  11. Oh it looks like such a fan and beautiful wedding...brings a smile to my face!

  12. Hi Sherry! It looks like a wonderful wedding and your granddaughter is so lovely and such a beautiful bride. A big Congratulations to all of you!
    Thinking good thoughts that all your plants survive. We've had another heat wave down here too - thankfully we missed the brunt of it, being just six miles from the coast, but the valley and IE were walloped by the heat. WAH! Will there be an end to this?!
    Take care and stay cool! xo

  13. Looks like lovely weather for a wedding. Nice to see folks do a nice, simple wedding rather than going over the top and spending gobs of money. Praying rain comes your way. We've already reached 120 here and there will be no rain til the end of the year yet people waste water on washing their cars each and every day. I just don't get it. Have a good Wednesday. Tammy

  14. This was certainly a day of Joy for your family! Beautiful granddaughters and must be so happy and proud! My grandsons are 7 and 4...I hope I'm still around when they get married! We are having a dry spell here but nothing to compare to yours. I will pray for rain to come to your area and give all of the plants a much needed drink.
    Thank you for the beautiful contribution to my encouragement have been a loving and supportive friend and I appreciate your prayers for David and me.

  15. Oh how lovely, Sherry! Your granddaughter made such a beautiful bride! Congratulations to you and your family. :) ... I continue to think about you guys and your rain shortage. It's so terrible that it's still continuing. I pray that it ends soon. Happy creating to you, sweet girl! xo

  16. Congratulations...such a beautiful bride! Looks like it was a very lovely day!

  17. I see you are finding your joy! Good for you!!!

  18. Congrats to your grand daughter. What a beautiful bride. Best wishes to the happy couple for a wonderful life ahead.
    Hugs, CM

  19. I missed this post and I love a good wedding. Your daughter and granddaughter are adorable! They are smart too, I hate to see the money wasted on weddings, when it could be spent on the rest of their lives! We are having a horrible heat wave her in Florida Too, but fortunately we have rain....I hate hearing about your drought. Thank you for your kind words about the Polka Dot Flea, so fun, but I am still recovering lol!


  20. Again you share such a beautiful post full of laughter and happiness, dear Sherry! Now that my daughther has just passed her graduation I am over the moon and can understand all the joy one feels when the beloved person has taken another stage in life! I wish you and your family all the best, my dear! May peace and joy be the realm of your lives!


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