Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NASCAR Experience...

 Mr. C and I drove 12 hours to Las Vegas last week.   We had an opportunity to experience NASCAR in person.  Normally neither of us follow NASCAR as turning left and going in a circle is not our style.  We follow Formula One and Indy which have many more road course races than ovals.  So here is Mr. C as we enter the Neon Garage.  Fortunately we had all VIP passes and enjoyed this experience in grand style.
A photo of Tony Stewart on Friday practice.   We really were this close to the cars.
This is Friday and not crowded at all.  Our weather was perfect.  Sunshine and low 70's.  
A few more people now that it is Saturday.  This Las Vegas Speedway is an amazing venue.  The logistics are extremely well planned and executed.  
 Now this is NOT a NASCAR.  What a beautiful Italian import this is...Ferrari!  Sort of out of place at this venue.  Oh for a price you can take a driving course lesson in one of these.  I will pass on that.
The Saturday line up of race cars.  This race included Danica Patrick as one of the drivers.  The fans are so in love with her.  Unfortunately for all she qualified 12th and eventually ended up in the same 12th place.  
Oh dear it is Sunday and the big race.  As you can see the crowds are getting much bigger.  I personally do not like crowds at all.  You should have seen the swarm of wall to wall people in the tunnel we had to traverse...I just tried to focus on getting to the other end safely and in tact.  The tunnel is very very long!
Here is the line up of cars for the big race.  I did not have a favorite driver even though I am familiar with many of them.  The entire race was sold out.  I heard the number 300,000 attendees for Sunday and I believe it.  
As part of our VIP experience we had excellent sky box seats at the pit exits at turn one.  The best about this oval racing is that you can literally see all of the track and cars all at the same time.  The race is over with no major incidents (thank goodness as I never need to see horrid accidents) and Mr. Tony Stewart won.  This photo is an overview of the crowds as they depart.  Fortunately for Mr. C and I we merely walked back over to the Neon Garage, got some refreshments and sat in some very comfortable arm chairs to listen to the live band and watch all the entertainment that was happening so people didn't have to rush to leave and wait in long traffic lines.  After 3 hours of entertainment we headed back over to the motor homes and the parties for a few more hours until we drove back to our hotel.
Now I can honestly say I have experienced NASCAR.  If I had a bucket list with this on it I can now check it off.  Surprisingly I enjoyed my week away and seeing how much Las Vegas has grown since I saw it last.
However, it is good to be home.  I have lots to catch up on and lots to create.
As we drove the long 12 hours home we were able to stay ahead of the storm and drive over Donner Pass with no issues.  Winter has arrived and we have had rain for less than 24 hours that has added up to approximately 3 inches already.  The weather forecast is for about 9 inches of rain for us this week alone.
I will now spend time unpacking, doing laundry and all the wonderful house chores that have waited for me.  I will also spend time catching up on blogging because I missed you all so much.  I look forward to being inspired by the talents each of you share so generously on your blogs.
Creative hugs...


  1. I read your post twice and could not figure out how you got those fabulous VIP tickets!! Now, I am not into car racing, but that sounds like a lot of fun!


  2. I enjoyed reading your post about NASCAR. LIke you, I'm not sure I would ever attend unless I got invited VIP. I don't think I have the "car gene" in my history...it sounds like it would be a fun culture to visit...once. Thanks for sharing it! xo Susan

  3. Hello Sister Sherry! I've never heard of NASCAR .... I'm not really into all those cars although I do occasionally watch F1 on TV with my hubby. I'm so impressed with that blue sky in your photos though - lol. It does however sound like an amazing experience and your seats were fantastic! I'm glad you both enjoyed it - the aftershow entertainment sounded good too.

    Shame you've come home to bad weather. I suppose I should envy you all that rain as here in the South East of England, we have a hose pipe ban due to lack of rain water - it always amazes me as in the grand scheme of things we're such a small island surrounded by water - yet we have a hose pipe ban - oh well, rant over!

    Look forward to seeing what your next wonderful creations will be (once all the chores have been done of course!) xx

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. And I was excited to jump over to your blog and see what kind of things you are involved in. Your title of your blog is very consistent with the quality of your creations. And Nascar ... never have had that experience but you made it feel like I was there with you.

  5. Looks like a very nice trip for you both! :)

  6. So fun to get away and do something different!

    ~ Violet

  7. Wow it looks like you had an amazing time!! Thanks for sharing all of the amazing photos...makes me feel like I was there too!!heehee!!Hugs,Cat

  8. WOW Sherry what fun that must have been. VIP passes!!!! WOW
    I Hope you had a chance to play and see more of Fabulous Las Vegas. Theres so much to see!
    We have rain here too. at least its not snowing!
    hugs Lynn

  9. Hello Sherry
    I had no idea that the NASCAR event was so big!!! Such a change from what you normally get into and upto!
    I can see you have been very busy creating lots of ACTs and really enjoying it!
    Thanks always my dear friend for the lovely comments you always leave.
    They are so appreciated.
    Hugs from downunder,

  10. WOW! How nice :) My family would love this experience!

  11. I don't quite understand the excitement of watching cars go round and round really fast, but sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Getting back up and back into the groove always seems to take more time than the actual time away. hope your weather clears soon. We had extra dust out there today. Yuck. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  12. Some things are nice to visit once so this would be a one time deal for me. Glad you enjoyed it!

  13. That looks like having a wonderful time, Sherry. I was in your beautiful country a couple of weeks ago, in Florida. The weather was so very lovely and I adore being in the US don't know what it.
    Have a lovely weekend my friend xxx

  14. My sister and her hubby do NASCAR all the time...in my younger years, I did the "Drags"...you know those funky cars that scream down a quarter mile strip...NOISY!! Gld you made it over the pass..we finally have snow in our Sierras, HUh! Think I'll follow you...enjoy your posts. Laurel, near Sacto.

  15. Oooh, what a fun outing you had in Vegas. My husband and I tend to be Formula 1 fans as well but he also will watch Nascar plus other racing. When I was a kid I went to a few races with my dad. Very loud, exciting and I do remember that almost every single time there would be girls getting doused with beer in the stands. I wonder if that's changed? LOL


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