Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Envelopes, Australia, Italy...

Now that April and National Letter Writing Month is over I now have a new tool to play with.  It is the We R Memory Makers Envelope Punch Board.  The name is longer than the entire procedure to make envelopes.  Whew!  I have made hundreds of envelopes through the years and did not need this tool as I have lots of other ways of creating envelopes.  But...I thought this would be fun to have and use.  And I got it on super sale!  Very easy to do and will make lots of different sizes.  

Here is the standard A2 size for cards.  These are before I lined the flap with the same paper.  I can see lots of fun applications for making matching cards to go along with the envelopes.  I am part of a wonderful team who mails Random Acts of Kindness mail to those in need of some cheer.  These envelopes should be happy bits in the mail filled with bills or "junk" mail we never request.

From a sheet of paper this is an envelope before folding and securing.  Very easy.

From Australia flew this little felt Owl.  I have named her Minerva as she is very wise and will watch over me. She has a pin back and I know just where she will reside.  Thank you Judy my dear friend.  Now please go visit Judy and give her some much needed love as she faces surgery this week.  You will be so pleased to see all that she creates in her Australia studio.

This is a beautiful hand created postcard I received from Italy.  Thank you Letizia. I love all the layers and dimension you have achieved.  Fabulous colors!

Minerva really looks lovely with Letizia's postcard.  Both came in the same day's mail.  Have you mailed something to someone just because?  I am still continuing my surprise mailings however at a much slower pace than April.
Our weather is very Summer like.  Warm and dry.  Not a cloud of rain to be seen anywhere.  I pray for all of California to be safe from fires.  This will be a very trying year.
I haven't spent much time in my studio as life has been busy with other matters.  I did manage to get outside and do lots of weeding on my hands and knees.  Tiny little details that I do so well.  Still there are thousands more weeds waiting for me.  They grow very fast and I move very slow.  I am thankful to have them and sometimes I let them grow just so I can see their lovely little flowers.  After all, weeds are merely plants in the wrong places.  Mr. C joined me outside and staked up our rose bushes that are heavy with buds and blooms.  How are you staying busy as May rolls along?  Outdoor activities keeping you busy?
Let's enjoy each day and be present in the moment to fully savor all of it.  Creative Bliss my friends...


  1. an envelope maker wow, I have never saw this before!! Your gifts are beautiful and I do send things to people just because its the best reason,

  2. WoW! What a great tool to have, I have never seen one before! Your envelopes are beautiful. It is such a wonderful thing to receive unexpected happy mail, it is one of those things no matter who you are you are blessed to receive it!

  3. Hi Sherry, I just love your envelope maker. This is a great tool. Yes, surprise gifts to send or receive are so special and fun!! I have done this too and enjoy it almost more then receiving. LOL Love your sweet little owl made by your friend. The postcard hand created from Italy is gorgeous too. Such wonderful keepsake gifts.
    Sounds like you have been doing some gardening and having fun outside. I think weeds can be pretty too and always seem to grow better and bigger then our other garden blooms.
    We have been busy inside and out.

    Wishing you a great midweek.
    Sending hugs your way.

  4. Hi!, this post was like a nice slow breath of fresh air and smiles. Thank you, Sherry. You're such a sweetheart.

  5. I like that envelope maker! Snow early this morning so I am making a mess inside!

  6. I am watching the evening news as I write this...Fires in California the lead story...they say it is as dry as it usually is in the fall. Winds and dry conditions...praying for rain for you.
    The envelope maker is neat..never seen one before and I like the envelopes you made. Sweet owl from Judy and a very colorful cheery postcard.

  7. Your gifts are lovely!!!! The owl is adorable & the post card beautiful!!! How lucky you are!!!! But also well deserved to be gifted!!

  8. Great post, love Minerva and the postcard. Went to Judy's blog to wish her well and certainly enjoyed all her creations. Still fighting this cold and cough and we are having such beautiful weather. I should be in the garden weeding away. Have a beautiful week.

  9. your envelopes are so nice, beats the plain coloured ones that come with cards hands down. very nice pieces you received in the post too.
    Like you I have been weeding, we get loads of a plant everyone called sticky willie, have not a clue what its real name is but it is very sticky, at least it pulls out easily, plan to weed today as it is going to be nice and sunny

  10. I love your envelopes - I will have to find a envelope maker! Cute little owl, what a treasure!

  11. I have an envelope maker too and would not be without it now as often my cards are non standard size. I love that you can make such pretty designs up from any paper you want. So nice I think to receive them in the post. Hugs Mrs A.

  12. Gosh I didn't know there was such a thing as an envelope maker, but then I should know there is such a thing in today's world of making items. I bet maybe Michael s craft store will have one ? I'm going out to see anyway I could use that thing
    I will go say hello to your friend facing surgery

  13. Dear Sherry, you recieved beautiful mail again, the card is so beautiful,-
    Congratulations with your new envelope maker, ,you will have lots of fun using it.
    Thank you for your last mail, I`m happy it arrived at last , dear.
    Hope yopu are doing fine ?

  14. What gorgeous gifts you received!! The felt owl is adorable and the postcard is so beautiful!! I've been eying the Envelope Punch have made me add it to my must-have list!! Have a great weekend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  15. RAKs are such a lovely thing to be involved in. The little owl is just the sweetest thing and does go perfectly with the pretty fabric card. It's certainly much easier here to let the weeds grow since anything else takes so much effort. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  16. Sherry those are all such lovely things. My friend makes a lot of envelopes and she makes those explosion boxes too. Enjoy!


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