Monday, December 27, 2010


Whew!!! I have been wanting to change my blog banner to a collage of items I have created. Not being a computer person or software programmer or even remotely familiar with this type of activity I have been putting this task at the bottom of every list for quite a while now.
Well!!! Here is my new blog banner and I am so happy with it. Of course I had lots of help from Mr. C who is very familiar with computers and their nuances. Thank you honey!
Thank you so much Sarah for your help even though you don't know me or my blog. Your tutorial was the boost I needed to get started and spend the energy and hours with Mr. C to accomplish something I have been wanting to check off my list.
As 2010 comes rushing to a close I am reflecting and trying to finish some of the items I feel will help me most in 2011. Maybe my word of 2010 "Focus" really wasn't in vain after all.
What are you reflecting on at this time of year?
Are you completing tasks on your list before the new year arrives?
My grandmother (and now me) always had to have all the ironing completed before midnight New Year's eve even if it meant ironing frantically until 11:59 pm. The thought was that if it weren't completed it would merely continue to pile up all year long and it would never get done. So that is how I function and this week is my week to try to complete things before the new year. Hey...what ever works...right?!!
May you have a very relaxed and rewarding week...


  1. What a way to end 2010: learning something new! It's a big one when it makes you feel so good to do it and have it done and looking so good!! Well done, my dear friend! Happy Blogging to you!

  2. It looks great, glad I could help!

  3. Nice upgrade. I found focus to be a great theme and I was helped along my creative path. Now I think I'll work on fiddling before I finish because I need more organizational skills. But you are right- whatever works!

  4. That is a cute story about your Grandmother, hey what ever it takes to see the bottom of the ironing pile is great! I love the new banner I may have to try this myself.

  5. I like the new banner a lot! It's great to see at a glance all of the beautiful projects that you make. Happy New Year!!! Sadly all of my "ironing" isn't done yet. Knowing me, a lot of it will just have to continue into the new year. ;-)

  6. Great banner Sherry. Excellent way to highlight some of your many talents!! Hmmm. I do find that the approaching new year does motivate me to get things done. To make some lists etc.!!! I have my word for 2011, and I am planning that post!!! Happy New Year Sherry!!!

  7. CUTE! It turned out very well...hope you are enjoying the holidays!

  8. It's beautiful! Love the new look and the banner is wonderful. It really is fun to give a blog a new look. I enjoy it very much. Hope you had a great Christmas. I am looking forward to a brand New Year. I wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2011.
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  9. Thanks for the info about Sarah. I shall be checking it out. Your header is fantastic! Happy New Year!!!!

  10. Beautiful Blog Banner!! I may have to visit that tutorial as well!!

  11. You did a great job with it! It's very clean and professional. Congrats! Theresa

  12. Beautiful new blog banner and I love the projects you chose to showcase!!

  13. Oh WOW! Love your blog banner. I'd love to get around to doing one some day, so thanks for the link! Hmmmm would be a nice idea to get all the ironing done before midnight on New Year's eve, but I have an ironing pile that makes you shriek and run away!!! LOL!! Maybe I should try to attempt it, although I have been having a craft room clearout, so that is progress of sorts! keeleyxx

  14. Well, first of all, I think you are wonderful to take on the task of doing your own blog banner. I have a fellow blogger (and smart lady) do mine. It costs me..but it beats the stress. No one in this household is computer savy..(Howard is the only other one and he depends on me, of all people!~)
    So..I admire that! Your banner looks SHARP! :)
    Now...I am going to get all into ironing tomorrow. I really do need to get it done..and your grandmother is an incentive to do it!
    I'm serious! I think that is a great idea.
    It's raining..again..and our roof leaks and I can hear it on the skylight as I sit here. Makes me nervous! :):)
    It's only a bit after I have all day..for the ironing I mean.
    Thank you for stopping by and I love that you love the shoes on my baby doll!
    Have a wonderful day..(darn roof!)

  15. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I will be taking a look at that. I did make a banner once but it is not quite right and I have already forgotten what I did. I am trying to finish up projects that are in the process so that I can start on a new list of things. I would love to have all or most of the old projects finished before the new year. I think that is just wishful thinking but sounds like a nice goal. Happy New Year!

  16. Your new blog header is great, dearest Ms. Createology! Happy celebrating dec 31th and I am so wishing a wonderful 2011!! Love to YOU xxxxxx


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