Sunday, July 14, 2013

Beaded Plug Charms...

I shared about my "Big Easy" phone I got to replace my cute little one I lost.  I like to have a special charm on my phone but this one had no loop I could attach to.  Then I remembered a wonderful little plug that Robbie had gifted me with.  Robbie does beautiful bead work and quilting which you can check out here.
I put several hearts on this one.

Here is a close up of the little plug which fits right into the speaker jack on the phone.

Because Robbie had given me two, I also made a charm for my Nook e-reader.  These little beads were gifted to me from a friend's visit to Maui.  She knows how much I like blue.
Thank you Robbie for being so generous with me.  I apologize for not sharing one of them like I was supposed to do.  I will be happy to buy some from your little bead store.  Just email me the info please.

In my sorting through stuff in the studio I came across my label maker and decided to clean out the box it sits in.  I save bits and pieces of the label tape.  If I make a mistake I save it.  And every time I print a label there is a good one inch of wasted tape.  Oh No!  I do not waste anything.  I save these and then use them like I would use scotch tape.  I seal gift wrap, envelopes, baggies, and what ever else needs a bit of tape.  What would you use these bits of perfectly good label tape for?
Summer is progressing nicely.  Our weather is glorious.  It is time for me to get back to doing my weed duty.  I read that if you pour boiling hot water on weeds they die.  Have you tried this?  I don't like to use expensive weed killers that are poisonous.  I have an electric tea kettle and think I shall take it outside and boil some water and try this method.
Mr. C is finally sleeping and that will really help him heal.  We have been very fortunate and appreciate all your kind well wishes.
I have been enjoying viewing blogs that are participating in Where Bloggers Create 2013 hostessed by Karen of My Desert Cottage.  The amazing inspiration of each space is truly overwhelming.  Thank you to each blogger who is participating and sharing their creative spaces.   I didn't participate as I was going to be gone.  Maybe next year I can be part of this fabulous tour.
Happy Blissful Creative Hearts Dears...


  1. Didn't know there was such a thing as plugs for your phone. I don't use earphones at all. Don't like to be attached to my phone all the time. Very cute way to pretty one up. Great use of tape, too. I have saved so much to recycle, so many scraps-- that has been a bit overwhelming and I've started to chuck some things. I actually felt better for having done so. Still a work in progress. You could also use the tape for making little tag collages. Glad to hear your husband is resting. My back is finally better -- still not absolutely 100% but definitely getting there. Wishing you a wonderful week. Tammy

  2. Hi Sherry
    Those little beaded plugs are so sweet and you are so clever in making them.
    I'm glad Mr.C is doing well now. What a time of it you have had.
    We'd love to see you participating in WBC next year and it is always so lovely when you leave comments like the one you left for me on WBC - thank you sweet friend - it is so appreciated!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    x Suzy

  3. Hi Sherry! Best to Mr. C too! I like your beaded fun for your technology. You have such a way of coming up with very inventive ideas to make everything more special!

  4. I did not know about those plugs. It is a great way to dress up your phone and make it a little easier to find. I love the fact you don't waste a thing...a girl after my own heart. Glad to hear Mr. C is sleeping. A good night sleep helps many things. About the weeds, I have tried it and it works...also if it is a tough weed to kill after you dose it with boiling water, pour some salt on it....kills them every time.

  5. Nice attachments. A label maker looks like an excellent addition to any place where creating is done! Sleep is important so that is great news!

  6. Sherry another creative idea from you. So cute. Glad to hear Mr.C is feeling better.
    I have tried boiling water on grass that popped up on the walkway and it did work.

  7. glad you were able to use both of the plugs! Not a problem for using both of them!!!
    and "Waste not, Want not, right"!!! Both hubby and I save everything!! We are always surprised when we use something funky item we've saved!!

  8. Karen is the gal who designed my blog! I've always wanted to do her blog party!! Using your beads as plugs like that is a great idea!! I am soooo glad the Mr. is sleeping and doing better!!

  9. Glad to hear Mr C. Is continuing to improve. Like everyone lose didn't know there were attachments you could put ino the jacks on phones. Hugs Mrs a.

  10. Cute little plugs, glad Mr C is improving day by day. ~Diane


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