Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Comfort Dolls Project

Oh what a feeling of joy I have today. I finally took the time to thread my needle and make a "bakers dozen" comfort dolls for battered women. They are getting mailed today and will soon have new owners to love and comfort.

This is a project founded by Pat Winter that I just happened to find one day while blog reading.
I was perusing blogs one day and of course did not leave my bread crumbs so had no idea where I had been or how to get back but my blog journey led me to and I just knew I had to participate.

So I thought for several days and realized I had to make a “bakers dozen” so I could give one to Pat Winter who began this project and then of course a dozen to be sent off to a receiving women’s shelter. What was I going to make and how were they going to look and what would they be? I decided on my butterfly theme and began cutting out butterflies from fabrics. Some how I thought of the ribbon bodies and they just had to have sparkle and beads in them. I also had to put a heart on each one and then of course a charm.

I am certain that I will be making more comfort dolls in my future as I have lots more ideas in this createology mind. My Saucy Chick createology co-founder will be making them with me when she returns from wintering elsewhere. I emailed the photos and info to her last night and she was very excited to get busy on making more.

What a heartfelt and wonderful project this is. Thank you Pat Winter for thinking of this and working tirelessly to accomplish this goal.

I am very fortunate to have this opportunity to hopefully bring a smile to someone's life.

Creatively, Saucy Chick Sherry


  1. Saucy Chick Sherry,
    These dolls bring a smile to my face and I am sure they will comfort those who received them. I just love the beads and sequins that peak through the ribbon like an extra surprise!!

  2. Sherry! Your magnificent butterflies arrived today. Thank you so much for such a generous donation and for sponsoring a shipment and also for my special little one.What a unique design, fun and so pretty. You are so sweet. I just posted your dolls, thanks again.

  3. What a wonderful project!


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