Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flower Patience...

 A Christmas gift from a dear friend.  Red Lion indoor Amaryllis.  One big bulb in a little green plastic pot.
Water and wait...and wait...and wait.  About 6 weeks later a green leaf sprouts forth.  Then another and another.
 A couple more weeks and a stalk shoots up.  This is a rapid rise to dizzying heights.  Finally a bud.  More waiting...
 One by one each flower opens to spectacular glory.  A total of four blooms at the top of this very sturdy stalk.  The red is truly this gorgeous.
Mr. C and I are enjoying this glorious Amaryllis each and every day.  From Christmas to Spring this is a wonderful gift as it keeps on giving.  After completion of blooming I understand the bulb can be planted outdoors and just might bloom again next year.
March is here...the sun is shining and we still have snow on the ground.  It is cold but with the sun shining so brightly it makes us think it is warmer than it is.  Yesterday I shoveled snow off the upstairs deck but only finished about a third of it so maybe today I shall finish shoveling the deck.
I hope each of you are enjoying a beautiful and relaxing weekend.  I pray for the safety of everyone experiencing severe weather storms and tornadoes.


  1. So worth the wait...just gorgeous! What a beautiful thing to see each day!

  2. So beautiful! And the scent must be heavenly!


  3. Aren't these the most beautiful flowers. It is good for our souls to see such magic happening!

  4. I love amaryllis! A friend of mine keeps her dormant all year, doing nothing to them indoors, then they do their wonder again the next year!

  5. I love that you took pics of all of its stages!!! What a fun flower!!
    We have had close to NO SNOW here in NJ. This is really bothering me! We need that cold snow to kill off all of the warm weather germs!! I can't believe you had snow though. what is going on????
    Thank you for your awesomeness on both of my blogs! I have my surgery tomorrow am. I hope the stitches dont keep me from my computer. I know you are keeping me in your thoughts and I so appreciate it!!!
    Be well my friend!

  6. In the midst of winter, a wonderful reminder that spring will come again bringing beauty.....
    You might like to save your amaryllis blooms once they've faded and wrap them in some fabric for dyeing. The red colour takes well to the fabric. I'm doing this with mine. Not sure about washing the fabric, though I plan to heat set it first.
    Enjoy the flowers. It's such a shame they don't have a scent as large as their blooms...

  7. What a beauty to behold! I love seeing bulbs come up. Isn't Nature wonderful. Flowers are wonderful.

  8. gorgeous, and well worth the wait xo

  9. That is one gorgeous flower or flowers.
    Took my mom to breakfast this morning and as I left the house it was 80 degrees, 2 hours later it was in the 60's and extremely windy.
    Don't hurt yourself shoveling the snow off the deck, maybe the sun will melt it away.
    Enjoy your flowers. They really are beautiful.

  10. Surely with blooms like that winter must be just about done. Stay safe!

  11. My 2 amaryllis plants just stopped blooming and come spring I'll plant them in the garden for the summer, dig them out in the fall, pot them up and then set in our cold room for 12 weeks at which time I'll bring them out to bloom again. We've had such an unusually mild winter here in Saskatchewan with hardly any snow. We still have March to get through though so we'll see what happens.

  12. Isn't that just so beautiful? Love the red color...especially on this grey snowy day in Ohio! Thanks so much for your well wishes on my Etsy Shop. I really appreciate it!
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. Love love love! Always wanted to make one bloom...never have other than when I took care of them as a florist! :) I also notice on the post below you have the chinese checker board my Grandmother had when I was a kid...I wonder what happened to it? :)

  14. That Amaryllis is gorgeous! Such a bright pop of color!
    Thanks for visiting my overdue blog posts! I do hope to learn to stay current this year!
    xoxo Jane

  15. So Beautiful, Sherry, I had a white one before it is gone now....I never succeded in having one bloom again next year!!!!

  16. This is gorgeous but wait till next year when it will do nothing .... unless you have very special green fingers ...keeelyxx


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