Monday, March 2, 2009

March on in...

Wow! March is upon us and with it are some pretty substantial rains. Our grounds here are very wet and the water is puddling on the surface because we have had so much rain in the last several days. Saturday Mr. Saucy Chick and I spent hours in the yard cleaning around the pond to get out the fallen leaves and pine needles that accumulate. The bogs not only look better it allows room for the air and sun (if we ever have any again) to get to the new plants that need to grow and flourish. Every year we have many challenges keeping our yard safe and sound from the ravages of winter and critters...mainly deer who eat and trample everything. Just a couple days ago there was a very wet, scraggly coyote on the back slope and was staring intently at me through the kitchen window looking very hungry. Luckily I was not lunch for a coyote.

Some of my daffodils are standing proud and looking ready to burst forth with bloom. Others planted late last fall are just beginning to sprout from the earth. I love the hope that daffodils bring that Spring will come. Of course we will still have winter weather long after the daffodils bloom but at least they are the bright and happy spot in dreary.

Remember my daily winter motto: Cheery not dreary.

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