Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Appreciation Gift...

Many of you have gifts to give at this time of year. Appreciation gifts to teachers is what comes to mind. That can get costly and truthfully what do you give that will be appreciated. This is something that can be done for either male or female. It can be personalized which really adds to the sentiment.
I didn't spend much money as I used mostly what I had on hand.
I did spend a little time to really "speak" to the recipient and let them know how much I truly appreciate who they are and what they do.

The entire little "book" is about 4" x 4". It can stand on a table or desk. It can be folded and put in a drawer or album. I presented this in an organdy bag.
The base is chipboard with holes punched and tied with ribbon to keep them together. I used chipboard alphabet letters to add the name to the front. Lots of stickers and punch outs in the theme of dragonflys which I know Cindy really likes. In fact the scalloped punch is from a card she gave to me so I know she really likes this dragonfly. Some meaningful words printed from my trusty label maker and my project is coming together.
I wrote my personal message to Cindy to tell her how much I appreciate her.
Finished and given. Well received and appreciated.
I hope this gives you some ideas for those numerous gifts that happen at this time of year.
Happy creating...


  1. This is fabulous! I love how well you have communicated your appreciation. The project is so well designed! Anyone would be thrilled to receive your beautiful card.

  2. Great Sherry. I appreciate the 'how to'!

  3. Very, very sweet and I really love it that you used stuff you already had in your craft studio.

    Can you believe we are still having rain.

    Have a happy evening...

  4. I am a teacher, and if I received one of these personalized gifts, I would be more than thrilled! You have the greatest ideas! Beautiful. Happy June, my friend! ~kathy

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous! What a heartfelt gift - anyone would be so excited to receive that. There was a lot of love that went into this. :)

  6. Such a nice gift and so thoughtful too. Whoever would get this would know the thought put into it.

  7. Hello there dearest!! Thank you for coming over tonight and reveling in the perfume of PROVENCE....yes, that lavender is a heady and sensual aroma and when in Provence, it just takes you away...ahhhhhh...I am ready NOW! Your blog is ALWAYS brimming with such beauty my dear, so many things to create, n'est-ce pas? I will be on summer vacation in oNE WEEK and I cannot wait to create. ENjoy, Anita

  8. I bet every teacher would love this!!!
    Great job!


  9. This is a most wonderful way of saying thanks-or giving a sweet message to someone. They are so lovely, and just from the heart.


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