Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yes, we can do it...

Funny how a picture tells all. I just felt like this photo fits me right now. I am not the physically strongest nor do I like to get dirty. I am actually a very prissy girly girl and I always have been. Right now my arms feel like jelly and are all wobbly because I just spent several hours out in the yard cleaning and weeding and pruning. Any of you who live in the land of snow and rain know the ravages it can wreak on landscaping. Plants get smashed to the ground and stay wet and soggy and mold. The lawn gets snow fungus and matted down so badly it is next to impossible to rake it loose without pulling out what little lawn is left. The roses get broken and beat down...I should say the rose limbs since the deer eat all the rose blossoms before I get to enjoy them. The oak leaves are so stuck to the wet ground that they get moldy. They also get in the pond and make "black tea" which is very nasty indeed. The pine needles are a lot of fun to pick up if you remember back to being a kid and playing pick-up-sticks.

So I figure if I can spend just a few hours each week and especially when the weather is dry and sunny then I can get a huge amount done to spruce up the yard. We have slopes in the front and back and sides so it is a challenge to work on those as well. Each year the Soroptomist call and ask if we will be on the garden tour but both my husband and I have decided that is not something we need to do. I just cannot imagine how much more work and expense we would need to incur just to be up to par. When the weather gets better I will take photos and post the pond. Right now I have froggies serenading me with their lovely croaking lullabies. When it was raining they were swimming and sitting on the lily pads...just the way it should be.

Now I shall go and drink some iced tea and then I think a long soak in the tub with Epsom Salts is in order. Yes, we can do it Josephine!

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