Monday, June 8, 2015

Studio Play Time...

Hello June and A Swap For All Seasons.  I had such a fun time creating this little fabric sampler banner for Sally Annie of this blog.   I asked Sally Annie what she liked and then tried to incorporate her likes into my little bit of art.  This is the finished piece I mailed to her and she has now gotten it and let me know how much she likes it.  Thank You Sally Annie. 

Here it is in the designing phase.  There is no paper allowed and it must all be hand or machine sewn.  I put a few extra stitches into this just because I was having sew much fun creating such a happy home.  The sky piece is fabric that I Gelli painted and it looked like wispy clouds floating in the blue sky I love so much.

I also had time recently to create six necklaces for a December Charity function raffle I support.  The theme is always Black and Red so I made each of these in those colors.  I honestly can say when the attendees buy their $1 raffle tickets they will get a really good selection of items to choose from. 

I had fun creating these and know they will help support Christmas gifts for less fortunate children and also Scholarships for High School students.  I love supporting good causes.  By making things all year long I don't feel the crush or pressure of having to make everything during the most hectic season of the year.  Into my special gift dresser to await their debut.  I have each necklace mounted on nice sturdy mat board for safe keeping and interesting presentation. 
Our Summer weather is very warm and still very dry.  The days are wonderful and filled with lots of Summer activities.  Farmer's Markets are in full swing.  Lots of community events are happening.  Visitors from all over are coming to the Chamber for information and directions.  I spent a very busy day there today and love helping out and meeting people.  I also get to do lots of office work too so that allows me to use my skills I have honed during my "working-for-a-living" years.  
I think Mr. C and I shall go for a walk.  The beautiful blue sky is calling me.
June is thankfully allowing me to find JOY in each and every day...from the most mundane to the most interesting to the most unexpected...JOY is part of each day.  Creative Bliss and June JOY to each of you.  I am very grateful for your friendship and inspiration.  Thank you...


  1. Super cute banner piece. Loving the house scene made of only fabric. Very cute. TFS. ana

  2. once again you have shared some lovely makes, the house looks so welcoming and the jewellery is beautiful. Good you are enjoying warm weather, I am still wearing my winter coat here as still chilly, cold wind and not much sun

  3. A sweet,sweet flowergarden around the lovely and fun house. What a sweet idea, dear Cheryl.
    Your necklaces are so lovely, too, and you have a heart of gold, creating so many things for charity .
    Warm greetings, Dorthe

  4. The house banner is so cute. The little buttons add a lot to it. And how nice to work on projects now for the December event- no last-minute pressure.

  5. Such a cute spring/summer banner loaded with fun tiny details! You are so good to donate your time often to worthy causes. I was completely happy with our weather up until our 104 degree day yesterday! Thank goodness it was for only one day.

  6. Wow, the banner is amazing!! I love the cozy house scene you've created!! What a beautiful gift it is!! And the necklaces are so gorgeous!! How sweet of you to donate them to charity!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Hi Sherry, you are so incredibly talented. Love your created house scene banner. Really a cute project. The jewelry is beautiful and what a blessing it will be to someone during the holidays.
    Sounds like you are busy enjoying the season.
    Have a wonderful evening.
    Hugs and blessings, CM

  8. Such a wonderful post Sherry - I love your collage for the swap, as well as the beautiful necklaces for December. I love how wise you are to get that done now - I am not that clever, I'm afraid.
    I hope you enjoyed your walk under that amazing California blue sky!

  9. I love your banner, it's so cheerful! And the beautiful deep red of your necklaces, they're beautiful and such gorgeous beads. Sending you happy sunshine

  10. Lovely creations from your JOYful heart and hands, Sherry!
    hugs and JOY,

  11. The necklaces are beautiful and are such a sweet donation for charity...I'm sure they are loved! That banner is adorable!

  12. Love your cute house and how smart are you to get a jump on Christmas. Thank you for your well wishes on the Polka Dot Flea....Yikkes it is almost here!


  13. Oh Sherry...what a sweet little fabric all the buttons!!...and your necklaces are gorgeous! ...Was wondering if my June fabric sampler for you has arrived yet? Jan x

  14. Oh what a dear little house banner full of happiness, colour and cheer. That necklace is so sweet Sherry - you do have such a kind heart!
    It's always lovely to have you visit - thank you so much!
    x Suzy

  15. I especially like the cute little owl button on the fabric sampler banner that you made. Just beautiful necklaces you have made and I too am grateful for your friendship and inspiration. Have a beautifully creative June day.

  16. Hi Sherry!
    I adore my sampler, filled with all my favorite things, so very sweet and precious, thank you again so very much!
    Your necklaces are lovely and so lovely of you to make and donate them for auction to such a worthy cause - wishing you a very successful auction!
    We love going to the Santa Monica farmers market every summer, so much fun and so much gorgeous food to bring home.
    Happy happy summer to you! xoxo

  17. What a great summery banner! A great time for a walk!


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