Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Surprise Mail...

 Don't you just love to go to your mail box and find a wonderful surprise?  No, I don't mean the spider that scares you who is just trying to get warm inside a safe place.  Certainly not the bills that come way too often!  I am speaking of a package from a friend who sends you something out of the blue.  I love it!
 This is wrapped so cleverly in a sewing pattern tissue.  With a fabric strip tied in twine and a cute little stamped card.  I am totally intrigued...
 There was also a handmade card with a stamped bird design.  Beautiful.  Thoughtful.  Serene.
 I open to find a bundle of joyful fabric pieces.  All random sizes and prints.  Hmmm...
Here you can see the array of fabrics.  What a fun bundle this is.  Thank you Cory Dogwood.  You are the best blog pal a girl ever had.  Please visit Cory at her blog and see what she is up to.  Maybe I will need to find out how she makes her "ticker tape" quilts and use these fabrics to make one for myself. 
Even though Cory has a residence just a few miles from me and we must be shopping at the exact same local crafting store (Ben Franklin) I have never met her and yet we have been blog pals for two years.  I rather like the mystique of being a blog pal...kind of like years ago when I had a pen pal I never met. 
I adore your card and sweet bundle of fabric joy Cory Dogwood and I thank you sincerely. 
My ideas are beginning to churn on what I will do with all of these pieces.  What would each of you create?
Happy week to all...our weather is quite chilly and yet the sun is shining.  Rain is forecasted for the long holiday weekend.  Skiers will be headed up to the resorts and I will be staying home, warm and cozy sipping tea or cocoa.  Maybe stitching something...beading something...gluing papers...


  1. Yes, Happy mail really is wonderful to receive. Love the fabrics. They are so nice. I wonder what you will be creating with them? Have fun creating, whether it is stitching, beading or gluing I am sure you will create something beautiful.

  2. OOps, almost forgot. Could you some of your cold weather this way to Miami, Florida. Our weather is hot, hot and hot. LOL.

  3. Hi! I'm your brand new follower.It was so nice browsing through your last several post.Lots of fun with artsy stuff.Drop by my blog any time my Dear.Right now I'm having a giveaway of an artsy book.Blessings your way. Denise

  4. It's no surprise that someone as dear as you would be 'surprised' in such a way! You deserve it..and what a fun little package. I'm sure you'll have a blast making things in your studio!

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

    stop by for some cookies, if you like!

  5. What a lovely treat. Blog pals are the best!

  6. Oh WOW, this is amazing!!! I LOVE Happy Mail!!!

  7. Happy Mail is the BEST!. Have a wonderful time creating.

  8. To know someone has been thinking of you, and took the time to send you something you will love and appreciate is a wonderful gift. Enjoy your happy mail!

  9. Now that is fun mail!! I love wrapping things in sewing pattern tissue paper!!
    I can't wait to see what clever things you do with those pieces of fabric!!

  10. That is a fantastic packet, Sherry,
    and I love how it was packed.
    What a sweet friend.

  11. What a fun tret to receive in the mail! A wonderful sharing of love!

    Have fun!

    ~ Violet

  12. Yea for happy mail! That is a fun little surprise package. I'm sure you will do lots of greats things with all the goodies. I'm still waiting on two packages -- one from Sweden, one from the States. The mail system in this country is laughable. :/ Have a great weekend. Tammy

  13. What a sweet surprise! I think its high time you two got together!
    Enjoy your beautiful fabric
    hugs Lynn

  14. Oh, how fun to have you post about the little fabric package I sent to you! I am glad you like it all. I will watch for the fabrics to pop up in some of you creations.
    It works both ways. I adore all the goodies that you have sent to me. I was one lucky lady when Lindsay partnered us together as letter writing buddies a couple of years ago...
    Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

  15. I don't think I've ever received surprise mail. I have sent out a couple (still waiting on a thank you for one that I sent out a month ago), but I've never got any back. I'm jealous of you. :)

  16. How wonderful is that happy mail! and I had to chuckle..I have a huge spider that takes up residence in my mailbox each year. She just moves out of the way when the mail comes in and when my hand takes it out!


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