Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ahh...creativity exists

Well, at last a new item is listed on our etsy site. A shameless self promotion http://createology.etsy.com for your review and purchase.
With all this rain we are having we were beginning to wonder if our creative muse would break forth from the shadows. Thank you muse. You are the best and most creative.
The rain actually should be a double blessing...life for humans, animals, plants and recreation along with the opportunity to stay indoors and not whine about missing the wonderful sunshine and being outdoors. I for one am very grateful for the opportunity to stay inside and create. My sewing bug has bitten and I am so ready to sew more fabric and make things. Some ideas are overflowing in my head as I type.
Thank you for stopping by and also in advance for checking out our etsy shop.

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