Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Meeting Pen Friends...

This is a quick update to meeting my pen friend/s.  We were a happy group of 16 last evening at a local coffee spot.  Time flew so fast all of a sudden it was announced closing time.  I met Cory aka Dogwood and we totally got along like we had known each other for years...which we have but only via snail mail, email, blogging and FaceBook.  I adore her just as I thought I would.  Here is her blog link to check out.  I made the little fabric envelope pouch for postcards and cards and gave it to her.

I also gave one to Lindsay who featured my blog during NLWM and was our wonderful cheerleader.  And I made one for Martha who organized this meeting of like-minded creative souls.  Thank you very much!

Late in the day I decided I just could NOT arrive empty handed.  I knew Martha had invited 18 ladies so I got busy.  All packaged in little envelopes and ready to hand out.  Out of 18 I only had two left over.  Wow!

Nothing too elaborate however these were not time and labor simple.  I cut out white felt hearts.  Took my favorite vintage red safety pins and beaded them...twice as the heart was upside down first time.  I stitched with red thread a heart button to one side and the beaded pin to the other side.  I merely made these to show I was very heartfelt to be part of such a great group of creative ladies.

Are there any photos of the group?  No.  Not one.  No one took any cameras and no cell phones.  Too busy talking and sharing and laughing and carrying on.  I feel certain we will get together again. I had a wonderful time and was sad to see us all go in different directions.
When I got home Mr. C wondered what was wrong because I was home in just two hours.  Who knew the coffee house closed so early in the evening.
Spent most of today outside with Mr. C and a hired helper doing serious weed abatement and land clearing of debris and downed tree limbs.  Fire season is here and we don't want any extra fuel close to our home. Another day of it tomorrow should finish what we started today.  It will be at least three (3) full truck loads to the dump.
May you be enjoying this lovely month of May and doing whatever makes you happiest.  Whether outdoors or indoors this is a great time to create.  Creative Bliss My Friends...


  1. How fun to gather with your NLWM friends - you are so lucky to live close to them!!

  2. Goodness, I know what it is like to get together people that are like minded...2 hours was certainly not enough!! Wow you must have a lot of land to clear...Oh, I hope you don't have any fire scares this year!!!


  3. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon Sherry and your hearts were no doubt well received...

  4. Yesterday evening at Four Garden was wonderful.
    Meeting you was over-the-top fabulous.
    Looking forward to our next get-together.
    Love my little clutch and local postcards.
    Thank you thank you.
    Happy days to my favorite pen pal. heart is full of love.
    Friendship is a wonder gift.
    Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

  5. What a cute idea the little postcard pouches are! And made with perfect fabric. It sounds like you all really packed in a wonderful time in a short time. Awesome!

  6. Sounds like so much fun! I love those zipper pouches...too cute in that fabric!

  7. Dear Sherry:
    What a wonderful thing to spend time with new friends! I know what you mean about it being over so quickly. Your gifts are so lovely, and perfectly you!! I love the little zippered pockets you made. I bet they were a real hit with the girls!
    I hope your "weed abatement" didn't leave you as itchy as it left me!
    I hope you're able to rest today. You deserve a break.
    Long-distance hugs...
    Donna (and Tag)

  8. what a lovely get together, can imagine all the chatter and laughter that was happening, such nice little gifts too that you gave

  9. Sounds like a fun get together. Even though we may never meet in person, I love all our exchanges. thanks as always for sharing.

  10. So fun to get together with friends that you have never met, yet feels like you have known them all your life. What a shame the coffee shop closed early. Maybe next time. My husband and I have been working in the yard as well. Although we don't have a humongous yard we still like to keep it nice and neat. I do the pulling of the weeds and enjoy seeing all the pretty mulch and not the weeds. I hate those things. ARGHHH. We also bought some new plants and planted those. We painted the house a nice beige color called pony tail. Looks so pretty. We work in the yard every weekend. We have neighbors tell us all the time that we are making their home look bad. Maybe they should get the hint. It is raining this morning for the first time in a long time. GOD knows we needed this rain fall.
    Ok, enough rambling. Have a blessed day and happy crafting, Ana

  11. Wonderfulness with friends. Women need women friends and to have many who give of their heart is the greatest bliss of all.

  12. Sounds like such a fun time, getting together with so many like-minded women! I'm sure they all loved your gifts. You are so thoughtful!
    Enjoy your yard clean-up!
    xo Jane

  13. A great good time for you and your peers! The pouches you made are lovely and useful. And the hearts... all those photos... good post!

  14. How fun to get to meet your friends and have a great time!! The gifts you took are fabulous - especially the fabric envelope!! It's gorgeous!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  15. Sounds like fun! Love the fabric for the pouches.

  16. It's always such a fun time when creative minded friends get together. It's no wonder the time went by so fast. Love the little pouches and your sweet hearts.

  17. Sounds like fun!!! I love the pouches:)

  18. Sounds like you had fun and the gifts you shared are very pretty too. ~Diane

  19. Hi Sherry, what a fun time with friends. Two hours would certainly fly by when like minded girls get together. Sounds like a fabulous time and your gifts were perfect.

    I hope you do not have fires close to you this year. All the best finishing the clearing. Have a great weekend and blessings!!
    Sending Texas Hugs~~

  20. Oh, how fun that sounds! :-))))))


  21. Sounds like a fabulous time. Everyone truly must have been enjoying the moment since there are no photos to show. :) Best wishes, Tammy


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