Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wrapping Presents...

Wrapping presents can be quite the chore and take lots of precious time...unless you enjoy wrapping and making each gift look special. My mother was the best at wrapping each and every gift. She would make the paper look extra special and you would never see any tape and every fold was perfection. Then she handmade each and every bow the old fashioned way. I used to take forever to unwrap a gift as I didn't want to ruin her hard work. I would untape and unfold and save every piece of paper with no rips or tears. Her bows got reused for years until they litterally became shabby before shabby was chic.
These gifts I wrapped with paper and ribbons and an ornament and tag. I am quite pleased with them. Then in a very few minutes each was opened and all was tossed in the trash except maybe the ornament and some ribbon.
Now this is how I am having fun this year wrapping some gifts. I have used felt or flannel and serged the little bags to hold a gift. This bag holds a ceramic ornament and can also serve as storage to keep it safe during the year. The photo colors are off but I added a green button and string to close the bag.

This square bag I actually serged entirely closed with the gift inside. Then I wrapped it with green string and a green button to look like a real package with a bow. What is inside? A package of note cards for the recipient who by-the-way loved the packaging and didn't want to ruin it by opening however a pair of tiny scissors did the trick. Even after opening, this little bag will be reused for another gift and sent along it's way.
These fabric bags take no more time to stitch up than wrapping with paper. I really think they are quicker and a lot more fun.
What is your favorite way to wrap a package?
I am off to the studio to wrap some more as I need to get them in the mailing system very soon. I wish you a wonderful day of magic and creativity and hope you stop to enjoy the season.
Happy Holly Jolly Joy...


  1. It seems you get your creativity from you Mum then - her parcels sound wonderful! Love your idea of the felt bags, they look good too.

    For the family I use shop bought wrapping paper with sellotape (sticky tape) and finish off with some shiny ribbon which I curl with scissors - then add a tag made from last Christmas.

    Like most of us crafters, I always try to re-use what I can!

    Have a lovely evening x

  2. Love your little red bags. Very clever idea! Our mothers were very much alike. I think my mother loved wrapping more than anything. Her presents always made one feel so special.

  3. Love the red felt bags! What a great idea! I don't like wrapping gifts . . . probably because it is not one of my strong suits! :)


  5. The presents are so pretty. I'm afraid I just like the gift bags that are like little shopping bags. Some tissue and a bit of ribbon and done.

  6. Wrapping gifts is indeed such a fine art. One I myself have not quite mastered. LOL I am getting better, though! Thanks for sharing your lovely tips! The packages look super elegant. Theresa

  7. Very lovely presents! I do love your serged red wrappers. They do look very festive, and what a great bag to store in. This is a really good idea.

  8. The more I shop, the more I like gift bags!

  9. I love wrapping gifts up in all sorts of different fashions...that's the biggest part of the fun for me! I have used paper bags and stitched them shut around a present as well...and that makes for a nice ECO look!

    it's all about reusing these days!

    Don't you just love serging! i know I do!

    thanks for your visit! love reading your comments as much as reading your posts!

    ciao bella!

    happy wrapping!

    Creative Carmelina

  10. I just read my daughter's comment above...I have no idea what she goes around and writes to all the lovely ladies here in blogland....

    and this comment was so darling...I'm actually quite touched! ...

    thought I'd share that thought with you!

    ciao again!

    good to know I'm a nice girl!

    Creative Carmelina

  11. These bags are great! I really would like to make some. But I don't think my machine has a serger--and I am not sure what that is actually. I will have to ask my daughter. She'll know. Thanks so much for your comment today. I always love it so much when you visit!

  12. A great way to recycle and keep the paper out of landfills. Love the bags and fabricholics would love to receive one!

  13. There's an art to wrapping a gift or even an order to mail to your customers. I love that part of it...it's a time for personalizing the finishing touches. You've really done a very cool presentation using the serger with felt or flannel...this is just so warm and cozy. I'd be tickled to receive a gift that is so lovingly wrapped.

    Thanks so much for visiting with me {from one wool lover to another},

    Happy Holly Jolly Joy to you too!
    Stephanie ♥

  14. I love the idea of wrapping with something reuseable. I have always appreciated packages with the extra touches but have not beek so great at it myself. I wrap pretty simply but may try making some bags up for some of my gifts.


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