Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sashiko Supplies Shared...

A while back I shared that I was trying to stitch some Sashiko.  I had learned about it on Susan' s blog "Plays With Needles".  If you follow Susan you already know what an amazing stitching master she is.
When I shared my little sample piece (shown here still with the masking tape edge to contain the fraying) I was trying to stitch, Susan came to my rescue.  I was using the proper Sashiko needle however I was using the full strands of Sashiko thread.  She suggested I try using only half the threads.  I didn't try that as I was almost finished with my little sample and wanted to keep it consistent.
Susan being the kind soul she is offered to swap some of her Sashiko fabric with some of mine that seemed to be too tiny to Sashiko stitch.  I jumped at the offer.  Unfortunately for Susan she got robbed.  I merely sent a small piece of the fabric I had left.  You know I will make it up to her...

In return Susan generously sent all of these fabrics you see pictured here.  And the personal note card of thanks.  I am the one saying, "Thank you Susan".  I am overwhelmed with your generosity.

In this photo you can see the fabric in its original package.  This one is white with blue stitch lines.  I never would have noticed if Susan had not pointed out that the fabric has a stitching pattern direction shown by the tiny little arrows on the packaging.  Oh goodness gracious I am glad you pointed that out to me.

Here is another package of fabric with the correct directions for stitching.
So I gathered my supplies of Sashiko thread wound on little cards, my Sashiko needle, some tiny scissors and the blue fabric in the first photo.  It had no package with direction lines but I thought the lack of curves would make it a fine first attempt.  Then I placed my gathered supplies into my carry-on bag for our trip which was to be long with many hours of sitting.  I would love to quietly stitch during such times.  However, we are not taking our trip this year.  I have just been unpacking and found my little treasures.  I think this will make a wonderful stitching project to begin on here at home while I am relaxing at the pond or in a comfortable chair indoors out of the bright sunshine.  I normally keep some sort of project in my daily purse but of course had nothing with me during my recent long hours of sitting in hospital rooms.  I was lucky to keep track of my purse and car keys.  Thank you again Susan and I will be fondly thinking of you as I begin my stitching.
Mr. C continues to surprise me with his ability to heal.  His abrasions are almost healed.  The bruising is fading to an unattractive yellowish and purpleish color.  His breathing is still different but better than it was.  I believe that all of the prayers and care and concern have truly helped and we are both very grateful.  Mr. C is truly amazed at how so many have come forward with well wishes.
Our weather is glorious.  Yesterday I worked in the yard while I had hired helpers do all the major property weed abatement and mow/edge the lawn.  What a relief to have the fire fuel minimized.  I should have taken before and after photos but never did.  One of the helpers was actually able to retrieve the big rock from the bottom of the pond and re-place it after the bears had knocked it down.  At times I thought my helper was going in head first as the rock weighed more than he did.  I extra tipped him for being so persistent and hard working.  Good to have things back in place and cleared of weeds.
I haven't spent much time in the studio but I do have plans to play and work very soon.  I will update later.
May you be enjoying your Summer or Winter and making art that feeds your soul.  Blessings...


  1. So nice of Susan to share with you some of her goodies. I am still searching for a place to take sewing lessons, but I want the classes to be in the morning. I may switch over to knitting. I know Joanns is offering some classes and will be making a call very soon.
    Have fun playing in your studio and happy crafting to you. Glad to know that MR. C is doing better daily.

  2. Lovely gifts from Susan! I remember your post earlier about your Sashiko project. Great that Susan can give you some tips. It looks like you have plenty to work on now! She was very generous.
    I am happy to hear Mr. C is still doing better than could be expected. That is just pure wonderful : )
    I hope you too are getting some rest and rejuvenation after what I am sure has been a very worrysome time.

  3. such good news on Mt C and his recovery, the ribs will take a while but he is bring a good boy I hope and not overdoing it.
    Re the shasiko quilting, I did not know that the fabric was available with the pattern already on, thought you had to do that yourself, much better idea ready printed, happy stitching.Will have a look around here in UK and see what is available as it always put me off having to trace a design

  4. How lovely! I have a shashiko kit that my daughter gave me for Christmas a few years ago. I haven't tried it yet for fear of messing up. I guess I should let go of my fear!

  5. I always love reading your posts about shashiko as I have never heard of it until coming here. I can't wait to see what you create with it! Hope Mr. C continues to improve. Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. That stitchery looks so interesting, and now you have a good supply + pointers. Look forward to seeing more of your work!
    So happy to hear that Mr. C continues to improve!
    Happy Crafting!

  7. Thanks to Susan for her generous heart! I love the piece you did and the fabric she sent. Blessings, Marlene

  8. Playing catch up. So glad to hear Mr. C is doing better. I feel his pain. After being hit by that semi a few weeks back I am finally off the muscle relaxers and other meds. I am hoping to get back gardening this weekend.
    Your studio is so organized and neat. That is another project I need to tackle. Hope you are getting so relaxing moments in just for you. :-)

  9. I tell my grand kids about Kara all the time...what goes around, comes around! And in your case, it's always good things...because you are so good!!! Enjoy your stitching!!

  10. Hi Sherry, So nice to visit you and have thought of you often since my blog break. You sure have some great gifts to work with. Looks like a beautiful art form of stitching.
    I had to scroll down to catch up with you and was so sorry to read about your Mr. C's accident. My goodness how scary this must have been for you and Brad. Glad to read he is mending and improving.
    Congrats on your 15th wedding anniversary. Wishing you many more wonderful years together.
    You are loved my friend.
    Have a restful weekend.
    Celestina Marie

  11. Sherry,
    How very sweet of Susan to send you all the stitching goodies and they would have been perfect for your trip. Glad to hear Mr. C is doing better and continuing to heal nicely.
    It is great you had some help with the yard...young muscles are a good thing!

  12. Glad to hear the Mr is still on the mend, the ribs will be dramatically improved at 6 weeks, that will help the breathing...Poor guy! I am so glad you have some purse work and something you enjoy. It is crazy how you can have all of the time, but can't get anything done. I remember when I had my son, I thought I was going to get so much done on maternity leave...That did not happen! Your still in our prayers Mr. C!


  13. Great supplies - I bet you're itching to get started. Glad to hear Mr C is healing.

  14. That looks like fun, Sherry, and how nice of Susan to send all those lovely goodies!...I'm so happy Mr. C continues to improve. xoxo

  15. thank you for sharing your sashiko with us.....i've learned something new today! that looks like it's very relaxing, and it was super sweet of susan to send you some new goodies! i hope you and Mr. C find this weekend filled with happiness and continued healing! xox

  16. Oh that's so good to hear Mr C is healing Sherry. Best wishes for both of you. And have fun with the gifts you received, so sweet and generous of Susan to offer to help you out. Love your stitching, it's beautiful (right threads used or not). Hugs and blessings, Wendy

  17. That is a lovely piece you have done Sherry. So sweet of Susan to send you those nice patterns and fabrics, I am looking forward to seeing the finished projects. Good to hear Mr. C is getting better. ~Diane

  18. I am RELIEVED to know that your husband is on the mend! It will take time for his breathing to get back to normal, for he sustained injuries to difficult to even imagine my dear....and I am so happy to see you are enjoying your creative outlets! I have never heard of this stitching method, but I know it has to be intricate! Thank you my dear for kindly visiting and leaving such a beautiful word. HAVE A FUN DAY! It is so beautiful out here today! Anita

  19. You are most welcome Sherry! Now you and Mr. C use them in good health, you hear?


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