Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Necklace of Memories...

This is my Necklace of Memories.  I put this together a few years ago and smile each time I see it or wear it. When I wear it in public it really is a conversation starter.  Unique.  One-of-a-kind.  Eclectic.  Quirky.   Some people might not like it but then others want to rush home and make their own version.
Here is what I did...

I began with some sturdy necklace chain.  There is some weight to this finished piece.  I finished the back with a lobster clasp and split ring for safety.  I made it adjustable with a length of the chain finished in another ring for interest in the back as well.  I gathered my most cherished rings I no longer wear.  From costume to semi-precious.  Each ring has a story and history.  Me being a "Border Hoarder" it is easy to save all these from decades ago.

I won't bore you with the stories however you might recognize my 1970's MOOD ring.  A genuine Flower Child cannot be without her mood ring.  I made it the center piece.

Here is the back closure and ring.  Remember Coral rings that were hand carved?  This one is of an Eagle. Another one on the necklace is a fish carving. And yet another is a heart carved in the Coral.   Did I wear these?  Oh yes I loved them and wore them often. Here you can also see that I wove some sheer organdy ribbon through the chain.  I think it gave a softer look to the otherwise chunky chain.  I also took lengths of ribbon and tied them here and there between the rings to soften the look. I used a neutral gold ribbon against the silver toned chain as the rings are of all finishes and colors.

I have a total of 22 rings on this necklace and I know the story for each one of them.  I attached the rings with wire wrapped through the chain and then through the ring.  If I choose to I can merely cut the wire and the ring will be free to wear again or pass along to someone if I wish.  I could also change out the rings if I wanted to.  Lots of possibilities.

Tell me what you think of my Necklace of Memories.  You won't hurt my feelings.  I like it and that is what counts the most.  It brings me smiles and happiness.  It reminds me of people and places I have enjoyed.  It allows me to enjoy my baubles that otherwise might just sit in a drawer and get lost or forgotten.  When I brought it out to take the photos, Mr. C asked about it.  He had not seen it before and was interested in its history.  He was reminded of his "nail" ring he had given me from his living in South Africa before we met. Wouldn't this be fun to make for a gift for a family member or dear friend?  Some day I shall place it in a memory frame and give it to my daughter as a keepsake.
Today is overcast and teasing us with cooler temperatures and just a spit of rain but nothing to even reach the ground.  Thankfully it is snowing over Donner Pass.  Not a lot but we will take all we can get.  Mr. C fed all of his roses and most of the other plants we have.  I fed four other varieties yesterday with a different food. More weeding and it still isn't even close to done.   I am enjoying all the flowers and greenery.
Summer is coming fast.  Enjoying the great outdoors...barbequeing with family and friends...picnicing in the park or at the lake or beach...walking, golfing, playing tennis or whatever you like to do...as Nike says it, "Just Do It"!  Creative Bliss and thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.  I read every one.


  1. Hi Sherry, I love your memories necklace so much, I would love to try this. You are so creative and have such talent. Your ideas are always amazing and always inspire. It is just fabulous. I love how you designed the placement for each ring. It will make a great keepsake piece one day framed. But till then, what a unique and gorgeous piece to wear. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Creating.

  2. I think this is fabulous and so special because of all the memories that go along with it. Very creative. Love your idea of framing it someday for your daughter to enjoy.

  3. That is so totally cool! It's so very special...I wish I had a collection of rings to make one of my own but I've only ever really worn one ring most of my life...my wedding ring.

    I'll have to just admire yours!

    Thanks for sharing such a dear creation.

  4. its beautiful, a real treasure, amazing art piece as well!

  5. This is a great idea Sherry.I don't have all that many rings, but I do have some of my mother's. I like the idea of the memory frame to display them.
    Judy xx

  6. I think it is a great idea, Sherry. I have a lot of rings, too, and I don't wear all of them much anymore. My 3 1/2 year old granddaughter likes to go into my jewelry box and take them out to wear. She usually picks out two at a time and it varies by visit. So I leave them there for her.

  7. What a great idea. I love it. It is for sure eclectic and one of a kind. I don't think I've owned that many rings in my lifetime. lol I do have a denim jacket with collected pins all over it. I love wearing memories. Yours is beautiful.

  8. In a word - FABULOUS!!!!!!! You ROCK, mood ring and all, my friend! XOXOXO

  9. I love it...I'd be so afraid that someone would steal it right off my neck! Oh yes...I had my mood ring!


  10. so unusual and lovely too, all those memories must come rushing back when you wear it

  11. That's something I would wear! I was just looking through my jewelry the other day, most of it inexpensive costume jewelry, but all of it bringing back wonderful memories. Is it heavy? That would be my only concern. I don't deal well with too much weight around my neck. Maybe I'd be better off with a memory bracelet. :-)

  12. This is such a good idea. I saw something similar in a bead shop at the beach. They had taken an assortment of jewelry, pendants, watches, small keys to add to theirs. I like your idea of just the rings and the fact you will frame it for your daughter. Perhaps with a note on the back of the frame telling the story of each ring. I see some that look familar, my Mood Ring would get quite a work out these days with me living in "Hot Flash City".

  13. I absolutely love your memory ring necklace. How creative! I loved my mood ring and my "spoon" ring, remember those?



  14. What a lovely way to treasure your memories!

  15. A very chic idea! luv it! I don't have that many rings so I'm going to be making those bubble wands today that you showed a while back. Thanks for sharing your creative bliss

  16. How great that you made a memory necklace. You sure do have a lot of rings and memories to go with them Sherry. I love those mood rings, I have a heart shaped mood necklace and I love the colors of it.

  17. Dear Sherry,
    I think it is a wonderful and fun piece, and love the idea of you havong used all your older rings to make a necklace of happy memories.
    Hugs and xx

  18. I adore your necklace of memories Sherry - it is a wonderful, truly inspired, idea. How special for your memories not to have to lay tucked away, remembered only but not really a part of who you are today... this is brilliant!
    I had a mood ring in the '70s... wore it all the time in Grades 10, 11 and 12... mine was almost always black though... too funny!

  19. I love this! A wonderful way to keep your 'memories' together. I remember mood rings and had one of my own, but I don't know what happened to it......sigh. What a ring collection you have! Your necklace is so creative, and beautiful, and no wonder it garners attention whenever you wear it!
    (Just an idea--I might suggest attaching the rings with a piece of finer chain looped through the heavier necklace chain and smaller lobster clasps for easy removal or exchanging of rings if you do that often)

  20. What a wonderful idea this is!! It looks so beautiful!! I have a drawer full of rings that are too special to part with - this would make such an awesome way to showcase them!! Thank you for the fabulous inspiration!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  21. Hello Sherry,
    I love your memory necklace! It is right up my alley too. Making jewelry like this is so powerful and wonderful at the same time. Now you have such a fine heirloom!

  22. Hi Sherry, I adore your memory necklace... I have never seen anything so beautiful.. so unique..Such a creative piece...Simply a work of art...Love it.... Hugs May x x

  23. Hi Sherry, I love your memories necklace what a clever idea.

    Hugs Diane

  24. Ii love your creaative bliss on this piece-and I see a spoon ring in there too, and yep hippie days with mood rings-love it-enjoy

  25. I just adore your necklace! I too owned a coral ring, not to mention I wore my mood ring everyday till it fell apart! What a fabulous idea!
    I laughed out loud when I read "Border Hoarder" because I am one too! Ha!
    Thanks for your visit and your kind comment.

  26. I love your memory necklace, I think it is even more meaningful than say a charm bracelet as the rings have more meaning in our lives than just little charms we pick up here or there. It looks beautiful and will make a lovely keepsake to hand down. ~Diane

  27. What a beautiful way to keep your memories. I love this idea. I so wish I could have kept my memories.
    Love it. Hope you and MR. C are well.
    Happy Memorial Day weekend. Ana

  28. Love this idea Sherry!!! now I just need more rings. LOL
    hugs Lynn


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