Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blogland Gifts...

In the land of blog there are many kind and generous people. I have certainly met some of the nicest through my blog.
One of my previous posts showed something I made using buttons.
As a result one of my followers commented and asked if I would like some of her buttons.
What??? Would I!!!
In just a couple of days I received a lovely package containing this box of amazing buttons. All of which are vintage.
Please visit Lori Anderson and her blog Pretty Things and find out how wonderful she is and all of the things she makes.
I am very grateful to Lori for so generously sending me buttons from her very own collection. WOW!
I do love buttons and will cherish these lovely vintage beauties. Thank you Lori.
Blogland could very well be the best place on earth.
Happy creating...


  1. I do so agree Sherry. Lori is wonderful sending you that lovely surprise box of buttons - enjoy x

  2. Lucky you!
    I do agree, Blogland is the best place on Earth...or is that 'Ether'? !
    Enjoy your buttons!
    Sandie xx

  3. There is such generosity out here in Blogland! What a lovely gesture from your blogging friend.


  4. What a nice gift you were given. You must be very very happy!
    Have a good weekend!

  5. I so agree with you! Blogland is so wonderful! I am grateful to have met great people through my blog! :)

  6. I have found that all the bloggers that I come into contact with are all such giving souls. What a sweet gesture with the gift of buttons and beautiful packaging. Lucky you! :)

  7. Really glad you liked them just so sorry your readers had to find me on such a down day!

  8. thank you so much for your great support!

  9. Yay!! How wonderful is sweet of her to send them to you! Yay..enjoy your new button treasures!!

    and thankyou for your lovely visit and wonderful sharings!

  10. I agree that the friends I've met in blogland are so kind and very generous. Enjoy your lovely new gifts and make something lovely! Theresa

  11. That is so sweet. I have had some amazing things happen through my blog. I am swooning over these buttons...I have a real thing for buttons. How sweet is Lori!!


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