Sunday, November 27, 2011

Finding Nemo Silhouette...

 I am linking with Memory Lane Monday hosted by Donna of Brynwood Needleworks.  A few days ago Donna did a post regarding her husband's silhouette and how she was able to display it. 
I was remembering I had my silhouette done when I was a young girl and I should get it out to view.
As you can see, I found it.  Mine however is in terrible condition.  My mother's home burned down years ago and therefore it has lots of smoke and water damage.  I feel extremely fortunate to even have it after all those years. 
I remember when it was done.  Our family was at a state fair and one of the vendors was hand cutting silhouettes.  I don't have any idea how much it cost but I know my mother got one of each of three of us sisters. 
I was probably about nine or ten here as that is how my hair was at that age.  This photo is blurry but you can still see the incredible detail that exists in this silhouette.  I was so entranced with the man and his little scissors that I could hardly sit still for him.  I wanted to watch him cut that black paper.  When he was all done with the three of us girls I still wanted to watch him cut with his small scissors and his nimble hands.  So...
Just for me he took a very small piece of his special black paper and cut this tiny little bug.  To this day I am amazed at the details he achieved by just free-hand cutting with those ordinary looking small scissors.  I was over the moon when he generously gave me the little bug.  Ordinarily I would not want to be close to any bugs even if they are made of paper. 
Come to think of it...I have a passion for small scissors and cannot get enough pairs.  No...sadly I cannot cut paper into any silhouettes or bugs or anything else. 
It makes me happy to have my Silhouette by Nemo even in the sad condition it is in...frame and all.  You know that it is quite old as I am decades from nine or ten now. 
Thank you Donna for hosting Memory Lane Mondays.  I love reading stories that are shared from the heart. 
Happy Week of Productivity to all in this busy season.  Jingle Bell Joys...


  1. Hi Sherry:
    I love that you have your very own silhouette! It's wonderful that it was spared in the fire, and so sad that there was a fire at all. Nemo was definitely a talent to have made such detail in your image, and then to have created the bitty little bug for you, too!

    Thank you so much for joining me for Memory Lane Monday. I'm honored that you shared a story form your childhood today.

    So glad you're a friend! Happy Week!!

  2. That's gorgeous! I want that done for my kids :) Especially hand drawn and cut, not photoshopped and computer cut ;) Very lucky that survived the fire! My husbands grandma had her five kids' silhouette painted on her kitchen cupboards. They were there for over 40 years!

  3. What a treasure and the wonderful story that goes with it.You must be able to close your eyes and be back there watching him cut with the tiny scissors . Thank you for sharing your sweet memories.

  4. Oh how lucky you are to have that picture, and look at your long eyelashes! Thank you for showing us!! What a treasure!


  5. Sherry, you are looking so sweet, and lovely-and such a beautiful work -you must feel happy to still own this silhoette ,dear.

  6. Wow Sherry. To think that back then they did everything by hand. Today everything is machine or electronic related. How sad. We are going backwards instead of forward. My girls are 22 and 20 and don't know a phone number by memory, only if they have the phones with them. If they lose the phone they will lose their brains. That goes with everything and the young generation. Technology has killed this country and continues to. No customer service, only recording. SAD SAD SAD.
    Sorry I got side tracked with this.
    Very nice silhouette. So glad you were able to take care of it and cherish it all these years.

  7. Sherry
    what a beautiful piece/heirloom to have! :) I always wanted one as a little girl. It was a true art making such gorgeous pieces in the past!

  8. Thanks for sharing your wonderful memory! I remember making silhouettes in school. Of course, ours were very primitive compared to your works of art. One of our kindergarten teachers is very talented and can just cut out shapes and letters with scissors... no drawing involved! I have trouble following the lines someone else has drawn on the paper!

    By the way... another thing we have in common... lots of little scissors! : )

  9. Being a lover of silhouettes, yours is just beautiful with all the added beauty marks.

    I no longer have mine from grade school, durnit. I used to collect silhouettes & had over 800, they covered my walls, I enjoyed every single cut & pen & ink beauty. I now only have about 75 or so.

    Hope you had a lovely holiday celebration.
    Have a wonderful week ~
    TTFN ~

  10. What a wonderful memory and keepsake. Isn't it amazing how we can trace back our luv of certain things!

  11. What a precious memory Sherry and to still have the silhouette in it's frame, whatever the condition is wonderful!

    What a cute little girl you were -just look at those eyelashes!!

    Thanks for sharing xx

  12. Wow Sherry! You are SO fortunate to have that silhouette after the fire. It's beautiful. Takes a lot of talent to cut freehand like that. I can barely cut a straight line anymore. So sweet that he even cut a little bug for you. I actually made silhouettes of my boys when they were little. Certainly not as detailed as this but I thought I did an okay job based on the photo. :) Have a great week. Tammy

  13. what a treasure this is! i loved reading your story of nemo.....he sounds like quite an accomplished artist to be able to snip at black paper and create such a wonderful masterpiece! thanks for sharing your sweet memory with us! xoxo

  14. Thank you for sharing such a nice memory. I remember eons ago when I was young and silhouettes were all the rage. How nice to have yours as a keepsake.

  15. I enjoyed your story also. And the silhouette is exquisite...I love its simple yet masterly design.

  16. Your so lucky it survived the fire and water dameage, What a treasure and wonderful memories of your childhood. I think its amazing what some people can create with just a few simple tools
    hugs Lynn

  17. This is beautiful! I had mine done when I was little...
    Yours seems so unique with the hair texture!

    Love the bug :)


  18. Sherry,
    This is so precious. Whar an incredible story. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. You are all keeping me afloat!

  19. What great treasures, for sure! Playing catch up on blog reading tonight...glad I got to see this! Have a wonderful Friday - Tanya


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