Thursday, July 4, 2013

Flowers, Fone, Festive Fourth...

These beautiful roses all came out of Mr. C's Rose Garden.  Five different varieties here and they smell wonderful.  We love heirloom and heritage roses and especially the fragrant types.

Yesterday was our 15th wedding anniversary.  We were not in Monaco however very thankful to be together here at home.  We did amble out to our favorite local restaurant for lunch.  Mr. C is still extremely tender and colorful so he gets lots of stares.  We saw friends dining with other friends.  They surprised us by paying our bill.  Our adorable waitress (who reminds me of Sheryl Crow) surprised us with a triple dessert complete with a lit sparkler.  Life is good and we are blessed.

Somewhere between home, the gas station and the Trauma ICU I lost my little cell phone.  Since it hasn't appeared in about 10 days I purchased a new phone.  I selected the Big Easy for elderly people like me who need very large numbers.  Nothing SMART here.  No iPhone for me.  I have used a TracFone since 2005 and been quite satisfied with its capabilities and coverage.  I merely have a cell phone for emergencies and frivolous phone to my daughter and granddaughters and such.  ;o)

Today is the Fourth of July here in America.  May our flag fly free...although freedom is never free!
Thank you to every person who has fought to keep our freedom since the beginning.

I enjoy watching a good fireworks show.  I used to live 3 miles from Disneyland in Anaheim so I had fabulous firework shows every night of Summer.  What I don't like is fireworks being sold on every corner and people who are not responsible setting off FIREworks where they shouldn't.  I pray for the safety of all and please no fires.  We are continuing to grieve for Arizona and the tragic loss of so many Hotshots.
Healing continues for Mr. C however he really needs quality sleep.  He is not able to get comfortable in bed or in our chairs.  His broken ribs hurt all the way around to his back.  Funny how everything falls to the floor and he is unable to retrieve...that's where I can help.  He isn't able to drive so I do that too.  I am thankful that I am able to help him.  I am such a homebody that this suits me quite well.  Staying home with my honey and seeing what the next 15 years hold in store for us makes me very happy.
Festive Fourth and may you enjoy your time doing exactly what makes you the happiest


  1. Happy Independence Day/Fourth of July, Dear Friend! Thanks for visiting my blog post! Do hope to get back into it, but seems like I'm always busy doing something else.
    Happy 15th Anniversary to you and Mr. C! What a blessing to be together after that terrible accident! Those ribs can be soooo painful - that's for sure! Healing thoughts coming your way, and hopes for a good summer!
    xoxo Jane

  2. Nice blog post. I feel like I just spent some time with you due to you very chatty way of writing. I am curious as to what is your favorite restaurant in NC. Have a nice 4th of July. I also am a total home-body and enjoying a day of crafting and sewing. My Guy will be here tomorrow. He is doing a 4th of July concert in Oakland. Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

  3. I am amazed they still make "ORDINARY"phones. Sorry you lost yours.
    In your hot weather at the moment, it's a wonder you still have them . Ours often just dessicate in the heat.Best time here for roses is in the early Spring and late Autumn.Our weather is so mild here, that most unpruned bushes( mine are done), ("good girl I hear you say hehe), are still flowering..just. They really need trimming now, as they'll be producing buds very soon.
    Keep cool and ejoy those fire works.

  4. Happy Fourth, Sherry. How nice that you did get out and were treated. I'm for a simple phone but I think we need to learn to text since the hearing is a problem. LOL

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! So glad you both got out of the house...I'm sure it felt good to both of you!!! Take care!!!

  6. So glad to hear you two love birds were able to celebrate. Happy 4th to you both. I am with you on the fireworks.

  7. congratulations on your anniversary and how lovely of friends to treat you to your dining out.
    So good to hear Mr C is recovering and able to get out and about. The ribs take time to heal but if you are an active person it must be hard to be patient.
    Glad I am not the only one with a basic phone that just makes calls and text no high class iphones etc for me either.

  8. Happy Anniversary!!
    Your roses look glorious, and how nice to be treated to supper and dessert! Sending hugs

  9. Happy 15th anniversary to you and Mr. C, dear Sherry! I'm glad he was feeling well enough for a supper out, and how nice that your friends treated, AND that your waitress surprised you with that yummy treat!...The roses from Mr. C's rose garden are just gorgeous!...I have a "plain Jane" phone too. I don't need anything more. Wishing you and Mr. C a lovely, restful, healing weekend! xo

  10. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr C, Sherry.
    I keep him in my prayers..
    I absolutely love your roses.. The red up front looks just like my old french rose... The scent is wonderful.
    Beautiful post!

  11. Happy Anniversary Sherry, you may not be traveling but you are with your sweetie and that is the best thing you could ask for. Enjoy your time together, I still have him in my prayers too. ~Diane

  12. I read back a ways to catch up on what has been happening in your life. It is so good to hear that Mr. C is getting better, what a rough time you have been through. Your little needle felted hedgehog is so cute. I have thought about trying needle felting but have not yet done so. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. What a wonderful comment you left me for Harold! Thank you so much Sherry.
    You know, when I made his armature, I had no idea he would keep growing and growing as I went along.. He is larger than most of mine, but I so enjoyed the process.
    Enjoy your Sunday,
    p.s. I hope to see another needle felting from you!


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