Monday, July 22, 2013

Serene Sunday Outing...

Sunday we took a drive with some friends to enjoy our beautiful surroundings we live near.  Our first destination was Big Springs Gardens for brunch.  I didn't take many photos as I was merely enjoying the beauty of it all.  For detailed info please click on the link I included.  This is a privately owned property. Unfortunately there were no fish in the giant pond as an otter had just visited and eaten all of the fish.  In past years we have watched giant Osprey swoop down and catch a fish for their meal.

This is the private residence.  The entire grounds that are open to the public are very picturesque.  I neglected to take a photo of our brunch area.  It is peaceful with waterfalls and live music playing. Sometimes a harpist and sometimes a trio are playing quietly for your enjoyment.

With our tummies full from as much food as we desired we strolled over the bridge and enjoyed lots of plants and flowers.   We spent several hours here just relaxing and enjoying.  Don, the owner, was very pleasant and we enjoyed catching up with him and his hopes of a foundation forming to preserve this beautiful piece of serenity he has built.  He is getting along in years and 118 acres is a bit much for him to continue to maintain.  I am hoping the right people come along to maintain and preserve this amazing gift.

Next on our day of enjoyment we visited Sardine Lakes just a few miles further. This is a smaller lake that is a fishing paradise.  Mr. C took his son and grandson here fishing one time and they couldn't keep all the fish they caught.  They said the fish were practically jumping into their boat.  They were throwing them back in the lake for others.

This is a small floating bar that sits on the lake.  Mr. C loves to sit here and enjoy a drink.  Part of the allure of Sardine Lakes is that they also have a very home-style rustic restaurant that serves dinner in only two seatings per weekend night...and only during open season.  The snow in winter months closes this place and all of the highways leading to it.  We have dined here several times and taken friends and family here.  The charm of the place and the excellent food by a French chef was the draw.  We found out yesterday they have changed chefs after 20+ years so I am not certain what it will be like next time we come for dinner.
It was a very long day of exploring and sharing and enjoying.  One last stop at the Downieville St. Charles Bar for a refreshment and then back home.   Mr. C took a really long nap afterwords.  3 hours and then up for 2 hours and then slept the entire night.
I had a successful and enjoyable day as I managed to NOT get carsick.  Every road we were on was a windy road and I usually get horribly ill.  This time I got to sit in the passenger front seat and I did all my Bonine and Ginger preparations just right.   Thankfully it was a wonderful day and the weather was perfect!  A huge thank you to our friends for driving all day.
Summer is progressing along and our weather continues to be glorious.  A tad warm in the sun but so beautiful.  My beloved Idyllwild in Southern California appears to be saved from the raging forest fires they are experiencing in Riverside County outside of Palm Springs.  Thank you to all the firefighting personnel and thank you to the Idyllwild Town Crier for the excellent updates.
I am hoping to get creative this week. What are you doing to enjoy your summer/winter?


  1. Hi Sherry, So glad you were able to get out and enjoy your beautiful weather with Mr. C and friends. Glad to know that he is feeling alot better.
    What a gorgeous and beautiful place to just relax and for brunch. Very nice.
    Our weather is not the best these days here in Florida. Although it did not rain yesterday or today, they are predicting rain the weekend and who knows if at the end of the week as well. I am crossing my fingers the rain goes some where else that may need it.
    I have been in my craft room tryig to get some MOJO back. I did alter a spool and plan on taking pictures and posting later on today or tomorrow.
    Hapy crafting to you.

  2. oh gosh what an amazing place, the water is beautiful, and that house, oh my,

  3. So glad you had such a great outing with friends and hubby!! Does a soul good to appreciate the beauty that is around us. Thanks for sharing the photos with us

  4. Glad you were able to enjoy the ride, the day and the blessings!

  5. OK Sherry, why wasn't I invited? What a beautiful place to spend a day. Happy to hear that the Mr. Is feeling so much better and out and about.
    enJOY a lovely week,

  6. wow~my forrest and i need to get to that place. i also get car sick really easily but forrest is good at taking the curves easily. glad you and mr c were able to get our for a nice day together with friends. hugs, cory/dogwood

  7. What a beautiful setting. So glad you had a nice little getaway.

  8. can see what a beautiful place you went to so very peaceful

  9. Good morning Sherry! I am sipping my coffee and now I feel like I just went on the most wonderfully scenic StayCation! I have a very busy first half of my summer, but now that my luau is over, after finsihing the clean-up, I hope to be able to spend more time making art, learning more, reading...and continuing to help my Mom. Enjoy your week, and best to Mr. C! ~Kathy

  10. Such beautiful places! Good to know that Mr. C's feeling better and was well enough to enjoy the outing!
    xo Jane

  11. Such wonderful and beautiful places to visit! I'm so glad you and Mr. C were able to enjoy a day out in the sunshine and in good company. Mr. C must be feeling better. Yay!!

  12. Oh my those photos are picture perfect! What a lovely time you must have had there! Lucky you!
    big hugs,

  13. Beautiful photos, this looks so serene. ~Diane

  14. Sherry what a wonderful time you both must have had. Such beautiful surroundings. I hope the gentleman does find some help for the place. Can't imagine having to keep up that much land.
    Keep enjoying your summer.
    Hugs Lynn

  15. Oh my gosh what a stunning place. I could stay there forever.

  16. What a most beautiful place, dear Sherry, so beautiful views , and there to sit with a drink, must be amazing!!
    Hugs from me and happy day, to you!!

  17. wow what a beautiful place... It looks so peaceful. And I LOVE mountains! We don't have them here, it's flat country all around me. I'm happy to hear you had such a wonderful time.
    Hugs hugs, Wendy


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