Saturday, May 31, 2014

Backyard Blue Bliss...

As May closes and June begins I am very happy to spend time working in my beloved back yard.  A few years ago Mr. C built a deer fence to protect this area from the voracious plant eaters.  Now we have beautiful roses and other plants.  This blue bridge is a gift designed and built by Mr. C for our Anniversary a couple of years ago.  We waited twelve long years for this bridge and it was so worth the wait.  I got to select the powder coating color and therefore have my beloved heartthrob blue to gaze upon.  Thank you Mr. C!

This is my view as I stand on our kitchen deck.  I never grow tired of seeing this beautiful view.

Here is the shadiest part of the back yard.  I have hostas and my dwarf blue hydrangea.  No little flower gems planted yet this summer as I have been beyond busy.  We have been clearing and preparing our land for fire zone protection.  Three giant truck loads to the dump in three days was a huge job but our property looks ever so much better.  I am not showing photos of all at this time.  Right now I am focused on sharing my little back yard I love so much.

Here is the other side view of our bridge and plants.  Can you imagine this was all horrible construction ground when we moved in sixteen years ago?  So much work we have done.  It is good to review from time to time to realize just what we have accomplished.

And here is my very first blue hydrangea of the season.  It is so beautiful and precious.  My very favorite.  The leaves got a little damaged from some hail we had earlier this month but the plant is doing very well in spite of her rough weather.  This is a dwarf hydrangea and therefore the blossoms are only about 3 inches at the largest stage.  Every winter the plant goes to nothing but some sticks and I always hold my breath for this very reveal.  Mr. C gave me this from one of our local nurseries a couple years ago and I adore both...Mr. C and my Dwarf Blue Hydrangea bush.
I love spending time here and never mind the hours it takes weeding and primping.  We are blessed.
What will June hold in store for you?  For me I will be taking a blog break.  Ah but not a sad one...I will have lots to share very soon.  This will be a time for Mr. C and I to re-charge and rejoice in life!  It was just a short year ago on June 21st that Mr. C was injured in his trauma accident.  Thankfully he is fully recovered and we are sincerely grateful.  Life is never certain and therefore it is important to cherish every moment and make wonderful memories.
Blissful Blessings to all...


  1. Sherry what a beautiful yard!!! Is that a Mickey Mouse stepping stone and a few heart shapes stones too? How sweet. Love the bridge and the hydrangea is beautiful.

  2. I love your little blue bridge . I like seeing photos of other people's gardens . Must admit my garden is my haven too. Hugs Mrs a.

  3. I love your blue hydrangea and your blue bridge. I can picture myself sitting in your garden, sipping iced tea and chatting, perhaps watching the deer on the other side of the fence.

    Instead, I'm enjoying the beautiful breeze on our front porch. Our garden is a mess right now, but now that Dave's big spring push is over, it will start to take shape.

    Enjoy your beauty and your break!

  4. Thank you Mr. C., INDEED - that blue bridge is a delight, is your yard - heavy SIGH from sandy Vegas! XOXO

  5. I love your yard& the bridge just adds to the serene environment!!! How beautiful!!!!

  6. What a gorgeous yard you have!! The bridge is so fabulous - I want one!! And the hydrangea is stunning!! What a peaceful and beautiful view you have!! Have a wonderful evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. garden looking good and the hydrangea is perfect, one of my favourite shrubs, I have 3 in my garden and they are about to flower

  8. ohhhh I am sooo into hydrangea and your garden is sooooo missing mine at the moment...just heading home

  9. Hydrangeas are a stretch here so never mind blue ones. But your bridge is gorgeous and just what I would like to have at the beginning of my woodland path. Have a beautiful summer! Blue skies smiling...

  10. Hi Sherry:
    What a beautiful, peaceful view you have of your back yard. The love, patience and work you've put into the space is more than evident.

    I envy gardeners, as they are able to transform a barren landscape into a small oasis of texture, color and fragrance.

    I know you'll enjoy the fruits of your labor year-round. Mr. C created such a lovely bridge for you and I know you appreciate his talent. I, too, am smitten with the blue!

    Enjoy your Sunday, my dear. You have earned your well-deserved rest.

    Relax and rejuvenate,

  11. Beautiful hydrangea bloom - I'm sure this will look gorgeous in full bloom soon. A lovely backyard area. Enjoy your break Sherry!

  12. What a beautiful backyard and bridge! Right away I noticed that one of the paving stones looks like a heart! Keep safe from the fires and enjoy your time off from blogging with your husband!

  13. Loved seeing your corner of the world!
    The bridge is the perfect bright spot.

  14. Beautiful yard. I've been thinking of you and praying the fires don't get to close!
    hugs Lynn

  15. A beautiful post in blue, dear Sherry,- a wonderfyl yard, and so sweet with the hydrangea and the heart stones , leading to your anniversary bridge .
    It looks so lovely there.
    I keep you in my thoughts for staying safe and not near the fires, dear.

  16. Ah, Sherry, that is a beautiful view you have. I love the stone paths, the blue bridge, the blue hydrangea, and hope you have a wonderful blog break cherishing each other. May the rains come a-plenty, and the days be spent in bliss.
    June will be a busy month for me as I try to tame/fork/transplant/rework/ remodel all the garden beds here: they are so overgrown, weedy, and neglected that I fear I must dig them up and then replant those plants I wish to keep. I hope my knee holds up. On a stitching front, I need to work on the wedding piece as the wedding date is fast approaching.........
    Have a wonderful break. Take care of each other. Hugs

  17. Beautiful blues - and gorgeous view!

  18. Lovely yard indeed. Isn't nature amazing. How life can spring forth from something seemingly dead. Awesome. Best wishes, Tammy

  19. P.S. Glad Mr. C and you are engaging and enjoying all that life has to offer this month. Take care, Tammy

  20. Your back yard looks beautiful. I love it. The little blue bridge is so cute and the stepping stones mark the way, beautiful.

  21. Just jumping around and visiting some blog friends, I see many are taking well deserved blogging breaks to enjoy the summer and their families. Goodness it seems more than a year ago that Mr C had his accident. so glad he recovered, enjoy your summer and we will be here when you get back



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