Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thread Catcher Triangle...

 How fortunate are we to have such wonderful access to amazing tutorials shared on blogs we follow.  I must thank Tami of Lemon Tree Tales for sharing a beautiful little thread catcher she made.  I saw it and knew immediately I would make one.  So Tami shared the link and I followed it.  It took me to the tutorial and the directions were easy and simple and very doable.  Thank you Needling Things.  In all honesty it took me longer to take these photos than it did to make the little thread catcher.
I embellished one side flap with a little safety pin and bead.  
 This side flap has a heart shaped button for the love I sewed into this little gift.
And here is a fun flower button sewed on with some green crochet thread.  
Here is the little thread catcher laying flat to show how easy it is to take with you for those portable projects.  I am so thrilled with how easy this is to make.  It will be a favorite of mine to make for gifts and include with some fun sewing themed items...needles, thread, scissors, etcetera.  I also have plans to use a decorative stitch for the side seams that show.  
And on top of everything else it is super easy to mail this and that is important as the postal rates can be quite steep and timely delivery is rather uncertain.
Thank you to this wonderful blog community for continuing to share so generously.
Are you going to make one of these?  I already have pulled some more fabrics for sewing more of these.  This is a good use of those smaller scraps...10" square times two for the entire thread catcher.
Our weather continues to be Springlike and beautiful.  Our pollen is now lessening and being outside is much more pleasant.  I continue to weed.  It is a lifetime career and could be overwhelming if I look at the entirety of the project.  Instead I merely select a shady patch and begin there.  I move around following the shade.
May you have creative bliss and enjoy your passions...


  1. what a great idea, I would love to try making one of these for sure

  2. Pretty cute. I had no idea we needed to catch our thread ;) But this certainly will make the job more snazzy. This blogland is just a wealth of learning and friend making.

  3. That is what I love a blogging so many ideas, I had to go look at what a thread catcher was used for..Why thread of course....blonde day! I always have a little pile of thread by me on my side table


  4. Perfectly sensible idea! I can see this done in CQ. I agree with you as far as mailing also. This would make a great gift to send to a special friend. I'm going to check out the tutorial. It will go onto my 'to do' list. Thanks!

  5. I just Have to make one of these.Thanks Sherry!
    Love that green one!! I am making some decorator items for Mum's room.Her next quilt is in greens, so one like this would be perfect.I am making a green cushion too.

  6. This is so neat!!! I ALWAYS have threads scattered everywhere when I'm sewing...I need to make a few of these ;) Hope you are doing wonderful, hugs and love, Dawn

  7. Practical and pretty. You can't beat that!

  8. Those are so cute Sherry. You are really enjoying your time in your creative space. I am still trying to get my mojo back. I am organizing my room and pulling things out. I am going to be going to a crafting garage sale to sell some of my items. I have so much I am overwhelmed with it all.
    Our weather here in Miami is horrible. All it does is rain and the humidity is horrible. I have managed to be able to pull weeds and take care of the yard. I am also cleaning like a mad woman.
    Happy thursday to you. TFS. Ana

  9. This is so cute Sherry.I'll have to add this to my to-do list.I'll go and check the tutorial.Thanks for sharing this.

  10. So cute and functional.
    I love the colors but I still love pink the most. Hehehe.

    Stay cool!

  11. That is so cute! I have no idea what a thread catcher is, but it is darling!!
    We are having the same problems here in NJ. The weather was hot and humid forever now it is 70's and beautiful!
    we also have the pollen issue. It is getting better though! and the weeds never stop! My husband is pullin them out of our beds every day!!
    Keep getting better my friend!! And thank you for you kind comment on my blog! I am very proud of him!!

  12. Yes dear Sherry, isen`t it wonderful, in this community of giving and loving friends, sharing ideas and tutorials.
    The thread catcher, is the sweetest "helper" in every project you carry around . I love your bright colours and sweet buttons.
    Hugs to you.

  13. how clever! Love the's no fun not having all those threads on the floor, on our clothes, on the chairs or floor at Dr.'s office or other places where we wait and sew! how will anyone know we were there!!! he he

  14. What a great idea!!!! I shall have to give this one a try. Thanks Sherry!

  15. You create with such love, it warms my heart. You really are a treasure. Hugs, kath

  16. Oooh, I love the colors that you chose for your thread catcher. That little safety pin and bead is darling!!

  17. I'm always unpicking things and end up with piles of thread on me so this is a must make for me. Thank you for the links. Off to have a look now. I enter a lot of swaps and like to add a little extra item into the package and as they nearly always go to America will be ideal for not making the postage sky high. Hugs mrs A.

  18. This is a great idea and a beautiful little gem :) I love the crocheted clown in the previous post, too :)

  19. It's me again and yes water, water and more water. Plus Black Cherry juice. Life sure has its moments doesn't it Sherry. Hope you are doing well. Have a terrific weekend and if you could see me, I am raising my glass to you. Take care.

  20. Hi Sherry,

    Yes, Jingles loves her "tuna soup". In fact, any time she hears me opening any kinda can, she thinks it is tuna and comes running. :)

    A thread catcher is a great idea. Whenever I am in hubby's car, I leave yarn bits all over the place.

    The dust has made an appearance again. Very blustery out there. Heat and dust seem to be the norm of late.

    Have a great weekend. Tammy

  21. Your thread catcher looks great Sherry and what a neat idea, especially to have when one is traveling. Thanks for the link on how to make one!


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