Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Protective Terry Pockets...

My daughter has a new adventure in her business medley.  Here is her link to Creative Resource Solutions.   She has invested a large sum of money and she needed a solution to taking care of the expensive equipment.  So...along comes mom.  I decided along with her input that she needed some terry cloth pockets for protection of some of the parts.  Lets see what I have come up with.  I began with thick plush spa white hand towels.  Then I added some stitching lines and Velcro. 

Here I am sewing this towel with Velcro tabs for pocket closures.  I wasn't a fan of the Velcro and terry cloth as they didn't get along very well.  The Velcro loops kept attaching to the terry loops.

Here is my creation.  I folded the towel from each end to almost the center.  Now I have double pockets on each end of the towel. 

Here are the laser panels that need protection.  I slid them into the pockets on one end and the Velcro will hold everything safely inside the protective pockets. 

This is the very heavy base unit which I did not make anything for as it has its own sturdy handle for carrying.  Here is her link for this Renua Nlazer adventure she is now representing.  And I am very proud of her for passing all of the training and testing.

Here is the terry protective pockets with the laser panels on one end and the cording in another pocket on the other end.  One towel will hold two panels and cord units.  She has eight panels and therefore I created four double towel protective pocket sets. 

Here is her canvas bag that she will carry all the parts and things needed to go along with the base unit.  I will say the unit and the bag are both quite heavy so she will be getting her daily arm workouts just carrying these.

Here is the bag with all four pocket sets fully filled and ready for business.  I am happy to say my daughter was very pleased with my terry towel protective pockets solution.  Now let me cheer her on to a successful business venture.  I am so glad I was able to help her out in my own way.  Now if I lived closer to her I could let her give me the Nlaser treatments and see and feel results just like she has found to happen on herself.  However her high school girlfriend has volunteered to be her tester and testimonial.  You go girls...
Summer is here and in full bloom.  The heat is wonderful.  Maybe just a little less hot would be good.  Still waiting for much needed moisture. The Air Tankers are flying far too often and working way too many fires.  Thankfully none are terribly close to this time.  My prayers are constant for a safe and fire-free year. 
I am spending time indoors sorting and organizing during the hottest part of each day.  My donation piles are growing and I am finding clear space in my closets.  This is something I really need to do but never enjoy.  I like donating but I do not like missing my clothes when I go to wear them, can't find them and then remember I gave them away. 
Summer Sunshine Smiles to all my favorite friends on this hemisphere...and...Winter Creative Bliss to all my favorite friends on the opposite hemisphere.  I adore each of you and I look forward to reading your comments you take your precious time to leave me.  Thank You...


  1. What wonderful protective coverings you've created for your daughter!! The terrycloth pockets are stylish and awesome!! Good luck to her in her new venture!! Praying that you have a fire-free year. Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Ah, what we don't do for our daughters! :)

  3. Mom to the rescue! Your solution is perfect for this application. All the bits and bobs will be protected in transit, thanks to your expertise.

    I need to tackle my closet, too. I've been fighting the inevitable. I think it's time to stop procrastinating and get on with it.

    As always, my friend, thanks for the inspiration. Sending long-distance hugs, and continued prayers for rain for your fair state.

  4. Mom to the rescue!! I know she appreciates it. I hate when i have been in a "clean my closet" mode then, just like you, I look for something I donated...groan! Stay safe, it is the hottest summer here in Orlando that i can ever remember. Praying for rain and keeping any fires at bay


  5. how lucky your daughter is to have you to make this protective bag. Please send some sun over the pond, looks like we will never get a summer apart from the odd day here and there. never woen my winter coat in June before.

  6. Good idea to use towels, it's a very neat protective cover.

  7. Perfect and they pack away so neatly in the tote. Good luck to her. It certainly seems like she's a go-getter, offering so many different services. Have a lovely day. Tammy

  8. Genius! "Thanks, Mom!" I know you're more proud of her than of these! Understandably so, and great job, too, Sherry!


  9. What a good mom to come up with such a great solution to protect those pieces! I need to go through closets and the garage, too. Way too hot right now to do the garage, but the closets...well, maybe. Or not! Prayers for rain to come your way!

  10. You are a very helpful and sweet mother, and your daughter will be thankfull, whenever carrying the back with the pockets inside. A beautiful solution Sherry.
    I hope dear, that your prayers are heard, about no fire near you, and hope also for rain to you. I still have colder weather, sitting in the sun in the garden.. not comfortable !!!
    Thank you for your b.d. wish yesterday , I had a lovely day, dear friend.

  11. Necessity is the mother of invention....that and a good mamma!

  12. she is so lucky to have a crafty clever Mama!!
    with an amazing craft room full with treasures lol,
    you are prepared for every craft emergency project!!

  13. What a super creative mum you are. I love your little dresses. Such gorgeous fabrics. Hugs Mrs A.

  14. You're a good mother! :) I'm the same way about clothes - give them away and then wish I had them back! blessings, marlene

  15. Where would we daughters be without our sweet moms I wonder :) You're so sweet to help your daughter and a clever solution! Wishing you a good deal of rain and a beautiful weekend Sherry. And lots of luck for your daughter and her new adventure.

  16. Moms are the best! And you fit this bill perfectly!!! Good luck to your daughter on her adventure!

  17. What a clever mum you are Sherry...great job! :)

  18. Your daughter has a smart mom! Good luck to her with her enterprise. Hugs, LJ

  19. Hi Sherry, you did an amazing job creating the terry pocket covers for your daughter's equipment. What a wonderful design you came up with and I am not surprised as you are so very talented. Congrats to your daughter on her new medical business venture. I hope is goes well and she has great success.
    Hope you stay safe from the fires and get some much needed rain soon. Wishing you a great week ahead and thanks for stopping by and your kind comment on my guys retirement.
    Hugs and Happy Creating. cm

  20. Congratulations to your daughter - she's brave and resourceful - very admirable qualities! Please pass along my best wishes for every success!
    The heat is on here as well and we just had our first rain in a month... I hope the fires stay away from you Sherry, and that your rain dances eventually bring a much needed downpour... Stay cool!
    Many hugs,



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