Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life Happens...

This is some super cute fabric that makes me smile. It is chickens with a kitchen food theme. This photo does not do justice to how truly adorable and cheerful it is. And with the lining fabric of fried eggs it just had to become a tote bag to carry car trip snacks for a road trip.

Now Miss Lorraine and her hubby Mr. Rickey can easily carry a few much needed energy foods for a very long road march. Hmmm...pbj sandwiches, apple, peanut bar, water, M&Ms...check and good to go.
Now for the Life Happens...let me just say that is an understatement. We all experience it. It never happens at the right time or situation but it certainly happens. Yesterday I came home from errands and found Mr. C sitting at my desk computer. UhOh...not a good thing. I just kept on walking. What? Oh you need me to listen to you? Okay. Oh you decided to do what? Upgrade my computer with new versions of everything! You? Why? You never want new versions of software! Oh okay...

Needless to say after the entire day was over and it was late evening when he finished I sat down to post my Memory Lane Monday post and read my blog friends posts. Nope! Not going to happen! No way! No how! I couldn't even find my own blog let alone anyone else's. I spent hours trying to figure out where things were. Mr. C said things would be different and that too was an understatement. I, of course, am not the technical one in this family as Mr. C spent a great part of his life in the leading edge of technology and therefore I merely follow as I am told. Well, that can be a really big problem for me as I don't even speak his language and certainly cannot tell him what I lost or where I lost it from. We are really Mars and Venus and normally being opposites works pretty well for us. However not in technical computer land. I was lost and worse yet, my blogs were lost. Think Sherry! What is the perfect name to type in from scratch to recover your blogs you love? Not that! Oops! There has to be a better way...

Hours and hours later I did manage to find my lost blogs. So I begin to retrieve them and it takes forever as each one must be re-formatted to this new system of foreign software updates.

I have just discovered that I am not able to add any links or to preview in this post. DRAT! Needless to say I have gotten too far behind to catch up so I shall begin from this point forward.
Thank you for letting me vent. And thank you even more for staying with me on this journey of life and how and when IT happens.

At least I made a really cute little tote bag and feel good about being creative. Yay for crafts!!!

Please tell me what you are working on and how great it makes you feel to be creative.


  1. Love your cheerful tote. You can never have too many totes eh?

  2. What's not to love about chickens????

    Hey, email me -- I have a chicken lampwork bead (a handmade one) I can send you for a zipper pull or pendant or whatever you want, if you want it!

  3. That bag really is too cute! And I admire how tidy your work space is, mine looks like its been hit by a bomb after making one little book! And dont talk computers... I allowed 7 yo grandson on the other day and lost my whole desktop! Did find it after about 3 hours :-( Julie

  4. First I love your bag and the material is so cute.
    I am so with you on that other matter. My DH used to say , "I've cleaned up your computer and now it will be much faster." Well he cleaned it up all right taking out what "he didn't think I would need"...
    It took days for me to find things. Now he is not allowed to touch it unless I am right there.LOL

  5. Great tote! I can't talk right now I must track down my Rooster and lay down some rules for touching 'our' computer. oh dear, such is life. I hope your feathers are all smoothed down. ;^)

  6. This looks SO fun! Those chickens are adorable. Man oh man, I wish I could sew!

  7. Great tote! I'm sorry the new changes to the computer are so frustrating. It is all in there, I'm sure. Take your time and ask Mr. C for help.

  8. Oh dear, I know that feeling. Funny how much we can rely on these things without really knowing a whole lot about them!
    I am glad you eventually found your little lost brood of blogs, and sorry that you lost them to begin with!
    By the way - the bag is so cute and looks like just the perfect thing for packing food on road trips!

  9. Adorable tote and so cheerful! Here's what you can do with your posts...You can write them on your desktop, then save them...Then, just cut and paste them into blogger...I do that all the time and it's easy.

    I know exactly what you mean about being lost...When I switched to a Mac, everything was different!!! I didn't even know how to name a file...it was unreal!! So, with phone calls to the help desk, I figured it out....I've had it a year and now I can't even remember how to use a pc! lol

    I hope you're doing great and I hope you will feel comfortable with it all soon...Maybe you couldn't find blogs because you used a different browser...That may be what it is.

    Sending (((hugs))) your way,

  10. Just became a follower of your blog. I love your bag. I wish I new how to sew. I do have a sewing machine but do not use it much. I have looked into taking a sewing class but our local college only offers them at night, and that is hubby time. I am a stay at home wife now that the kids are away at college. So I would love to take the class in the morning hours. Anyhow, I love that bag. Great for even shopping at the flea market when we buy laces, beads, pins etc.

    I have been working on my girls albums. I also do paper piecing layouts, I use cardstock and fabric on them. I love it and am hooked, but I am also hooked on making pins. I just began and can't see myself stopping.

    Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog and hoep we can chit chat some more.

  11. That lovely fabric makes me smile too! I was wondering if you received my little envelope? It has been way too long since I sent it across the ocean blue o xx o

  12. The tote bag IS super adorable! So sorry about the computer woes - I'm the same way as you. Not a tech savvy person. I'm forever asking the hubby about things. Glad that you at least found your blog and were able to post! Hope you get more acclimated with all the changes the Mr. implemented!

  13. love your ATC and the stars really pop with all the dimension! Have a happy and safe 4th :)

  14. Oh no Sherry, How terrible, I can't even imagine trying to figure out the computer stuff! Glad you found your blog and hopefully your able to find eveything else.
    darling tote hun!
    hugs Lynn

  15. It is some super cute fabric that makes me smile. It is chickens with a kitchen food theme and I sure everyone gives very good views about it.
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