Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sewing in the Red...

I have been very fortunate of late and am spending more time in my sewing room.  The other day Mr. C came to me and asked if I had any Red fabric.  Hmmm...what type and how much?  He didn't specify but I did ask what he needed the fabric to do.  Oh...Red for a Flag.  Well once again I shopped in my fabrics and Yippee...Red fabric.  I decided it would work and I got busy right then.  Since I had no real idea what he really wanted or the sizes I just began cutting based on his vague request.

Here is my Mr. C approved Red Flag.  It is over 5 feet long and is about 12 inches wide.  This is not your normal flag.

He did tell me he needed it to have ties for attaching it to a very tall pole.  Done.  Now when he goes to Bonneville with the Bub Seven Motorcycle this Summer to once again try for the World record he can attach this flag to one of the many wind stations along the 11 mile course on the salt. 

Here is another photo of my pre-washed fabrics and while I have red thread on my machine I have cut this really fun fabric into another Dress a Girl Around the World this time in a size 3-4.

Here is the back of the dress.  I remember buying this fabric long ago for the little one inch smiley faces.

Here is the front of the dress and I LOVE it.  This really brings a smile to my face.  I was able to place the pocket right over the same square and match up the triangles.  These dresses are truly fun to sew.  I think of the little girl who may receive this and I imagine how her eyes light up with the fun fabric.  This makes my heart sing with JOY.  I do hope you have checked out the link for Dress a Girl Around the World and joined us in sewing one or many.  Now I am off to shop my fabrics for I feel I might just have another dress to sew. 
This being Father's Day Weekend I wish all a wonderful love filled family weekend of JOY.  I surprised Mr. C yesterday with a day trip to Truckee where we enjoyed a beautiful drive and cooler temperatures.  Eating lobster roll lunch out on a shady deck while getting away from the chores and demands of home.  We are very blessed and know that our families will be calling on Sunday to wish Mr. C all the best.  I saved a bit of his surprise for Sunday.  Today he is working (volunteering) in a very dirty hot barn to prepare and ready the motorcycle for Bonneville.  He has been spending many hours all ready and there is much more to be done. 
Sunday is also the official first day of Summer.  We are also celebrating the two year anniversary of Mr. C's trauma accident.  A nice quiet day at home taking it easy and spending time together.  Not quite as grand as last year when we celebrated his amazing recovery and continued life at the top of the Eiffel Tower watching the sunset.  I appreciate the juxtaposition from year to year.  Feeling grateful for the life we have.  Continuing to focus on the JOY of everyday in June...


  1. Happy Father's Day to Mr. C.
    Loving those little dresses. So cute. I would even wear one. LOL. Have fun creating in your sewing room.

  2. Oh, that is the sweetest dress!! I love the fun patterns!! Some little girl will be so excited to receive this!! It's fabulous!! I hope you enjoy Father's Day with Mr. C tomorrow!! Happy first day of summer eve!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  3. The dress is ADORABLE!!!! And it does bring a smile to my face so I can only assume a little girl will be ecstatic!!!! How sweet of you...oh, the flag is quite nice as well!!! Happy Father's day to Mr. C!!!

  4. So many wonderful, interesting stories and projects! I can feel your happiness. That little girl's dress is definitely going to cheer up a girl and everyone she meets! You are so kind and generous, Sherry. I am glad June has Bliss for you. Have you gotten anymore rain...?

  5. I love all the sweet dresses you have made. Your granddaughter is beautiful and how wonderful you had such a great day. I have been in so called rehab for my back and have not blogged for some time. i have six twisted vertebrae and now after 3 1/2 months I am finally starting to feel a wee bit better. So don't think I have fallen off the edge of the world. Just moving at a snails pace these days. We have really had no rain and I am worried. How about you? Hugs!


    Happy Father's Day to Mr. C!

    Hugs from Florida,

  7. your flag will certainly be noticed when hung on one of the poles.
    Such a pretty dress a little girl will love this and such a worthwhile cause too

  8. I think it must be wonderful to have your craft room with such an amazing stock pile to choose from!!!!
    The dress project melts my heart, it truly does, what an angel you are,

  9. JOY! You are having it. Very cute dress. Fly that flag and don't forget to dance around the pole!!! :)

  10. That dress is adorable! And good red for the flag- he won't miss it. Five feet long? is it a marker of sorts for the course?

  11. What a great way to reduce your stash of fabulous fabrics!

  12. You are such a generous and giving person. The little dress is very sweet. The simplicity of it is perfect for a quick turn around, fitting, and a timeless style for little ones. The fabric is bright and cheerful indeed.

  13. That little dress is just too cute. The fabric is darling. It will certainly be much loved by some deserving little lady. :)

  14. Dear Sherry, love the red flag you created for Mr.C
    Love your sweet little dress. The fabric is just so special and will delight a little girl with great joy.
    Happy Good Health to your Mr.C on his anniversary and Happy Father's Day too. So glad you two had a day to relax and enjoy a getaway.
    Hugs and Happy Sewing. cm

  15. Good luck with your needle tatting. In no time you'll be tatting edgings for those little dresses!

  16. Dearest Sherry, first let me thank you for your loyal visits and comments on my blog! You always seem so cheerful and optimistic, your words never cease to make me smile! And now, while visiting you here, scrolling down all your recent posts, I am more and more assured, that there is a strong light of joy and confidence burning in you! It has touched me so much, how light-heartedly you fulfill your hubbies wish for a red flag, it is so funny to read from such a harmony between two people! And your engagement in the little-dresses-projekt has stirred my attention, too. I also feel I want to do something to fill the world with positive energy. I will indulge into the project as soon as I find a little time. But for now, let me thank you for spreading this enthusiasm and goodwill! You have touched my soul!
    Hugs from Manu

  17. Dear Sherry, your sweet little dresses will be so loved for their wonderful patterns and colours, and I`m sure mr. C also loved you ,for "dragging" him off to a delicious meal, in quiet and piece, away from the chores. I`m sure he now have even more strengh to work and do !! The flag is a great idea for him to bring for the race.
    Hugs to you Sherry, and enjoy the rest of the week!!
    Dorthe, xxoo

  18. That dress is adorable Sherry! Sounds like yourself and Mr. C had a wonderful Father's Day!

  19. Gorgeous dress and it's great we can take a simple request, dig out the fabric and make just what was required. Well done!

  20. You have certainly inspired me.
    I am in the process of sewing a batch of Project Linus blanket.
    Next, I want to make some little sweet dresses for the Dress around the World Project.
    Happy days to you.

  21. What a cute little dress! It is great you have these fun fabrics in your stash and have such a wonderful use for them.

  22. Oh those little dresses are the sweetest Sherry! So bright and Happy :)

  23. I will check out the site. This looks like a very rewarding way to use up some of my stash. Hugs, LJ

  24. Best of luck to Mr. c. For a safe and successful ride at the salt flats... How exciting is this???
    Love your little dress Sherry - such a wonderful thing to do! The fabric is adorable and so easy to imagine a little girl twirling all about in it... You are such a dear...


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