Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Studio Play...

Hello Monday.  Lets spend some time in the studio playing.  I started by sorting my stickers.  I keep them in a large A-Z accordion file that has sides to contain everything.  This way I can select F for fairy stickers, W for word stickers and so on.  My system works pretty well for me.  However I am glad I decided to sort through them.  I store this file on top of a bookcase in the mechanicals room (fodder for another post) and it gets rather warm in that room.  Some of my stickers have decided to curl and show me they need attention after the solid week of triple digit heat so I felt it was only fair for me to let them stick to something like they want to do.

Here are some ATCs I made with some of the stickers.  I added rhinestone bling and some scraps that I had saved from old days of stamping and embossing.  Never throwing anything away turned out to be a good thing since I was able to use my little bits and snippets.  Now when I want to send out an ATC I will have some to select from.  Playing was fun but then I got serious...

What is this?!!  I have been taking little bits of time here and there to really purge my studio.  I am reclaiming my space from the chaotic mess it had become.  I still have waaaaaaaaay too much stuff but now it is better organized.  So this is my work table that Mr. C built for me years ago.  It sits on top of a large desk which I can still use all of the drawers.  The work table has wonderful cubbies all around it too.  I can honestly say I have not seen the entire top of this table in years.  Wow I really like the surface.

As you can see I put in hooks just under the lip of the bottom cubbies and that is where I have my fabric rotary cutters and fabric scissors.  How nice and easy to reach for them as this is the end I have my large cutting mat on.

I just know you are looking beyond the table top and seeing all the piles I still have to deal with.  I will in time.  Better yet...I should just play and use all those wonderful supplies and create to my hearts desire.  Those plastic bins contain fabrics.  There are also a bunch under the desk that contain fabrics.  I better get busy!
Mr. C is feeling better each day and he is actually surprising me with how well he is getting along.  The pain is still pretty intense but the abrasions are mostly healed.  The bruising is still very visible though.  Yesterday he tried driving the car and did okay.  So today he is off to help a friend with some technical auto electronics.  Of course I am nervously awaiting his return.  He promised not to be too long.  Right!  The man who has no concept of time.  Thank you very much once again for all the care and prayers and well wishes.  They have certainly helped us both.  I am off to put my nervous energy back into my room and sort some more.
Summer Sunshine Smiles to all in America and Winter Cozy Warmth to those down under.
What are you wishing to accomplish this week?
Happy Creative Hearts...


  1. Sherry, Your ATC's are just adorable!!! You have such a lovely room to create in, and it looks as neat as a pin right now! I love that huge work table. Mr. C did a great job on that, and what a great idea to keep stickers organized in an alphabetical file. Mine are all jumbled up in a little clear plastic bin....I'm happy to hear Mr. C is able to venture out on his own now. Try not to worry, Sweetie, and stay cool! xoxo

  2. Nice way of using the supplies we all tend to hoard. your ATC's are very nice and will definitely come in handy for the next swap.
    Love the clean and very well organized desk area. I cant seem to be able to work in a messy area. Tae your time in going through your fabrics and goodies. We tend to get in those moods of clearing out and then look back and say we should have kept this or that. I do it all the time.
    Glad to know that MR. C is up and felling better. Maybe getting out will help him heal faster and plus gives you time for yourself.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful space. Hope to see what you work on next.

  3. Beautiful ATC's Sherry, and I love that nice big work desk! Keeping the clutter under control is a job in itself isn't it? I sometimes think I spend more time organizing than I do creating! I am happy Mr C is healing nicely and feeling good enough to get out, I am sure it will do you both good.
    Take care my friend. ~Diane

  4. WOW! I love your room!!! I just did a reorg of my wet/dye room...Your studio looks wonderful and your table is fantastic! ATC's are pretty cool too!!! looks like you had a great day!

  5. What a beautiful, and practical table your clever husbond has made you, dear Sherry! It is wonderful with all the place beneath and the hooks is a great take.
    I wish you many more happy creating hours on your wonderful table !!

  6. And they have stuck wonderfully. What a great table! I am still simplifying but the yard calls and I'm finding joy in focusing on what is happening in the moment. Good use for nervous energy. lol

  7. What a fabn table Sherry. I am going to get a modular kitchen co to make me one for the garage.With all this quilting I want to do, I have to have a big flat space too.
    Cute ATC's.

  8. That is one fabulous crafting table!!! Great ideas to have your tools right under the lip!

    Now as to Mr C....What in the world was he doing going over to a friends...Geez!!! So glad he is doing better, keep us posted


  9. What a great creative space you have, that table is wonderful. Doesn't it feel good to purge and get things in order? I work so much better that way. Happy to hear that Mr. C is on the mend...that was quite an ordeal.

  10. Hi Sherry! You and your Mr. C continue to be in my prayers. I can not believe he is already out and about helping friends with work! What a trooper. I have always just loved you, but now I love you you even more because YOU will inspire me to clean, purge and organize!! If there is anybody on this good earth that can get me organized, I now know it is YOU! Wow. Keep cool! Hugs, kath

  11. I love that table! The size really hides all the bits and pieces underneath while creating a fabulous workspace! What a guy to build that for you! So glad the healing is coming along. These things can be such a worry for sure! And the ATC cards? Well, aren't you just the clever girl!!

  12. Hello Sherry,
    I have been catching up on your last few posts. I am glad to see you are still able to do some creating while attending to your dear hubby. I am also glad to see that he is continually healing. Yay! I am hoping that you are not getting too tired out.
    I would be worried too, about him going out! I wish him the very best.
    Great work cleaning out your room! That is a wonderful table.

  13. So good to read DH is feeling so much better and getting out and about, he must take care though not to overdo things.
    Such skills DH has that is an amazing table, clear today but not sure when you will have it empty again!A wonderful work room you have, so much space, the plastic boxes work well as you can see what is in them unlike my boxes I store in.
    You ask what we wish to accomplish this week, I am sorry to say no goals for me, have had the last wek helping my younger daughter move into her first purchased home and clear out the shared rented property she was in so hoping for a few days of R & R, of course there will be a bit of stitching and checking on blogs and like you enjoying some sunshine, not as hot here but still pretty warm so plan to sit out in it and enjoy it whilst it lasts

  14. How blessed you are indeed to have such a super work space for all your creativity!! Your atc's look wonderful and I'm glad to hear that Mr. C. is on the mend.

  15. Great ATC's Sherry! I can see a clean slate for creativity...

  16. What a great creative space!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words of encouragement as i continue on my weight loss journey!! It means the world to me!!


  17. I am so glad the MR is feeling better!! And what a wonderful work table you have!! Amazing!!
    Be well!

  18. Oh Dear Sherry what a sad and worrying time you have had with DH. I am happy for you dear friend that you have been having some lovely time in that great creative space again. Your ATCs look fantastic.
    Just love that gorgeous table you have to work on. I think many of us are just a little green looking at that one!
    Some Wintery hugs to you,

  19. such a wonderful creative space, sherry! the older i get, the more i purge:) i was so sorry to read about your husband's accident, but, glad he is stronger each day!

  20. Sherry I just love that you can walk around and work on any side. I would LOVE to have the room for a table like this! If you haven't seen the top of your table for that long then that's good because you must have been creating! lol


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