Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happily Creatively Playing...

 How blissful to be in my very own studio playing with my wonderful array of supplies.  Here I am working on some lovely green acrylic Shamrocks.  I really never know exactly what I will create until I am beginning my process.  I try different things and see what I like.
 I crocheted a hanger with a loop, tied a green bow, used some flocked Shamrock ribbon on the centers front and back and finally beaded an eye pin to attach as a dangle.  These look really pretty with glorious sunshine glowing through them.  Each of these I made have all found their way to new homes of friends and family just to brighten their days.
I really love ATCs...both making them and receiving them.  I finally got the time and opportunity to join in a swap with the very talented Kimberly of ArtJoyStuff which many of you already follow and have participated in her swaps.  These are some of my selection I am making.
Here is an array of some fun creative supplies I am using on my ATCs.  A lot of this was generously given to me by Ana of Scrappy Pink Corner blog.  Ana makes lots of mini albums and cards that are fabulous.  Please visit her blog and enjoy what you see there.
I have some other projects I am working on but no photos as of yet.  I really need to spend some serious time sorting and de-cluttering and organizing my studio and sewing room.  It amazes me how quickly every horizontal surface in my rooms gets cluttered and piled high with stuff.  I think I have an "Occupy" gathering of creative little fairies that come during the night and pull things off the shelves just to see how high they can stack it on the worktable.  Why they don't put it all away is the real mystery.  Oh and I wish they would return the two pieces of butterfly fabrics I had sitting on the table.  One day they were sitting there and I was happy to look at them and then they disappeared.  I have searched everywhere but no butterfly fabric to be found. Must I go back to Bakersfield to buy more...would they even have any more of it left?  If I did buy more then I would find the pieces I already know I have but cannot find.  LOL  Does this ever happen to any of you?  Do you ever buy the very same item you already own but forgot you had or misplaced?  When I do this I realize I must have really liked it to want it twice...or more.  Besides it gives me a good chance to share with a friend who might like to have it too.
Our weather continues to be very cold and a mix of sunny, cloudy, snowflakes but no accumulation and overall strange.  My prayers continue for those less fortunate in the extreme weather and tornado areas.
Marvelous March is moving along briskly and I wish you each creative joy...


  1. I'm picturing your shamrocks casting a lovely green glow........such a good idea.
    I think a studio should be filled with lots of goodies to fuel the imagination and spark creativity. It's just not right having everything tucked away and hidden.
    Maybe your little fairies are enablers?
    Wishing you warmer days and lots of fun time in your studio.

  2. your studio looks like a fabulous little playground!! i love your shamrocks......all decked out and destined to bring someone very good luck! keep having fun!! xox

  3. I am loving your Shamrock Dangles! I do adore "hangy things" ..

  4. I think those same faeries found their way to my studio too. LOL
    Wish they would learn to clean up after them selves!
    The atcs look great. I'm in the same swap!
    hugs Lynn

  5. Hi Sherry. I just got your ATC yesterday afternoon. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I really have enjoyed receiving them. Thank you for also mentioning me on your blog. Love your St. Patrick's Day projects. Super cute. I have nothing for the occasion.
    Liked how you say the fairies play in your room. I know what you mean. The same has happened to me at times. I do buy the same things sometimes and it drives me crazy. But oh well. I will either pass it on or just hoard it. LOL.
    Our weather is kind of strange, very windy and feels like rain but non so far.

  6. I luv light shining thru things. The faeries are busy this spring moving things around and making messes. Perhaps we should have a measuring to see whose stacks are highest. lol

  7. You are having just WAY too much fun!!! Puts a smile on my face to see what all you do! So creative you are!!

  8. Your shamrock creations look lovely - and your ATCs too. I've just read your previous two posts too - the Amerylis (sp!!) plant looks wonderful. We had one a few years ago and it was amazing to see it finally bloom. I liked seeing your photos of where you live too - great finds in those books and for a good cause too. I used to work part time in our local library after school and at the weekends (many, many years ago now of course!!).

    Enjoy the rest of your week xx

  9. Oh Sherry, I did not know you had those same fairies as I doo,-LOL-
    your green hangers, will surely look pretty in sunshine- and the ATC`s will find new happy homes, dear.
    I also love what Kimberly does- and her swaps.

  10. Hi! Lovely work! I am feeling a bit Irish and lovin the green myself lately! And, yes, I lose things or forget I ever purchased them, and either rebuy them or discover them in time...and have the fun of surprising myself with a present! Haha. As I age and the memory goes, I will probably just shop in my own art clutter!! Oh my.

  11. Hello, great post!

    I LOVE your studio!

    Ciao Bella

  12. So, so sweet, Sherry.
    Hugs thanks for your wonderful support!

  13. Oh I laughed when I read this...
    When i sorted and cleaned my fabric cupboard a few months back I found I had bought the same fabric three times. All three times I had a bought a half meter, and each of them was carefully wrapped around fabrics I had bought to do with it... the same rose coloured fabric in each pile and the same background - it was only the green that changed... how sad is this story...

    And that is why I'm on a ten step fabric reduction program - seriously - I am... and thankfully that darn fabric is all sold now so at least I am done buying it!

  14. WOAH! How amazingly crafty are you being? Love those adorable shamrocks and your ATCs and stash! Happy crafting! keeleyxx

  15. Those are the first St. Patrick's day crafties I've seen, lovely! I love ATC's, too, I was doing swaps regularly on ATCs for all for while, then stopped, your post makes me want to get back to it! Enjoy seeing what you're up to in your studio! :)

  16. Your shamrocks are enchanting and I love your ATCs.

    Gaby xo

  17. I love those shamrocks, as you know! Thank you!!
    Those ATC supplies look so fun! Can't wait to see what you create!!

  18. Sherry-
    Spending the day in your craft room is the very best kind of day! I love the shamrocks- and I love that you really didn't have a plan for how they would finish out-- thats the mindset of a true artist- which YOU are!



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