Saturday, November 19, 2011

ATC Beauties Received...

 Do you enjoy ATCs?  I enjoy making them, giving them and receiving them.  Even better I love a little surprise Random Act of Kindness in my mail.  This lovely French themed card I recieved from the equally lovely and very talented Dorthe of Den Lille Lade.  The bits of lace and the wooden button really add such detail.  Thank you dear Dorthe.
These little gems came to me from Australia.  Judy of Judy's Fabrications is another lovely lady with lots of talents.  She created this adorable little fabric stocking ornament with beads sewn on.  I adore it and the card with the 3D candle and holly.  Thank you dear Judy.
 Look at this lovely pear.  This ATC is made with napkin applique and enhanced with some beautiful gold leafing which does not show up well in this photo.  Meet Daniella of Layers of Creativity.  I am certain we will be swapping ATCs on a regular basis as Daniella loves making these little works of art.
 This very Thanksgiving Autumn ATC is made by my friend Joy.  She does not have a blog...yet.  Joy is uber creative and has the most beautiful gardens surrounding her home.  I had sent her an ATC just because and that introduced her to this little bit of art and creativity.  Joy is now making beautiful ATCs and teaching her mother, Eva, to make them as well.  They are now looking to swap with others.  I am linking Joy to all the best people I know.  Under the little brown scalloped flap she has stamped swirls and written "Family and Friends" in the most fluid perfect cursive writing.  Thank you Joy...your little ATC brings me much "joy".
And here is Eva's (Joy's mother) gorgeous ATC that she also sent me last week.  I believe Eva fussy-cut the roses.  Remember years ago when we sat with tiny manicure scissors and fussy-cut tiny little scenes and then made framed 3 dimensional pictures?  I loved those.  That is when I learned to turn the paper not the scissors.  I am thrilled that our little creative world shares and allows us to spread all the happinesses that come from such wonderful talented artisans.  Thank you Eva for this little piece of art.  No link here as Eva has no blog, however she does want to swap ATCs with others.
I would be happy to pass along any swap info to Joy and Eva if you just let me know here in comments or via email. 
Blessings and peace as you enter this busy week of holiday preparations...Thanksgiving here in the US.
I am truly blessed and so grateful for the gift of blogging friends and gracious giving.


  1. Beautiful post. Love the ATC's. I would love to join a swap but I have never made ATC's before. I will be making my first 2 this week for a friend. She likes my work and thinks I would be good at ATC's, so she decided to swap with me to help me. I will blog about them once they are done.
    I will be busy this week since my daughter is coming into to town for the week. I am off to the airport in about an hour to get her.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you and the Mr have a great day. I am very thankful for the blogging friends I have been able to make.

  2. Beautiful art, lovely swap! Someday, maybe even soon, I will make my first ATC!

  3. WOW, such beauty and inspiration in these wonderful ATC's. Everyone is so talented and giving. Creativity and it's finest in your gifts.
    What a wonderful swap!!
    Thank you for sharing your ATC's.

    Blessing to you for a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind words. I am always so thrilled to see you.

    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  4. I SO LOVE ATC!!!!!!!! Thank you dearest for coming to visit me today....wouldn't it be lovely, to have a long, long, long table, to sit with all of those in our lives both past and present and future? May your Thanksgiving be plenty as well...Anita

  5. Little surprises in the post are such a treasure!

  6. I'm crazy about the pear ATC, no wait, the Thanksgiving ATC, no wait!! Oh dang! They are all so wonderful!!! Enjoy!!!

  7. What a wonderful swap, these are all gorgeous!

  8. Those cards are gorgeous, it is so fun to receive gifts in the mail!


  9. They are all beautiful and so unique!

  10. Beautiful ATC's! I swapped ATC's quite some time ago and it was fun to get some amazing little wonders back in the mail!

  11. these are all so lovely! wonderful treasures to cherish! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

  12. These are just beautiful Sherry, love them. Hope you and Mr. C are doing feeling better. Your in my thoughts.

  13. Hi Sherry:
    Your new ATCs are gorgeous! You reap what you sow, and your gifts inspire others. Beautiful, my friend.

  14. Je ne connais pas les ATC. Je ne sais pas faire. Mais qu'est-ce que c'est beau ! De très beaux cadeaux ! Bisous

  15. So many beautiful work of art. You are Loved my dear!
    hugs Lynn


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