Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well, yesterday I finally commented on the very first blog I ever read or followed:

I don't know why my hesitation has been so great to merely read and follow from the shadows. I feel like I know this woman after reading her blog for over a year now. I suppose I feel like I am so not capable as she is and many other bloggers are. Well, that is just nonsense and the grown up in me knows that but the little voice on my shoulder tells me to wait and get more blogging experience. Maybe I will get good just from time passing by. More than likely I shall get good at blogging from reading, writing and opening myself up to others comments and sites. What a concept. Sharing and learning. Isn't that what we do from the time we are wee little ones? I am actually very good at sharing...but maybe not so good at opening myself up for criticism.

I discovered blogging from buying Artful Blogging from my favorite Somerset Studios publication way back in Spring of 2007. I still find it incredibly interesting to read and follow others blogs. I actually got excited when I opened my own createology blog one day and found a comment posted. Wow, someone read my blog. How did they find me? Did they like what they read? I have tried lots of different content however I find the most comfortable is to just sit at the computer and begin typing without a script or really knowing what topic I might cover.

I do hope blogging continues for a very long time. It is fascinating to find so many diverse blogs and the people who write them. I am thankful for this venue.

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  1. You've already discovered what I think is the secret to a successful and interesting blog -- just be yourself!! -- we are all completely original and if we write and share honestly about who we are and what we know, we'll find others out there who identify with us -- or like us because of our differences from them. Either way, I am glad you finally "came out of the blogging closet."!!


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