Saturday, June 25, 2011

Frozen Charlotte...

A wonderful surprise in my mailbox. I think we all agree that it is so much fun to receive something in the mail. Unexpected, semi-expected or completely expected it all is very exciting. This is the package I received recently. The little box did not give me any clues. I had been notified that I had won a giveaway but was not certain what my gift would be. There were three items and mine was the last name so not to select which one I would receive. Oh goody I love good surprises. Hmmm...
I can't see how a set of wooden stamps could fit in this little box as that is the one item I thought wouldn't be selected 1 or 2. So Mr. C and I sat by the pond and I opened my little box. You would have thought I got stung by another bee from my scream I let out. Mr. C could only sit perplexed.

In this little box was this sweet photo and a handwritten note. A beige cloth bag tied with seam binding and I am so happy. What? How could it be? The exact item I would have chosen was in this little soft pouch. Oh thank you Lynn of Trash to Treasure Art. Thank you so very much!

I think you all follow this super talented lady. She has been published yet again so please go visit her today.

This is a frozen charlotte. She is tiny and precious and so very sweet. Lynn has embellished her with a crown and heart gilded in silver. She is standing on a musical stage within her little glass house surrounded by rhinestones all soldered together to keep her safe.

This photo is not the best and is filled with shadows however Tiny Dancer is shy and she doesn't mind being in the shadows.

I am enchanted with my tiny frozen charlotte doll. Thank you Lynn for sending her to me.

I smile each and everyday when I look at her in her little house.

I have seen many of these little frozen charlotte dolls in lots of crafts and art pieces and have wanted one for so long. My wish has come true.

Happy Summer Weekend to all...and winter for those across the pond...


  1. Oh how lovely! What an amazing present. I know you will treasure your little frozen charlotte doll.


  2. What a wonderful treasure! Lucky you to have won something you've been longing to have. That's the Best!

  3. What a great gift. She is adorable! Hope you two are not out chopping wood. That was really a lot of work wasn't it!!!

  4. What a wonderful gift; enJOY your new treasures! They are lovely~

  5. Well, there you go! You learn something new every day! I have never heard of a Frozen Charlotte doll until today. And what a lovely surprise to receive you lucky girl, have fun!

  6. OH I SO LOVE THOSE....I was attempting to manage a blog on MINIATURES and in doing some hunting for photos and a story, I came across these, something so magical that I did not know existed. HOW LUCKY YOU ARE TO HAVE RECEIVED ONE! And isn't it so precious to receive such a vintage item? DEAREST, thank you for your visit to my blog post. It means so much to me that I can transport someone to paradise!!!

    Have a lovely Sunday, Anita

  7. I have never heard of this either, but it is so cool! What a wonderful surprise to get just what you would have 'ordered', as a gift in your mailbox! You deserve it! Enjoy! ~kathy

  8. Ooooh lucky you! Lynn's creation is fabulous!

  9. Oh I understand you screamed, dear- what a wonderful gift, so cute, --and have to tell you, that your painted chair looks fantastic, after mr.C`s work-ans looks so at home in your lovely kitchen, dear.
    Hugs, and thankyou for your sweet visits .

  10. Congratulations Sherry on your wonderful gift! Lynn is indeed a lovely lady - one of many in this beautiful land of Blog!

    Hope you have a great week x

  11. You are such a lucky gal! I love it!!

  12. Happy surprise, Sherry. Lucky you.

  13. I thought perhaps a Frozen Charlotte was some kind of blender cocktail but this is just as wonderful. And yes, I agree. There is nothing quite like a package in the mail. This is so lovely and sweet.

  14. Thank you so much for your visit!! Dorthe is just the sweetest, I am blessed to know her. : ) lenna


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