Monday, June 20, 2011

Pause To Enjoy...

In this very busy time of year when the days are lighter longer and the temperatures are perfect for outdoor chores and fun events I make certain that I pause to enjoy the wonders of nature.
This photo includes a beautiful Japanese Maple (red colors) and some struggling Mock Oranges with double flowering blossoms.

The deer eat both of these to the point of devastation. This year I have blossoms only because these branches grew very tall and the deer don't seem to be able to reach them or the blossoms and greenery would be completely eaten to the bare branches and so not attractive.

So everyday I take a stroll around my property and enjoy each and every wondrous leaf, blossom and furl of a new fern.

May you have a week of enjoyment, creativity and time to pause to enjoy it all...


  1. Oh, this reminded me of my parents' Mock Orange when I was growing up...! Thank you for inspiring this lovely memory. I'm glad you are able to enjoy some great weather, finally!!! ~kathy

  2. I had a wonderful double-bloom mock orange at my former home. The scent was magnificent! I so enjoyed it, and look for one to purchase each year. Enjoy the moments.

  3. Its funny that you have deer wandering around eating your plants. We have kangaroos doing the same thing.

  4. I love those Japanese Red Maples. Too hot here for them. My brother has gorgeous ones at his home in Maryland. Deer get all my favorite plants here too. I had to change things out to deer friendly.


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