Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Wool Flowers...

While out shopping one day I bought these yummy wool fabric scraps. I fell in love with the colors and the feel of the fabrics. Some of the pieces were rather small but I knew what I wanted to do with them so the size was workable.
I wanted to make some lapel flower pins for winter wardrobes. Clothing is the most common way to wear a flower pin however I also love to pin them to pillows, or draperies, or even a chair as an unexpected accent.
I have made these types of flowers for many years in all sorts of styles and sizes and designs. However I want to give credit to two wonderful bloggers who took the time to do tutorials so that all of us could see how easy and fun it is to make flowers such as these.
My all time favorite tutorial is by Roben-Marie and can be found here.
Next and also a favorite is by Thespoena and can be found here.
I never grow tired of seeing a new way to do something or a better way or a different twist on an old tried and true. In fact, all you need to do is Google to find more ways to make fabric flowers than you probably have time to watch. Most of all just cut some fabric and put the pieces together and embellish until you have a flower you like.
This one is shades and textures of blues and finished with a button and decorative thread.

Here is one I am showing on a blazer which has some lace layers to it.

Oh this is probably my favorite as it combines blue wools with some grey wools and some very fun plaid wool and a very vintage scalloped button double stacked with another button and decorative thread.
P.S. Pin one on your purse or tote bag or hat for a bit of fun and fancy.
As you can see these would make great gifts.
These are merely a few of the flower pins I have been making. I did list a couple in my shop just in case you would prefer to purchase your gifts ready made to save you time.
Now I must get back to the studio and create with all my favorite things.
Thank you for stopping by and I really do love reading your comments and reading what you are doing via your blogging.
Happy December Days to each and every one...


  1. Your flowers are fantastic! I'm learning how to make different kinds right now..still working on the crochet ones before I move on!

  2. Oh, these are fabulous!!! And such a wonderful name for such a creative place!!!

  3. Very cute!!!! They look great on the blazers!

  4. Darling! my goodness your just creating like crazy right now! Great ideas for Christmas gifts!

  5. They're lovely Sherry and just perfect for the winter season.

  6. What a neat concept. Winter flowers!

  7. I love the look of these! And everyone needs some flowers in the Winter, don't they?


  8. These are adorable. They look so good on the blazer!!

    I want you to know how much I appreciate your constant support. It helps me so much!


  9. I love the wool on the inter coat, I have not yet ried doing the layered flowers,,,,On my to do list!


  10. I love the wool on the inter coat, I have not yet ried doing the layered flowers,,,,On my to do list!


  11. i absolutely love these fabric flowers!! what a great use of the scrap fabric......yummy goodness at its best!!! :))

  12. These are adorable! I love the textures of the wool, what a great winter style!

  13. Those are absolutely fabulous!!! So perfect to dress up one's wardrobe. Thanks for showing us how you did it! Theresa

  14. Great pieces of wool and you have done a super good job with your flower pins.

    Enjoy this magical time of year.

  15. These are cute!
    I really like the button bookmarks too...I'm going to have to try those! They would make great gifts:)
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Absolutely ADORABLE! I need to send you some buttons for those -- if you want some, email me via my blog with your mailing address (and remember to say (send buttons!).

  17. Lovely, and creative my sweet friend. Hugs!

  18. Fabulous flowers! Love the layered look! Beautiful on your jacket.

  19. You are so inspiring! These look like so much fun to make and the end result is stunning. keeleyxx


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