Saturday, March 28, 2009

Creative pursuits...

This is my husband's idea of creative pursuits. He is a master car guru and racer and used to race professionally. We don't own a stock vehicle and I am very glad about that as I do love cars too.
As for my creative pursuits you can see that I like to stay busy and create things as well. My etsy site has some of my creative endeavors. I usually make things and then donate them to worthy causes or give them to family and friends. Since I am not working a 9-5 job since last September I am hoping to subsidize my crafting budget with sales through (a shameless self promotion here).
I am giving a lot of thought and design time to my next dozen comfort dolls as my first dozen arrived safely and are on their journey to different women's shelters. It is such a rewarding feeling to be of support to someone else and hopefully bring smiles to their lives.
I am also extra excited as my Co-founder Saucy Chick Lorraine is coming home from wintering three weeks early this year. I am totally looking forward to spending our days together being creative and beading, gluing, sewing, wire-wrapping etcetera all while we share stories and laugh and cackle and vent and generally carry on. This is how we perfected the Saucy Chicks that we make and sell as well as donate to the local oncology department of the hospital. We currently have two "Bunny" Saucy Chicks on etsy for your review just in time for Easter.
Oh dear I really must clean up the studio before Saucy Chick Lorraine gets here soon. We will need lots of room to spread our wings and be creative. Well, maybe tomorrow I will work on that task. Cleaning and sorting and organizing is not my strong suit but my co-founder's.
I am seeing lots of new buds and sprouts and daffodils blooming in anticipation of winter ending.
Happy sHopping and Happy Spring to all.

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