Thursday, December 9, 2010

Part of a Treasury...

Dear sweet faerymoongoddess has included my fabric wrist cuff in her beautiful new treasury which you can view by clicking here. I wanted to post her beautiful treasury in it's complete glory however my blogging skills are still not enough. I keep learning as much as I can. :o)
Please give her a visit and see all the lovely items she makes and shares.
On another note...
Are you completely busy at this time of year? Running errands for the usual groceries, gasoline, dry cleaning, laundry and such along with wrapping gifts, delivering gifts, mailing gifts, writing Holiday cards and mailing them. Getting together with friends and family as often as possible? This is definitely a very busy time for so many of us. This year I am choosing to do a lot less of the errands and chores and more of the quality time with family and friends. Yes, the gifts are much less but the sentiment is much deeper and more meaningful. Oh I am certainly helping the economy and doing more than my fair share of spending but much smarter this year. I am really enjoying my time as I stop and smell the "pointsettias", watch the lights twinkle, see the glitter sparkle and simply enjoy this amazing time of our year.
Take a deep breath, sip your favorite tea or cocoa or beverage and truly be in the moment.
Now I am happy to get back to my creating...


  1. Yup, I know just what you mean - it's hair straight back for me too! And I really haven't started any holiday stuff yet, which I expect to on the weekend. But no matter how busy I get, I love the holidays and always make time for those things that matter most. Thanks for a beautiful post and a grateful reminder of what those things are.

  2. Yay..beautifull...and congrats..that is fantastic!

  3. What an honor to be featured, and well deserved. I enjoyed your post and will follow your advice, more time with family and friends!

  4. So lovely it is, I can well understand it`s being featured, dear.Congratulations...
    I wish I had time just now, to enjoy, but it has to wait a bit :)
    XO, Dorthe

  5. Hi Sherry! Your cuff is just so beautiful. I saw Theresa's lovely treasury. ;) She's always such a sweetie pie!...Your take on Christmas this year is a good one. I'm so freaked out right now I can use a tranquilizer or something...I got up early to try to squeeze in some bloggy visiting, which I've so been neglecting. You sound sooo calm, must be an absolute delight to be around! I'm feeling your calming vibes right through the computer!!! Thank you! Enjoy your weekend! xo Paulette :)

  6. Congratulations!!! I can see why this was chosen. I love the color and the frayed rose!

  7. Be in the moment....I do that all year's really the only way to be...
    great post...
    and don't you just love being included in treasuries!? I love love your is brilliant..and I am so inspired to make one for myself!

    have a great weekend...and have a hot cocoa on me!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  8. hi
    I love your cuff!!
    it is so pretty and I love all of the colours!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. What a lovely surprise! Thank you so much for mentioning the treasury (I haven't figured out how to link a full shot, either) and my little shop. :) The cuff is beyond gorgeous!!! I love your ideas on holiday relaxation. I could use a good cup of hot chocolate. I've been feeling the stress, too! Enjoy the weekend! Theresa

  10. Pretty!

    I'm out of mind right now. I usually never do shows in December and this year I have two (last one is tomorrow). I have a million things to do before Christmas and some things are just going to have to go.

  11. Ahhh you make it sound so simple. Fortunately I am being entertained this year, so really can afford to sit back, relax and smell the poinsiettas! Enjoy! keeleyxx


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