Monday, March 19, 2012

Creative Happy Husband...

I know I have shown you my favorite play rooms but today I want to show you Mr. C's playroom.  We call this his Toybox and he has all the proper toys in order to play and be creative with what his passion is.  Cars!  He is always "shredding" apart cars and trucks and anything else with an engine.
Do you see this smile on his face.  This is when he is happiest!  Playing in his Toybox with his cars!!!
Just when I get busy playing in my studio I might hear..."Sherry!"  I cannot ignore my name when he calls.  He needs me to help him and I really would rather not when it comes to engines, or technical widgets or his precious tools.  Can I just say I am not the handiest girl in the garage?!!  I don't like to get dirty or greasy.  I don't like to get yelled at when I do something wrong...which is constant.  And I don't like the precarious positions I am expected to perform.  Stand on the top rung of a 6' ladder and hold this wrench but don't touch anything or drop anything and...  Geesh!
 I adore the fact that he is so hands on.  He has always done all the maintenance on our vehicles and saved us lots of stress and money.  I also adore that he allows me to have what I want when it comes to custom exhaust or headers or lots of specialty parts on a car.  He thrills in designing and engineering and making all the necessary custom parts.  The more complicated the project the happier he is.  If it hasn't been done he will do it.  He has quite the following too for his expertise in all of this.  Guys call him all the time for help.
 I just couldn't resist today when he called, "Sherry" and I had to join him in the Toybox.  I brought my camera and took photos. He will also use these and more that I took for his logbooks of what he has done.  Do you see the stencil on the wall?  He let me paint that on the entire length of the wall.  Then when his buddies come over he has them sign a car.  Too funny.
Here he is with clipboard and pencil documenting the progress he has made today.  For two years he has been chasing an EVAP error code and today he found the culprit!  Now to fix it and confirm all is well.  We must wait for better weather to put this little jewel on the roads and run through its computer sequences for complete confirmation.
So while I have all of my wonderful ways to play and enjoy my creative interests it is gratifying to know that my dear husband Mr. C (aka Mr. WayneO) is happy and creative in his playroom as well.
We are still having winter and snow on the ground however no snow falling.  Maybe more rain this week.
I am content not to be out in the yard all cold and damp even though I know I will have a ton of work to do.  I am enjoying staying indoors sewing and beading and keeping up with domestic frivolities.  So many of you are already gardening in this strange winter season we have had.  What else are you busy creating?


  1. What a cool post, Sherry! I come from a family full of men who are "wrenches". I think the border where his friends can sign their names when they visit is a great touch to his "studio". Brilliant!

  2. I just hate it when my farmer needs me to help drag a reluctant tractor that won't start. grrr! I have no idea what he expects/wants. ;^) How nice of you to personalize his shop. I am creating a home decorating colour scheme so I can move on to other creative endeavours! Like some of the great things you do.

  3. It is so cool to know that your husband has a hobby. I would love for mine to have one himself. I tell him all the time to look for one. He is looking for an old mustang but not to fix. I tell him that is no good. He needs a junky one he can work on for hours, days, months and years. LOL.
    Can't believe we have 90 degree weather and you have snow. I wish it would get cooler here. It is way too hot.
    I am working on some layouts for my books.

  4. Great post, Sherry! I also hate it when I have to stand and hold a tool or a part or anything during Michael's projects outside...but I admire his skills and appreciate his work and help. You two are so cute...!

  5. Men and their passions! Aren't you glad he has one?? Leaves you to putter with all your art stuff. Have a great day staying out of the garage:) Laurel

  6. What a lovely post! I did see the big smile on his face and it's obvious how much he loves what he does. I'm with you on the helping part and always hear myself whining on the inside "Do I have to..." Too funny.
    We have another three inches of snow today and it's still falling steadily - no gardening here for a long time!

  7. A lot of men wouldn't even let you take picture of them. It's great when hubby has a hobby. I'm glad my husband has plenty to keep him busy so that I can have the time I need to do what I want. Cute idea to have his friends sign cars. Warm wishes and blessings to you, Tammy

  8. What a fab room (or toybox) he has Sherry! It's huge too and so bright. I love your car stencilling, it looks great. My hubby's hobby is model railways, he has his own room (spare bedroom) dedicated to it too - although as yet he hasn't actually started his layout - except in his head. I'm looking forward to helping him with some of the scenery - backrops, trees and so on.

    Have a lovely week - and if you are required to perch on ladders again, please be careful! xx

  9. That big smile says it! A neat idea for the stencil, and all the guys adding their name to the wall.
    Keeping busy with something one enjoys is a wonderful way to spend free time. Even though we're grown up, it doesn't mean we don't need to play, right?
    Whenever my Mr. C. calls me to help, I get him to tell me exactly what he needs me to do. I keep reminding him I'm not in his head. lol

  10. Hi Sherry, What a wonderful post sharing your guys creativity and passion. Love the name of the toy box and your wall stencil. He sure sounds like a brilliant mind to do this type of reconfiguring an engine.
    The smile on his face says it all.

    Happy Spring my friend. We are having bad storms and lots of rain which made it cool back down today. Lots of new blooms though and happy to see springtime once again.

    Happy Creating,
    Celestina Marie XO

  11. Having lots of rain here, which is SO good because our drought has been really bad this last year or so...I love the 'toybox'! And the stenciled cars on the wall, that is such a fun idea! :)

  12. Oh that was a fun post, You are married to a motor gosh they can come in mighty handy! Next time you are crafting you should call Mr. C. and see if he responds, here hold thisLOL


  13. I must show this to my dad - he is a car man for sure! Now, that is a hobby!

  14. It's great to see your Mr. C with his toybox! Oh yes, I remember those precarious positions when working on cars. My dad works on old '56 Ford trucks and restores them. When I was younger he'd call me out to the garage to help him. Usually it involved holding up the hood while he did something. Man, those are HEAVY hoods. Sometimes my arms would tremble and I'd say that I couldn't hold it much longer. Luckily he'd be about finished.

    Glad to see that Mr. C let you add a little whimsy to his work area. :-)

  15. That looks like one very happy man, up there, in that first photo - such a great shot!

  16. I love that you can see that this is how he creates! Great post. He is in his happy place.

  17. What is it about a guy and their cars! LOl Happy Mr. C has a toy box to play in.
    I hate when my DH calls me to help him too.LOL
    hugs Lynn

  18. Oh man! Do I need your husband to come visit us! My husband Jim inherited a 1953 Silver Wraith Rolls Royce from his father. We had it refurbished but have found it needs almost a regular mechanic...and there are just none of those closeby for this type of car. Jim is just too busy at his day job to have the time to devote to the car...your husband would have a ball!!!


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