Saturday, March 24, 2012

Marvelous March In Time...

 Block #31 Evening Star

Here I am in Marvelous March and I am thrilled it has turned out to be such and not Mayhem March.  I have been able to work on some more of the March suggested Farmer's Wife blocks.  I really love this block because it features my floral focal fabric with the blue I so love.  No matter how many times I look at the book page diagram on the left I still see it differently each time.  Talk about focus...good thing I am still mastering focus.

 Block #34 Flock

I like this block as it utilizes my beloved floral and a soft gorgeous paisley in the light grey and that pop of black and white polka dot.  Can you imagine some Canadian geese flying overhead?  Or maybe some smaller birds heading back home after winter?  
 Block #103 Whirlwind

This block doesn't do much for me but it will add to my wall hanging.  Speaking of my wall hanging I haven't decided how many blocks I am going to utilize in the finished size.  So silly me I asked Mr. C and showed him some I had laid out on the table.  He said nine blocks was the size he wanted.  Nine?  I have already made at least eighteen and have lots more to make.  The wall is very large.  This will need to be discussed again at a later date.  I will probably make place mats or a table runner also so therefore I can continue making my Farmer's Wife Quilt blocks.
Block #51 Hovering Birds

This block really had me stumped.  There are 22 cut pieces.  No matter how I tried to lay them out in order to begin my stitching I just didn't get it right.  Lots of de-stitching on this block.  The angles of the triangles are a bit tricky and the long edge is not the same as the shorter edges.  Geometry?  Math?  Not for me!
I called in the expert engineer, Mr. C, and consulted with him.  Oh dear!  What was I thinking?!!  Of course he could see right away how it should be done and put together but I did know enough that there is a very specific sewing sequence and pressing sequence to this quilting career.  Mr. C and I are complete opposites and with that said, he left the sewing room and I sewed.  Together we got the block completed and I am very proud of it.  He, by-the-way, thinks I am crazy to even do this quilt block challenge.  That's me...crazy!
I shall link this to our QAL hostess, Donna of Brynwood Needleworks.  She is amazing and you should see her beautiful blocks.  You can also view lots of other's blocks in the group.  The fabric selections are each unique and amazing.  
Our weather was sunny for a day and now is very cloudy and cold again as we await rain and possible snow.  Mr. C and I spent some very muddy hours in the yard this morning cleaning up weeds and debris and planning our new rose that we have our deer fence for this area.  
Please share what you are busy with.  I love to visit your blogs and see what you are creating.  I adore reading the comments you leave.  Blissful Inspirations...  


  1. Hello Sherry. I am creating your stick pins. Just got your package this morning, but since I had just gotten back form Junking and then headed out to my yard to work in it. Also bathe our hairy son before rain fall. They were predicting rain, but non so far. Your stick pins are awesome. How unique. love it all.
    Thank you so much. Your will be going out this week.

  2. Thanks so much for visiting me today! Oh my goodness... this work is lovely but I wouldn't know where to begin - diagram or not... I'd be lost! Hope you're having a fun weekend.

  3. Your blocks are just beautiful, Sherry! I love the fabrics you're using, and I'm so tickled that you're excelling in the challenge. I showed my blocks to Handsome and he said, "How many blocks to you have to do?" I told me over 100. I had to laugh at his surprise. Our husbands can be our biggest cheerleaders, even when they don't quite know why. lol
    Thanks for linking up @ Brynwood.
    Happy Sunday, my friend.

  4. Hovering Birds indeed looks mighty difficult! I think it is hilarious, your descriptions of you and sewing and Mr. C! It all has me not only smiling, but downright cracking up, Sherry! Your quilt squares are just amazing. I am impressed, wow. Beautiful! I do love that floral fabric! 9 squares...hahahahaha!

  5. Oh! PS. I just saw your comment about the Night Circus novel! I am so happy that you like it!!!! I didn't want it to end either! I was actually sad when I was done... I may have to read it again. Isn't it just wildly creative? So original... Love that.

  6. Lovely blocks. Good for you for sticking it out. I think I would have given up long ago. My fave block is the blue one at the top--very pretty. Wishing you many hours of sewing serenity.....

  7. WOW! Your pieces are gorgeous! I once tried to do this art but made a right old hash of it and never went back :( Love how you are trying the different patterns. Enjoy the week ahead! keeleyxx

  8. Dear Sherry, I think you made some beautiful blogs, and I KNOW how difficult it can be to make them look right- yours are great.
    I spend some time out today,also...sun and beautiful-but also here they it will be colder the next dayes !

  9. Your blocks are just getting better and better!

  10. Oh Sherry (SSD!), I think you are very clever and talented in being able to complete these beautiful quiliting blocks. It is the geometry/maths aspect that stops me having a go. I actually like the whirlwind one quite a lot. Looking forward to seeing your next lot!

    We did a spot of gardening today - hubby cut our grass for the first time this year and I did a bit of sweeping and tidying up - we're having quite good weather for the time of year here at the moment.

    Hope you have a good week and your 'Marvellous March' continues to be just that xx

  11. Today, I'm just busy with trying to catch up on reading others blogs!! Always enjoy a trip to have so many different interests and work!!!

  12. Your blocks look beautiful, I love the floral and the lovely bursts of blue.

  13. I agree with Mr C, girlfriend I would rather go to the dentist than figure out a quilt block...Good for you! I will oh and aw when you finish!


  14. Your blocks are just wonderful...I love how you're working your floral in to the blocks to tie it all together. This is going to be gorgeous!

  15. Your blocks and fabrics are gorgeous.I would have to borrow your MR.C too! How lucky you are to have him. I love his toy box!LOL


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