Saturday, May 24, 2014

Freedom, Bless Our Troops...

I am not one to put into elegant heartfelt words just what I want to convey so I will keep this simple and sweet.  God Bless Our Troops...Men, Women and Dogs who are risking all to allow us our freedoms. Thank you sincerely from my heart and soul.
My friend Celestina-Marie has written a beautiful tribute to her father in this post of hers.  Thank you dear.
Mr. C and I are spending our weekend close to home and we are savoring our freedom.  Taking a few walks, having a picnic and generally being thankful for all we have and enjoy here in America.  Amen...


  1. Dear Sherry, Happy Memorial Day to you and Mr. C. It is a wonderful thing to have freedom and then to also have the freedom to honor it by celebrating all weekend.

    Thank you for linking back to me and a shout out to my post. You are most kind to share our posts together. Your post and words are perfect and so well said my friend. Perfect, because it comes from your heart!!

    Wishing you a wonderful and enjoyable holiday weekend as we remember and give thanks!!

  2. Thank God for the bravery that some people seem to be born believe in their community to the point of life or death. Absolutely mind-boggling, heart-humbling. Thank you dear and kind one, for coming to visit my post. Off to see Celestina's post! Anita

  3. Happy Memorial Day! Hope you enjoy a wonderful day together.
    Lest We Forget

  4. Very well-written post!! I echo your sentiments to those risking their lives for our freedoms!! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts


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