Thursday, March 15, 2012

Simple Sachets...

 These simple sachets are very easy to make.   I got this idea from the wonderful Jillayne of A Fine Seam.  She shared a beautiful pieced, hand stitched and embellished heart she made on her blog.  Please visit via the link in her blog name.  
I made mine smaller than the pattern suggested.  Here is the pattern that Jillayne shared.  I tried different fabrics.  I stamped the white with a butterfly and a dragonfly motif.  I really like the possibilities.  I embellished them with seam binding, ribbons, buttons, beads and charms.  Some I filled with lavender and a very special one I filled with cloves because my sister is allergic to lavender.  I must say I really like the clove aroma and my studio smells heavenly.  
 Here is an altered tin I did.  I bought this lovely tin of talc.  Once I got it home I decided it could use some embellishing.  So I got out the ribbons, lace, rhinestones, pearls, 3D flower and glitter.  I am very pleased with how it turned out.  
Here is a side view of the finished tin.  I also added a beaded pin to the front ribbon.  

Here are two of the items I have created.  What do you think?  Worthy as a gift to someone?  I am entering into the busiest birthday season in my family.  I am surrounded by Aries. :o}
I have had fun playing in my studio and sewing room.  For being on the road so much I feel blessed to be able to create some fun things.  
Our weather continues to pour rain.  We have had over 10 inches in just three days.  Snow is predicted for this Saturday evening and Sunday.  I ventured out today in the rain and managed to get most of my errands completed.  I did get to wear my plaid rain boots and that is super fun!
What are you creating?  Are you enjoying the longer daylight hours?  I love it staying lighter later.  
My daffodils have begun to bloom but just in time to get flattened by rain and snow.  Bring on Spring...


  1. Your projects are so cute. Those sachets look like so much fun to make. I am glad you are creating again in your studio. The tin can is super cute as well. I am an Aries myself. My birthday is Next wednesday. I will be 45. Oh boy. I said it. We too have many birthdays in March. My nephew, my niece, mine, my brothers, my middle sister and a dear friend. For some reason my mom liked march for giving birth, clearly after having 3 that month. LOL.
    I am creating a layout for Easter and have been working on stick pins with some new beads I got. Will share in my blog once they are glued together.
    Would you like to do another swap with stick pins? Its fun to share with others what you create.

  2. Definitely gift worthy. Those sachets are very sweet. I was going to make felt Christmas ornaments filled with cloves but never got around to it. Always something in my mind to do but doesn't always come to fruition. Staying in from the rain and creating sounds perfect to me. Enjoy the weekend. Tammy

  3. Those little sachets are so cute - and will make perfect little gifts - thanks for sharing the link, I'll check it out.

    Your decorated tin looks lovely too.

    At least with bad weather you've got a good excuse to stay inside and craft to your heart's content!

    Have a great weekend xx

  4. Your embellished powder box is so stunning Sherry and those sachets are darling. Yes their perfect for gifts!
    The rain is getting old but a perfect time to get more crafting done. I agree Bring on Spring! LOL
    hugs Lynn

  5. Definitely worthy! You are such a wonderful giver. Thanks for the beading tips!

  6. I love the little sachets, you put your own spin on them. It was so kind of Jillayne to share the pattern with us! The tin looks great, I like how you gussied it up!
    That was a good idea about using cloves in one of the sachets!

  7. What a creative, crafty chick you truly are!! I can't get over how many ambitious and sweet gifts you create for loved ones. Wonderful sachets! We have snowdrops and crocus here, and instead of March's foot of snow, it has been in the 70's. I havent been able to get out as much as I'd have liked, but TGIF and I will hopefully soak up a little sun this warm weekend. Sorry your spring got wintered... Keep creating! PS I love the lighter evenings, too.

  8. Fun projects! Love the sachets... such a cool idea! And your altered tin is so pretty. Looks like so much fun to try that.

  9. Cute little sachets. I admire you ladies who do this fine needlework. It's Saturday in CA and we have had rain all week. I did a closet redo and today I am going to tackle another handbag. Happy I ran across your blog. Have a great day. Laurel

  10. I think you are one talented lady! That is what I think. Have a great weekend.

  11. Hi Sherry, Oh your new creations will make a beautiful birthday gift. The altered tin is so pretty. Love your sachets. Yes, Jillayne is so very talented in all she does and shares.

    Thank you for stopping by and your St. Patrick's Day greeting. I hope you enjoyed a nice day as well. We worked in the garden. It was the perfect day.
    Hugs and blessings, Celestina Marie

  12. I heard you guys might get snow, every where else it is warm even Minnesota! I love your sachets, my favorite is the stamped ones. Of course people would like them as gifts, we all love smell goods except sis! I am working like crazy on the Fancy Flea...Glad it is on my bucket list and I am just going to do it once. It has been tough to keep my booth stocked and build up stuff for the FF. It can hardly be called work though because it is so fun!!!


  13. Oh, these are SO WONDERFUL! I so enjoy the simple things and these little wonders are just filled to the brim with perfume of spring!!! THANK YOU FOR VISITING! Anita

  14. Hi, Sherry...catching up on blog reading - LOVE your sachets...bookmarked the Moda pattern for myself. I just received a little heart from dear Jillayne, much talent among the internet friends! Happy Creative Thursday - Tanya


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