Monday, March 16, 2009

Lots of rain...

Hello blog readers:

We are having another couple of days of rain here in Northern California. I am happy because we so desperately need the water table. My daffodils are happy because they are just beginning to blossom. The froggies in the pond are happy and singing and swimming and singing. I even hear them singing during the night. It is a most happy sound.

As it was raining yesterday I had the opportunity to do laundry while indoors and snuggly. I also had the ambition to clean out some cupboards in the utility room. My husband and I have lived here in this home for a decade already. It is amazing what I manage to cram into cupboards. I am famous for fitting 10 pounds of stuff into a 5 pound bag but that is not always a compliment. I found things in the cupboards that had gotten shoved way into the back where no one could have seen it from a normal position. However I saw everything yesterday as I was up and down the step stool and crawling around the floor on my hands and knees. I reorganized lots of cleaning supplies and made them easier to access. I donated lots of crafty things I will never get to. I threw away lots of junk that I will never use nor need. I didn't help out my studio as I carried lots of supplies into it and shut that door. I had paper making supplies, paint, glues, finishes and other assorted crafting supplies in the utility room thinking that I would be working on those types of projects there because of the large sink with water. Well, in ten years I have not done so and decided that craft and art supplies really belong in the studio. My Saucy Chick Co-founder agreed via telephone that when we are working on a project in the studio I am always saying, "Oh, that is upstairs" and running to get whatever it is we need at the moment.

After an entire day of lots of toil and trouble I have some very nice and clean and neat cupboards. I also left some empty just to impress my husband who always complains that I have too much stuff. I definitely needed a good long Epsom soak in the air-jet tub last evening.

Today I do not have the same ambition as yesterday even though it is still raining. I am doing paperwork and correspondence at my desk. Our home office is very quiet and cave-like without even so much as a window to hear or see the rain. Fill water table, fill.

Butterflies always make me smile. They are the bearer's of 10,000 happinesses.

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