Friday, November 25, 2011

Blogging Friends Mean So Much...

 Do you recognize this handsome fellow?  He is Taggart of Glencoe.  Corgi of Cuteness!  You can follow his antics Tuesdays with Tag.  I was very happy to retrieve my mail one day last week and find Tag had sent me his photo.  Now I can smile each and every time I see that adorable face.  Actually Tag didn't send me the package...his loving mum sent it to me.  Now I know you all follow this gifted lady...Donna of Brynwood Needleworks.  I am so happy to call her my friend here in Blogland. 
This lovely ATC is what Donna created and sent to me.  Thank you dear friend.  Donna makes the most elegant and graceful stitched things.  Her signature logo is acorns so every detail in this ATC has acorns.  The fabric she quilted so beautifully, the focal bubble with the acorn lad, ruched seam binding ending with a lovely silver acorn charm and the sentiment to Count Your Blessings.  This is such a beautiful work of art and I cherish it.  So much kindness and love all in the size of a playing card is truly amazing. I am so very grateful and I am counting my blessings to share Donna as my friend. 
Here in America we are full of or Thanksgiving feast yet I shall continue to be thankful for all that I am able to, friends and so much more.  
Are you a "Black Friday" shopper?  Do you wait in long lines for a special deal?  Are you a marathon shopper with a list of places and items?  Not me.  I prefer to shop when it is less crowded.  I also do my shopping and creating all year long for the gifts I give.  I like to put lots of thought and time into what I give and therefore enjoy it anytime of the year as I see and put together ideas for the people on my lists.  Yes, I do have those last minute things I must get but I still don't like crowds so I prefer to shop anytime (other than) to avoid "Black Friday".  "Shop til you drop" is not for me...
Lots of boutiques this weekend...I may try to attend some of my favorites. 
Stay warm and safe as you rush quickly into this busy hectic time of year...


  1. I thought the ATC was a note pad or address book I would have never imagined it to be an ATC. She really does beautiful work. Her acorn is definitely a beautiful signature logo. The charms are adorable and so is the glass bubble.
    I usually don't go out on Black friday but did this year since my youngest daughter Natalie came to visit for Thanksgiving. She wanted to go until she saw the crowds and said this was not for her. She prefers paying full price and staying home watching a movie. She is not like most 20 year olds.
    TFs your beautiful atc. Enjoy.

  2. I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I too love little Tag and love everything Donna creates. She does such beautiful things doesn't she.
    I am NOT a Black Friday shopper. Never have been. I clerked one year and had to clerk on that day and the day after Christmas. Believe me I feel for those clerks and so my gift to them is I won't shop those days. As it is this year I am making most of my gifts.
    So I shall be in my studio quietly working away and enjoying soft music. :-)

  3. I don't like crowds. I don't like crazy. Actually, I don't even really like shopping. Especially unnecessary shopping. Definitely prefer handmade and unique items over mass produced any day. Donna's fabric atc is so pretty and, of course, her smiling pooch is the best. Have a great holiday weekend. Tammy

  4. Wonderful ATC. I'm becoming a thrift shop shopper. Amazing what goes through their doors and a creative challenge to recycle.

  5. That's a gorgeous ATC! I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving.
    I've not been online for the last week.....lost my internet and phone. So I'm glad to be back.

  6. Magnifique ! Bisous et bon week-end

  7. What lovely gifts Sherry. I'm glad you're enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday.

    Although we don't have 'Black Friday' here in the UK, the shopping centres and markets are becoming increasingly busy in the run up to Christmas. We usually therefore go out as early as possible in the morning to avoid the large crowds - can't be doing with them at all!!

    Happy weekend xx

  8. My dear friend,
    I'm honored by the beautiful things you wrote about me and the ATC I created with your generous heart in mind. I'm so glad you had a blessed Thanksgiving, and always count you among the gifts in my life.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Sending warm hugs to you and yours.
    Donna (and Tag, too!)

  9. Oh how cute! The Corgi of Cuteness is indeed CUTE! Lovely gifts! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and no, I am not a Black Friday shopper. I much prefer staying away from the crowds and choosing other days to shop or doing it online.

    Happy holidays!

  10. First, I think that is the prettiest ATC I have seen!! Black Friday, nope not this girl! I am busy right now making some gifts, I also bought a lot of gifts at the antique store where I have my booth, my family loves all thing vintage... jewelry, books, 50's cookware, it is so fun to buy!


  11. Such a beautiful ATC card! I love acorns! Gorgeous work! What a fabulous gift to receive!
    I don't do the Black Friday at all! I will do online shopping and it's great, good deals, free shipping and all while I'm in my jammies! :)

  12. That is a beautiful ATC....and NO I am NOT a black Friday shopper....never have been...never will be. (O:




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