Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bottlecaps and Baking...

 This is a simple and easy gift item I have been making.  Bottlecap necklaces.  Unfortunately I did not contain my making to the studio and therefore I have glittered my entire kitchen table and subsequent wood flooring.  A tablecloth on the table hides the telltale glitter but what about the floor?  I have tried everything to clean it up.  Well at least it is pretty. 
I made a bunch of these for the upcoming elementary school sale.  My time and supplies are merely my donation as the sale price of the item gets donated to the school for expenses to help the kids. 
 Meanwhile this is my front yard.  A huge irrigation project the county is doing.  There is a 1920s water canal system from the gold rush days and current technology is replacing the old metal water pipe with larger concrete carriers that are dug down deep and tunneled under our road.  This is a very controversial project and my neighbors are mostly against it and make it difficult for the workers.  My husband and I realize progress must happen and we have been very helpful even though it impacts us the most as it is on our property.  Of course the NID (Nevada Irrigation District) does have easements to the canals.  We the property owners really have no say so in the matter.  Some have sued and gotten monetary settlement but that merely delays the project and increases the costs to all of us. 
So I spent a day this week baking four dozen cookies to give to the work crew.  You should have seen their eyes light up when they saw the cookies.  One of the concrete truck drivers took a big bite and immediately said, "These are Snickerdoodles!" and took another bite.  Why yes they are!  My very favorite cookie which I learned to bake when I was very young and visiting a relative in a lovely old two story farm house.  I had given the box to the foreman and he was eating one and all the other work crew were way on the opposite side of a huge dug out hole.  When they saw the cookies they literally came running around the huge hole and all the equipment to get to the cookies all while saying, "Thank you!" to me with big smiles on their faces.  Oh it felt so good to have spent a day baking and making the boys happy. 
I continue to make my lists and check them twice.  It seems that for each item I check off I am adding several more that need attention.  Why is this the way it goes? 
Blissfulling sewing, beading, glittering, gluing and getting ready for the holidays...


  1. Very cool looking bottlecap necklaces. I'm sure the kids will love them!
    How very thoughtful & kind of you to bake cookies for the workmen!!!

  2. Snickerdoodles! Love! You are so good! Very generous...kath

  3. Bless your big cookie making heart! You are right, they will do what they need to do and the men are just the workers not the decision makers.
    Very cute necklaces!

  4. What a lovely, kind lady you are Sherry. That sure is a big hole they've dug but it still doesn't detract from just how beautiful the grounds of your property are. Hope they make a clean job of it anyway - chances are they will - especially if you keep them supplied with those cookies!

    Love your bottletop necklaces too - lol about the glitter! I know the feeling xx

  5. The bottle cap necklaces look like a fun project!

  6. Baš super ideja ovo sa čepovima, super..Još kad su za humanitarnu akciju onda su još vrijedniji....
    Sigurna sam da su i kolačići bili jako lijepi.

  7. That was really kind of you to bake for the boys. Love your pendants for the school. It dosen't take much of our time to spend it on making others happy. Hugs Mrs A.
    p.s. Bet both were appreciated.

  8. Cleaver necklaces!
    I think I am going to go put glitter on the floor in our kitchen.
    You are a sweetie to bake cookies for the NID workers. They are also working near our house. I should do that next week.
    Happy weekend to you!

  9. Great bottle caps.

    Before long the work will be over and in a few months life will return to normal and all the upheaval will be a memory. It's a shame that the neighbours are making life difficult for the workmen - who after all, are only doing their job!

  10. Your bottle caps are so cute and such a nice thing to do, by donating the proceeds to the school.
    You are so sweet to have taken your time to bake for the boys (as you called them). I am sure they were very grateful.
    Such a sweet thing to do.
    Have a wonderful weekend and hope the project they are doing ends soon.

  11. it must be a bit disrupting with all that noise, and dust, and digging. What a kind soul to bake cookies and give them to the men!You'll have to put up the recipe.Of course over here we have never heard of such exotic/wonderful-sounding things!!
    I am making you a little angel. I have got sseveral going on at once here- you know me!
    love the big trees at your place.

  12. What a beautiful thing to do Sherry!
    There is a lot to be said for grace in a person, and you have it in spades. Progress and change aren't easy if you are happy with the status quo, and a mess is always a mess, but what you did for those men shows a deep respect for not just them, but for yourself too.
    My list is multiplying like crazy and it will get longer still over the next two weeks. But it's a happy busy so I feel lucky!

  13. You certainly have decided to make the best out of a messy situation. I bet those guys have never gotten homemade cookies before. Good for you! Your bottlecap necklaces are beautiful and will be a great contribution to the sale. Wishing you all the best for a great new week. Tammy

  14. LOVE...LOVE your bottle cap necklaces..they look quite classy! SO sweet of you to bake 4 dozen cookies for the work crew!

  15. Those are very cute necklaces...and you are so sweet to make cookies for the worker. I'll bet they will cherish the memory forever. I need ti remember that!

  16. First, those are the cutest necklaces!! What an awesome thing to do for the school!!!
    Second, you have the right attitude. You can sue, and all of that, but it isn't the workers fault. They are just doing their job, and jobs are hard to find these days so why make it hard for them? I might not be able to control myself with their boss though!! You are like a saint!!
    And your cookies sound delicious!!

  17. Sherry, you sound busy but happy...that is so good! I love your attitude about your front yard. It is so easy to get upset about things, but I am sure you are having better days because you chose to be o.k. with it. Those men are lucky to be working in your front yard! Fresh baked cookies no less! You are a sweetie!
    The necklaces you have made for the school sale are wonderful and will sell out for sure. What a kind thing to do your school.

  18. Absolutely gorgeous, and a great gift idea. I love them. As for the floor ? have you tried using propyl alcohol,rubbing alcohol ? I use it for all kinds of things its like magic
    hugs June

  19. Your necklaces are beautiful and I'm sure your cookies are delish too! And your giving heart radiates pure kindness that is of the greatest beauty.

  20. What a brilliant idea! Bottle-caps!

    I especially like the Eiffel Tower in such a unique setting. Such fun.
    Fox : )

  21. You are a true, generous spirit, my friend. I'm so glad to know you!

  22. Aren't you just the sweetest thing to make cookies for those guys! No doubt they came running!
    Your bottlecap necklaces are just darling, hope they bring lots of $ for the school.
    hugs Lynn


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