Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday Gifts...

Happy Birthday Sisty.  Mr. C's sister is celebrating a milestone birthday in just a few days and we won't be together to celebrate it.  We live quite a distance apart and this is such a busy time of year.  Independent of Mr. C honoring her day I made Sisty this Origami Pouch in some beautiful fall fabrics with golden highlights shimmering throughout. 
I also put together this necklace and earrings set which utilizes the new acrylic beads that are super lightweight and very popular right now.  I am showing these because Sisty has received them and no surprises will be spoiled. 
My little studio has been quite busy lately as I am certain each of you have been.  This time of year can get so overloaded so easily and so quickly that it is important to stop and take a break from the hectic and just be grateful for even the smallest of things.  I am grateful for having my wonderful sister-in-law in my life.  I am also grateful for my family and my youngest granddaughter who is having a birthday this month.  Happy Birthday Amy.  I have so much to be grateful for and I feel very blessed. 
Now we interrupt this calm to get back to being busy and productive. 
Wonderful week ahead...


  1. Amy should love your gifts Sherry.

  2. The jewelry is gorgeous and the pouch is the frosting is SIL cake!


  3. WOW! These are beautiful! Your Sisty is very lucky to be receiving these as a gift. I absolutely adore the origami pouch and that necklace is just my colour ;) keeleyxx

  4. Laughing! Yes, we interrupt this calm... VBGRIN The bag is gorgeous as are the contents. Very classy gift.

  5. Ooooh what a lucky, lucky Sister she is! The jewellery is fab, but I love the origami pouch - that fabric is divine!

    Carry on Creating Sherry xx

  6. A lovely looking pouch & necklace & earrings. The colours are very nice & I'm sure your sister-in-law will be absolutely delighted.

  7. Lucky Sisty, indeed! I love the origami pouch--the fabric is beautiful!

  8. Ghose are gorgeous gifts, sweet Sherry. I am sure you are going to make them very happy with your beautiful gifts, made with LOVE.
    A happy Tuesday to you my dear friend xx


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