Friday, March 6, 2009


Wow! Do I feel a huge sense of accomplishment today. While we are having yet another day of drizzle and dreary weather I actually was able to complete my apron as pictured above. It is named Lilly Apron from Busy Bee Quilt Design 2008. Our local Ben Franklin carries the pattern and the ladies in the fabric department made and wear these and I always love them. So my friend Ginny and I visited our local Sugar Pine Quilt shop one rainy Sunday and I fell in love with these fabrics. The blues and greens are probably my all time favorite color combinations and the paisleys have always been my favorite. Now I feel "Cheery Not Dreary"!
I definitely feel like my little girl is wearing her pinafore and mary jane shoes and is ready to twirl!! I actually am wearing my black mary janes but they don't show in the photo. It doesn't matter how I look in the photo or in real life because inside I am beautiful and happy.
Thank you Ginny for giving me inspiration. Your apron is fabulous too. I love your fabric selections as chocolate and blue. We shall have to twirl together next time we see one another.
Happy twirling all you girly girls out there.

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  1. So nice to finally "meet" you, Sherry. What a great apron! The design makes sooo much sense and it's also adorable. Reminds me of the baby doll jammies I wore as a girl. Your fabric selections are super, too!!!


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