Saturday, June 11, 2011


With the winter weather comes disaster when you live in the forest. This happened a couple of months ago during the night and thankfully just missed our house. Half split and impaled the lawn which damaged the drip irrigation Mr. C installed. The other half crashed across our steep driveway and of course was covered in snow. That was then...

This is now...

Mr. C and I borrowed a log splitter and spent hours splitting the huge rounds that were cut into 16" lengths. They were too heavy to get up the driveway so we had to dangerously split on the downhill. This photo is very deceiving as this is pretty steep.

I am so not a fan of doing this type of physical work. And Mr. C and I are truthfully too old to be doing this type of work. However, we have to do it to have wood for the fireplace come winter again.

This one truck load took us the better part of the day. And...we are only 1/3 done splitting. how is this wood going to get out of the truck and stacked into the wood chateau?

Oh yeah...Mr. C and I! We spent the next morning unloading the truck and stacking the wood neatly into it's home awaiting next winter.

And...we are only 1/3 done! Joyous!

Me...I don't even care for a wood burning fireplace. It is very messy and can be very dangerous. My mother always taught me..."Fire can be a wonderful servant but a terrible master." I am and always have been very much afraid of fire.

Mr. C however loves the real wood fireplaces and has two of them. He carries that messy wood all through the house, splinters and spiders included.

Maybe our next house will have one of those new-fangled remote controlled electric fireplaces. Lots of ambiance but no real wood smell or warmth like the real thing.

So while the sun is shining and the weather here has finally become glorious you will find me outside splitting and stacking wood.

I am managing to sneak in a little creating in the studio for a future post or two.

Wonderful weekend to all...


  1. Wow, lots of wood for next summer. Yipee! Hard work!
    We have a gas fireplace and love it. But my son-in-law loves the whole process of his wood burning fireplace in Truckee.
    Enjoy your evening.
    Hugs, Cory

  2. Well at least you didn't have to go far for the wood. We have a wood burning stove and use it to heat our home all year. We go through about 4 cords a year, so I feel for you. All the cutting,splitting and stacking is so much work. no fun at all. But keeps you in great shape!
    hugs Lynn

  3. WOW..that quote from your mother is absolutely RIGHT ON! ANd dearest, you live in such a beautiful place!!!! We all have our comfy places to nest, don't we? And our MISTAS are just gems when they have to fix something for us. Bless their hearts!

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog post. I am ready for VACATIONING!!!!

    Have a wonderful day, Anita

  4. Hi! I do love your Mom's quote! I have ALWAYS been terrified of fire. I don't even like grilling...and several years back a bad neighbor reinforced my fears when he burned down our garage (full of antiques). I give you and Mr. C. much credit for doing all of that firewood work! I LOVE your home in the woods. ♥kath

  5. DH and I heat our home with wood, too, so I know how much work is involved. We installed a special window in the basement near the wood stove that opens and is then suspended, and we pop the firewood through from the back of the truck. Saves carting it all through the house. Although I love the aroma and coziness of a wood stove, I find it creates so much dust! ( and I'm allergic to some of the wood, so that's not the best for me) Hope you're not too achy from splitting, loading and piling.

  6. what a beautiful forrest! you have done a lot of work but i love wood burning stoves. i just don't ahve the energy to manage one ;-)

    we have two fireplaces...a real one and a new-fangled electric one. guess which one i love the best. yup, the second. so nice to click on a switch and have a beautiful fire. i never thought i would say that!!!


  7. Always sad to see a tree come down, isn't it? We're not splitting logs, but there is a lot of work to be done around our country property. And we feel it in our achy muscles!


  8. hmmm, sometimes I think fondly of a city apartment/studio. But usually our menfolk are right to get us all involved in some exercise program. lol I guess it is all about balance and hard work and good art seem to fit together. I think they require us to give more than we think we can. It is a satidfying feeling when we surprise ourselves! happy weekend!

  9. Oh wow. That brings back memories of my dad dragging me and my sister up into the mountains, and he'd cut fallen wood with a chain saw, and we'd have to load the truck (without gloves). Then, of course, unload when we got home. I think we were seven or eight. I dearly hated weekends.

  10. Oh my! That's quite the destruction but the bright side is you'll have plenty of fire wood this winter :)

  11. Oh you poor dears!!!!
    Splitting wood and carrying and stacking and...oh my.
    May it all stack up soon...enjoy the warmth of your labors this winter!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    sweet Up-North Mornings...

  12. Just think of those muscles you are building.... : )

    ~ Violet

  13. I feel for you as I have that to look forward to this summer as we have downed trees too. We also have three fireplaces. So must get the wood ready for winter.Take care and don't get hurt!

  14. I image that it must have felt very satisfying to complete a big job like two make a terrific team.

  15. Wow! I don't think that I should take my furnace for granted ever again! Thank goodness you were able to get a wood splitting machine to help out. I just recently saw a neighbor splitting wood the old-fashioned way, with an axe. It truly looked like a back ache on its way. Of course in his case it wasn't for warmth but just to get rid of some unwanted trees in his backyard.


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