Monday, May 26, 2014

Gift Cupboard & Dresser...

I have mentioned my gift cupboard and dresser before and thought you might like to see what I am talking about.  This is a downstairs linen cabinet Mr. C built for us.  I have displayed lots of game pieces and astronomy themed items here just because I like to see them.  Ahh but inside...well let's just say there aren't all linens behind those doors.

Here is a sample of gift items I keep on hand for year round giving.  I will admit that I haven't organized the shelves in a while however I do know what types of things are on each shelf.  I also know what items I have and for whom based on where I place them.  At least twice a year I completely empty everything and re-consider if things are gift worthy.

This is a large antique dresser I have that has been taken over with more gift items.  This began merely as an overflow for Christmas gifts.  That was at least five years ago.  Now I keep it filled all year long.  I love having lots of options for gift giving any time of year and for any occasion.

Yes, I sewed this past week.  I love this fabric and it has a wonderful sheen that does not show on camera. These are two different sizes and would be great for computer netbooks or tablets.  Of course I can't try them as I don't own either of these items.   Waaaaaaa.....

Because they are closed with a zipper I like to add a beaded accent.  This one has a tiny little heart charm.

Here is the larger fabric pouch.  I did a very simple quilt line on this one so as not to destroy so much of the fabric floral design.

This is the smaller of the two.  Each one is padded for body and protection of contents.  These are now residing in my gift cupboard.
A new week and lots to do.  Mr. C and I are doing a painting project I will share soon.  I am also very excited as I will be meeting some of the NLWM participants as we get together.  Can you believe I will finally meet my very first pen pal of five years ago?  She and I live just 5 miles apart and shop at the same Ben Franklin yet have never met in person.  It is time!
Our weather is continuing to be dry but ever so glorious with blue skies and perfect temperatures.
I hope you are able to enjoy more Spring and Summer weather after those long hard cold Winters many of you endured.  And for my friends who are enjoying Fall...enjoy those gorgeous colors and changing foliage. Now to get creative and have fun and make things I love to make...


  1. what a wonderful gift cabinet, I only dream of being so organized! The gifts you made to add to the cupboard are beautiful! Have a wonderful visit with the pen pal,

  2. You have a great cabinet. Wow, just for gifts. Love it. Hope your visit with your pen pal is fun.
    Have a wonderful week. Ana

  3. You have a great cabinet. Wow, just for gifts. Love it. Hope your visit with your pen pal is fun.
    Have a wonderful week. Ana

  4. What a great idea to have a gift closet going year round. It means that whenever you don't have a specific plan for what to sew you can always sew up something for the closet. Brilliant!

  5. such wonderful organisation and very useful to have gifts on hand, would not work for me as I only gift to 2 daughters and one granddaughter and all they want is money!

  6. I love your gift cache! Great, great idea!

    But your fabric pouches... Wow. I love the fabric you chose and that zip pull... I gotta remember these ideas, too!

    Hugs and happy week,

  7. The gift stash is such a good idea! The bags are darling and I do like the zipper pull! Creative bliss... ;^)

  8. What a marvel your gift cabinet and dresser are. The pouches have a great fabric and I love the beaded element. Isnt it nice to meet a pen-pal after so much time has passed and to be so close to one another, yes, it is time to meet and I hope you have many more meetings. Have a wonderful time. LJ

  9. Dear Sherry:
    It's so wonderful that you have a gift cabinet! I can only imagine pulling it all apart to see the fabulous treasures you keep inside it. Let's see...beaded this and quilted that, books of all shapes and sizes. It must be like Christmas!
    Thanks for sharing a peek inside.
    Have a week as beautiful as you are, my dear.

  10. This is a great idea Sherry. Nice to have something on hand whatever occasion arises. AND it is stuffed full of goodies :)

  11. This is a great idea Sherry. Nice to have something on hand whatever occasion arises. AND it is stuffed full of goodies :)

  12. The cabinet is a beauty! Mr. does exceptionally nice woodworking! And now I know where to come shop. lol I always keep an eye out for gifts and buy and make when I see something someone would like. But I never get THIS far ahead! Good for you! The pouches are FAB and love the fabrics too!

  13. What a gorgeous cabinet!! Such a beautiful place to store your gifts!! And wow, the bags are gorgeous!! I love the beautiful fabric you used!! I hope you have a wonderful time meeting your pen pal!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  14. Love your gift cabinet and dresser, Sherry, all packed full of wonderful goodies waiting for the right recipient and moment! You're not only creative but also so clever!
    Those fabric bags are gorgeous!
    Enjoy meeting your pen pal!
    xo Jane

  15. Ahhhhhh, those bags ROCK!!!!! LOVE the wood in the cupboards...and everything it holds, my creative friend! Love to you, this fine Tuesday - XOXOXO

  16. Gift closet- what a great idea! So often I see things throughout the year that would make good gifts, then never remember them when it's time to buy. You are ahead of the game. Your pouches are nice, too. I love that floral fabric.

  17. I love your gift cabinet! That's something I should try. Maybe I would accomplish more. ;-)

    You quilted pouches are adorable.

    I hope you have a wonderful time when you finally meet your longtime friend in person!

  18. Dear Sherry,
    It is a very great idea to have a collection of gift related item stored, like you have managed. And your pouches are beautiful. That fabric is so wonderful, and I love your simple quilting.
    Happy meeting with your pen pal, and a good rest of the week!!

  19. Hi Sherry, I love your gift cabinet. Everything is handy and ready for giving and the cabinet is a beauty built by Mr. C.
    Love your newest bag. That fabric is gorgeous. You do such incredible work my friend. A talent beyond the moon you are!!
    Have a great weekend.


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