Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tried Needle Felting...

Not the same as the photo but possibly a close cousin?!

Sometimes I just do not know what possesses me!  I thought I should try needle felting.  My friend's birthday was approaching and she likes hedgehogs.  So I bought a kit.  I didn't think it was something she would enjoy trying so I opened the kit and decided I would felt it for her.  Hmmm...it always looks so easy when I see others doing it.

I am not a fan of sharp objects when they poke me and for this craft you use nothing but a very sharp needle with barbs on it to stab loose fibers.  As this is something small...maybe 3 inches in length...that means I am stabbing that very sharp barbed needle really close to my fingers that are holding the fibers.  This is not good.  I did manage to stay reasonably safe and I will admit the actual stabbing process is rather calming.

Here is my little finished hedgehog.  He is not exactly like the photo however I think he is pretty cute.  I like his smile.  Fortunately my friend liked him and was pleased that I actually needle felted for her.  She is such a good and kind friend.

She also likes cats and really likes Laurel Burch designs.  So I purchased these from a local artisan at a local show.  The brown bag is how they were packaged...complete with cat design.
I could have made the earrings as I have the very same charms however it is always nice to support other artisans when possible.  And...I don't decorate a brown bag with such a cute cat drawing.  Hmmm...No I won't copy as that is not flattery.  I shall come up with my own branding and packaging if I offer my creations for sale again.
Here in Northern California we are experiencing triple digit heat waves for many days in a row.  Not common at all.  After such a dry winter this is feeling really HOT.  My deepest sympathy and prayers and healing energy go out to the entire firefighter family of wonderful people who fight fires to keep us safe.  Losing any, let alone so many, is such a tragedy.  Very early in life my mother taught me this saying, "Fire is a wonderful servant but a terrible master."  I have always heeded those words.
Thank you again for all the wonderful prayers, concern, comforting words and loving hugs.  Mr. C continues to get better each day.  He is already planning and looking forward to taking our trip next year.
Chores are piling up as I am trying not to use much energy due to the heat wave.  Of course we have the AC on upstairs set to 82 degrees.  You can find me tending to Mr. C or following blogs which I am enjoying both very much.  Blessings and may you have a Very Happy and Safe Fourth of July here in the USA.


  1. You tried it, and you did a GREAT JOB!!! Yes, the downside is the sharp needles.. I usually put a bandage on my index finger now, just because that is the one I usually stab, but not to often, thank goodness.. So, will this be something you would like to continue? I think your hedgehog is adorable!

  2. It's not easy to needle felt with a single needle. I just love the sound of the needle as it sticks into the wool.You did a really good job for a first go.
    We have been seeing pictures of the Arizona fires, and hearing of your heat wave. Gosh, we know all about heat too.Our climates are similar.
    Glad Mr.C. is feeling better.Can't keep a good man down for long eh?
    Love Judy

  3. Needle felting is intriguing. Good for you for trying it. We are also scheduled for some high temperatures this week. Not a pleasant thought for this old two story farm house. :O Save your energy, Sherry!

  4. Hi Sherry, you are a braver crafter than I. That needle frightens me. Cute hedgehog!
    enJOY a sweet evening,

  5. Well, the hedgehog is cute and your friend will appreciate you made the effort to make her one!!! And continue taking care of your room mate!!!

  6. I am so happy you are going to needle felt again.. I think you will find it relaxing.. I know I do...
    Thank you for your sweet comment about Bebe the mouse, although, she is sculpted of polymer clay, then fur is applied tiny pieces at a time..
    I have been sculpting with polymer clay for years, but find that I am needle felting more, and I truly love it.
    Happy 4th!

  7. Sweet thoughts to you and Mr C. I hope each day shows improvement for him. The "stuff" on the piling up list of things to do will eventually get done. With this heat you need to stay cool and not get too tired trying to do it all!!! Hugs, Cory

  8. He's cute! I like needle felted items but have not had the urge to do it myself. I think I'll remain unchanged on that. This sweltering heat is really overboard and I'm so tired of it! I'm happy that it is unusual. It would be way too much as a standard summer fare! LOL Glad to hear Mr. C is doing well.

  9. Wonderful cute hedgehog. You did a great job.

    Regards diane

  10. good to read DH is making a good recovery and hopefully still taking things easy. The heat must be exhausting and the fire news was so tragic, my heart gores out to the families of the fire fighters.
    Love the hedgehog, have seen these kits on our craft channel and as you say they make it look so easy, like all crafts I suppose, once you know how to do a thing and with practise everything gets easier.

  11. Cute hedgehog, Sherry. I think you did a very good job on him! :) I'm so happy to hear that your hubby is doing better. Thank goodness. I hope your temps get back to normal soon. Have a happy 4th, Sweetie! xo

  12. Such a cute little hedgee! Well done.

  13. Glad to hear Mr. C continues to improve. You hedgehog turned out really cute and I like his sweet face!

  14. You did a fine job! I felted over 15 years ago and ended up with more blood on the item I created than was left in my body......so I stopped! My hands and the control of them has gotten so bad over the years, I'll never go back to felting again, but, I did enjoy the process, too.


  15. Dear Sherry,
    your little hedgehog is adorable sweet, -ofcourse your friend loved him- and the earrings looks wonderful too, in that sweet paper bag.
    I feel with you, about that heat, you are facing, and you husbond, if still in bed, it must be awfull in such a warm!!
    I wish you both a wonderful 4th of July, dear.
    Yes I feel with the families of the firefighters, whom so tragic lost their lives serving others.
    Take care-

  16. Love your hedgehog, I like yours better too. He looks a bit friendlier, lol. Stay cool. ~Diane


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