Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Farmer's Wife Progress...

Block #2 Autumn Tints

 As March is moving along quickly I am moving along slowly making progress on my Farmer's Wife quilt blocks.  I believe we have ten blocks for March which of course we can make all or part of.  Here are five that I have completed so far. My blocks have not been trued as of yet.

Block #6 Big Dipper

I am truly enjoying the process of seeing how my selected fabrics come together and compliment one another.  Not all I care for however they work harmoniously with one another.  

Block #10- Bowtie

Some blocks are fairly simple with very few fabrics and cut pieces.  This results in fewer seams.  I am actually getting the hang of matching points...well sometimes.  

 Block #15 Buzzard's Roost

For some reason this block seemed confusing to me.  There are 17 cut pieces of fabric and 16 seams that put them together.  I did have to do some de-re-stitching.  It is amazing how those little pieces just get together and switch it up on me.  I lay them out correctly but somehow in the pick up and sew stage they just get together wrong.  
Block #29 Economy

This block might be one of my favorites.  The floral is my feature fabric and the one I fell in love with.  Any other of the fabrics are the complimentary fabrics and this dark maroon is quite complimentary I think. 
I feel sew good when I am able to spend time in my sewing room and put together my little quilt blocks.  
Are you busy creating something you love? Are you trying new and challenging pursuits?
Our weather is very nice but we are in for a cold snap and more rain and possible snow by this weekend.  Maybe I will be able to complete my March Farmer's Wife quilt blocks.  
Thank you for visiting and commenting.  I read every one of them and enjoy the feedback.


  1. Wonderful! I am so glad you are sharing your finished squares with us. I love seeing how they are coming along. I know what you mean about certain patterns being difficult to visualize and lay out. Like the one you showed, it is almost like an optical illusion!

    Keep on's going to be a fab quilt!

  2. Oh Sherry, what a fantastic job you're doing with these blocks. I think the last one #29 is my favourite too.
    What an accomplishment.We're cheering you from out here in Blogland!!


  3. Hi Sherry!
    We both managed to get a few Farmer's Wife blocks done yesterday! I wrote about mine for today, too. Yours are truly beautiful, my friend. I love them all!

    I'm curious to see which "personality" leads me today... Farmer's Wife, Scrappy Plates or that Wedding Peacock project...hmmmm. Decisions. Decisions. lol


  4. Fabulous blocks Sherry. I didn't realise at first you'd placed them inside the book, I thought they were the finished photographs! I think the last one is my favourite.

    Happy Sewing xx

  5. Your blocks look great. Glad to know that you are enjoying creating these beauties.
    At first I thought you were showing the ones in the book, then I realized your were next to the ones pictured.
    Have fun creating and can't wait to finish your pins and mail them out.

  6. Your blocks are looking very good! That pansy fabric will be nice a your main one. It is inspiring seeing your blocks - I must get back to mine! It sounds like you have some perfect sewing weather coming up.

  7. great work at first i thought they were pictures in the book!!

  8. Love love love your quilt blocks, Sherry! I am so impressed! I do love that floral favorite, though they truly work perfectly together, all of them. Love! I admire your sewing abilities and tenacity. Have fun!

  9. Enjoying seeing all your creative endeavors now that you're home again after your travels earlier this year,Sherry. You have so many creative interests - what fun! Your quilt blocks look great - nice to see them side-by-side with the book diagrams.
    Your husband's Toy Room is very impressive!

    Thanks for visiting! Hope I get one of your Spring ATCs too!
    xo Jane

  10. Your quilt squares are beautiful! How I wish I knew how to quilt! LOVE the snow pictures! Pretty, pretty!

  11. Oh wow, that looks SO complicated!

  12. They surely look good. I had to look a second time when I couldn't see your blocks and here they are right on the page. Great job you are doing.

  13. I love seeing things that I am not capable of doing! I wouldn't know the first thing about making a quilt block, so I really enjoy looking at your quilting..and that last one's my favorite, too, so pretty! Even the names are fun to read! I'm working on a few things but I can never stay focused for long. Glad some people don't mind. :)

  14. I thought your quilt blocks were actually samples in the book at first. They all are so beautiful. Great work. I've been crocheting away, using what I've got and trying to upcycle all these jars and cans I've got hanging about. Enjoy the weekend. Tammy

  15. What beautiful quilt blocks! We've had some rain too but it's so nice to have some warmer temps :) My C has a VERY NICE toybox! :)


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